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Are you trying to lose weight? Try exercising daily and consume the right diet is the best way to reach your goal to gain a pretty and healthy body. How much exercise is considered enough depends on each person's ability. 20-30 minutes per day, 150 minutes per week is sufficient to g...
This series will finish with the Queens of England. We will now focus on the reigning Queen of England, Elizabeth II
Governor Jerry Brown and CARB (California Air Resources Board) set California on an austerity course to halve its petroleum consumption in 15 years. The lie accompanying the proposed law is this: “we can meet this target, strengthen and grow our economy.”
People complain they do not get enough sleep. Yet, sleep affects are physical and mental health. Not having enough sleep affects our mood, our stamina, our home-life and career, and our social relationships. Sleepwalking is a condition that can effect the whole family.
This soup uses items found commonly in the Winter and early Spring months before the garden has a chance to produce the new year's crops. Split peas, onions, and potatoes are in expensive by the bagful so this meal is also great for your family's budget! To stretch it add a puree of ...
These six poems present a thought-process, as one might ponder the endeavor of writing and contemplates the phases or aspects of one’s life. Of course, it is my life I am contemplating.
Today we will look at Mary Queen of Teck in our series on female monarchs of Britain.
Mom drove Robert to the corner gas station to make the anonymous police report. Molly went along for moral support. They are back home waiting for a news update on the underground garage. If there is anyone in the abandoned building, hopefully the first responders will find them.
Left-handed NBA players have traditionally created matchups problems for their opposition on the courts. Here is my all-time lefty team.
In a breathtaking plunge, the New York Stock Exchange today dropped 1,000 points at the opening, attenuating to a still sharp but less ghastly 588-point plunge at the close. Nobody was happy at the loss being less.
We continue the queen of England series with Queen Victoria.
The discovery of a plane wing flotsam added insult to injury. Instead of helping solved the mysterious whereabouts of the missing Flight 370, it only injects chaos and confusion. Authorities and investigators handling the analysis of the debris were divided over its authenticity wheth...
This article is a continuation of the history of healthcare in Canada.
Last year's Grand prix at Spa in Belgium was where an angry Rosberg hit Lewis Hamilton, forcing him to retire. What dramas would unfold this year? Read on to find out more.
Tiffany glass was the brainchild of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) who was the son of Charles Louis Tiffany, who had already established himself as a jeweller and silversmith with the foundation of the New York firm of Tiffany and Young in 1837.
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