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Poems reflecting the depth of imagination and literary composition that goes in to the writing of any creative composition, and the wonder that goes with it

Writer Musing

Nuff Said
I can set scenes of melancholy, drama, torment, cause to shout
The settings are my imagination cementing facts or casting doubt
Everything I write is personal, fact or fiction every single word reflecting me
the writing is a living thing issuing from my fingers, buzzing like an angry bee
no two written pieces are ever alike, and yet they differ not that much
what they have in common is, no doubt, the author’s very personal touch
I seek no accolades from readers, but only want that they like my words enough
that their curiosity drives them to seek out more examples of my written stuff
should they want a poem, or a short-story, science-fiction, steamy or romance they find it all in my writing repertoire, facts from body fat to passionate dance
I have a butterfly mind you see, my curiosity knows nothing of bounds. I listen, record and want to share the knowledge that always abounds
in the ether, in life, in the way that we live, in the emotions we feel
so much to say, and no clue where to start, but the urge to write is so real
It is hard to explain to those not afflicted, how writing can take over your life
and be more demanding, in every way, than the person that you call wife
writing cannot be switched off or ignored, nor can it be pushed to one side
it eats at your soul, crying out for release, creativity just won’t be denied
But at the same time, the critics will ask if the quality really is there
do the words touch your own mind in such a way that you actually start to care
the secret for me is not to worry if my words manage to upset someone
but to share these thoughts with the rest of the world until I feel I am done.
these are troubled times in the life of some scribes, and many must stop and ponder
if the reward they get for their effort is equal to that glorious sense of wonder
that anyone feels, who sees this writer’s work as that most elusive silver lining to
dark clouds of written rubbish, among which this aothor’s work is just shining
To feel that your work touches people who read it, making them eager for more
drives you to ever more written works in an effort just to be sure
that the talent you have is real and vibrant, that your work just begs to read
by ever more, seeing how well you write, and wanting more. Nuff said.
Disintegration of ingrained faiths will lead to the call of the wild
Where fantasy images dance, like wraiths, through the wide-open mind of a child
This brain too fresh to be used or abused, absorbant to all stimulation
Concentric are stunningly simple, it seems, to the childish imagination.
A simple destruction of all that potential is wrought by parental concern
Loving chastisement causing instant retreat from experience’s cry to be learned
This cross kids bear, fashioned at length, through the ages of civilization
Produces contentment, though ignorance of, their sadly acute deprivation
An Albatross mother will teach her young that their natural home is the sky
Why cannot we be uncivilized enough to allow the minds of our children to fly?
Utopian Discrepancy
Building site now dereliction. Metal monsters cold and dead
Mankind, snoring, sleeps on garbage. Nature weeps around his head
Concrete crushing more green acres. Ever nearer comes the last
None to hear the squirrel pleading, for the tree-top home, long past

Forrester surveys the scene and sighs. Wincing at destruction he can see
,Man-made, brick albedo makes him fry, as if god just simply does not want to be
Scaffolding climbs up concrete growths, imitating ivy, so it seems
And nothing can prevent old nature dying. Too many sins for mankind to redeem.


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author avatar Buzz
25th Apr 2012 (#)

Hey, Tony, read ours too. Loved your articles. Thumbs up!

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25th Apr 2012 (#)

Very good indeed. This is an article with lots of truth in it.

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