Is Voodoo Real?

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Is Voodoo real or just a bunch of hype that Hollywood uses to draw in box office dollars? Based on my experiences with New Orleans Voodoo, I can assure you it is real.

New Orleans Voodoo

Many people cringe at the very mention of any kind of Voodoo. Visions of zombies, voodoo dolls and curses come to mind and it's quite understandable because Hollywood movies have portrayed Voodoo in a very negative light for many, many years. In reality, Voodoo is a religion whose principals are based on harnessing the forces of nature to work in one's favor. There are saints in the Voodoo religion that are comparable to the saints in Catholicism. In much the same way as Catholics pray to the saints for help, the Voodoo practitioner petitions the appropriate saints for help in reaching their desired goals. Usually altar sessions are done repeatedly for 9 days and once completed, the offerings from the altar are left in nature for the saints (or LWA as they are known in Voodoo) to have. The offerings are tokens of gratitude to the LWA for listening to and helping with requests.
For ten years, I studied New Orleans Voodoo and practiced the rituals. I was truly amazed at just how effective these rituals were for me; at first results were slow in manifesting but the more I used them, the more effective and powerful they ultimately became, rendering me results in amazing and unbelievable ways. My petitions were always for positive desires, never negative because negative requests if unjustified can and often do backfire on the petitioner bringing some very unpleasant results.
Is Voodoo real? Yes, it most definitely is real but it takes unwavering faith, patience and tolerance for it to begin to show results for anyone attempting to practice it.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th May 2013 (#)

Voodoo has negative connotations but anything practiced for positive vibes should serve well. Useful share, EffieMarie - siva

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author avatar EffieMarie
28th May 2013 (#)

It has served me well as well as bringing me such peaceful, positive feelings in the process. Any negative feelings will defeat the whole purpose one might be trying to accomplish.

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author avatar Kingwell
31st May 2013 (#)

You write such fascinating articles! People are afraid of what they don't understand. Negativity is never good but anything positive will serve you well.

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author avatar EffieMarie
31st May 2013 (#)

Thank you for your positive feedback. It's unfortunate but you're right people tend to be afraid of what they don't understand and it's really a shame because the wondrous miracles and mysteries that they can unveil can so benefit them in their lives if only they explore them.

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author avatar EffieMarie
31st May 2013 (#)

Oh, and positive is truly the only way to go for dealing with negative is like playing Russian roulette with one's fate. Thanks again for your comments.

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author avatar Lynett
4th Jun 2013 (#)

I found your article very interesting.

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