Role of school in child's life

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School is not just about childhood it is about life

Role of school in child's life

School is an educational institution, which foster systematic learning in more or less prescribed manner. There is a vast difference between learning in school and everyday learning. In the former case, a teacher presents a general rule first, and the children tries o implies these concrete examples in real life. For instance the child answers definition of noun by perceiving a different noun, place, person or thing. In case of everyday earning, child learns from his surroundings, their own mistakes often learning without general rules, often a question is raised whether rules first approach imparted by the school is more effective learning, than learning informally outside school. Although the question is bit difficult to answer in many countries, as not every child goes to school. As a result, it is not possible to compare large number of school going student with their unschooled counterparts. However some theories suggest that schooling definitely yield some positive effect. According to one study (Fischer & Lazerson, 1984) school plays a very critical role at teaching general problem-solving techniques. This in turn helps the child to tackle any unfamiliar impending challenges and problems.
The social and psychological behavior of the child gradually transforms in a school as he interacts with his peers or teachers. This indicates that school improves and expands a child’s ways of thinking in a number of ways. In the early pre school years (4-9) years old, most child develop momentary playmates. They want a friend who “does what I want” During the elementary school years, friendship becomes reciprocal as well. In this aces, friend are seen people who do things for each other and gradually children are learning to form one-to –one relations with their peers and organize themselves in groups.
As we have seen friends and groups play a very important role in child’s social life. Groups often instill team spirit and leadership qualities in children. This makes a child more disciplined, obedient and they strongly follow their group strategies and other rules and regulations.As children become older, they become more autonomous for their parents and often become peer-oriented. Conformity is often witnessed among individuals who change their beliefs or behaviors to become more similar to those of other group members. Conformity is a change in belief or behavior when youth yield to real or imagine social pressure. Conformity is affected by developmental level, situations and persons involved. Your children tend to confirm to their parents rule and expectations. Every child spend some amount of time with other people, formal or informal groups and are frequently exposed to conformity pressures. For instance, conformity pressure are the way we wear our attire, opinions or view we express, some of the choices we make. School also instills values of disciple in the child. Discipline means to instruct a person to follow a particular code of conduct, while the purpose of the child discipline is to develop and inculcate social habits in children to foster sound judgment and morals. As a result, the child develops self-discipline throughout the rest of his/her life and becomes obedient.An obedient child is one that is both respected and respects the words of responsible adults and parents. Teaching children obedience can be challenging at times but the outcome of the values learn strongly depends on approach and consistency. Taking small steps towards teaching children, obedience will yield a well rounded child who develops at an appropriate level. Many believe that true obedience is blind. Authoritarian parents demand a sort of blind obedience from their children. Obedience should be conspired as only a temporary thing. It is merely the training of the children, not blind obedience in itself, i.e the aim. For instance the good child obeys because it is less trouble to do as he is told then to think for himself. While the child who disputes every command and shows self-win and is disobedient, maybe merely strong, vigorous, using in mental and physical ways, as he is growing in both.
It should be underlined that school is the sole institution which imparts education and entails overall personality development of a child. Education is a system that makes child to fit for future needs. Infact, teachers play a vital role in turning a child to be obedient, conform to rules and regulations as envisaged in any sphere and help him to lead a disciplined life. School is mostly for Social interaction at a young age. As a child gets older, there is still lots of social interaction, but they learn things, that maybe the parents cant teach them at home. Education is very important. Some parents elect to send their children to a public school, others elect to teach them at home, and take them to social organizations for their social skills training. Overall, role of a school is to develop raw child to perfect.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Apr 2015 (#)

The way schools impart education has changed over the years. Earlier times it was strict obedience, more of students being seen than heard. Now it is mutual interaction among the students and teachers too. I feel both ways students are enriched and able to adapt to societal needs and get out of parental influence - siva

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6th Aug 2016 (#)

Thank u vry much

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