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Sometimes I read a something someplace, I really don't remember where, but it strikes so that I feel I must answer it...This is one of those answers.
The South Korea announced plans to allocate US$1.5 billion to build a wireless network 5G which will be commercially available in 2020 With 5G technology, it will be 1,000 times faster than the 4G LTE network previous version, Internet users will be able to download for 800Mb movie fi...
This poem is about the death of an old couple, who coincidently both died on the exact same day. At least they all mostly said that it must have been a coincidence, but perhaps you and I know differently. Love brings together again what death takes apart.
I was very sad to read abut the passing of Lynda Bellingham. She was a lady of great courage. Read on to find out more
As winter knocks on our doors my heart returns to spring and the garden I love so dearly.
Halloween is coming. This is Part 3 and the final installment of a story of mystery and horror that borrows its setting from the place where I grew up and bears allusion to a real historical mystery that has yet to be resolved.
A kingfisher at work by a river or canal is an unforgettable sight. A sudden flash of iridescent blue is followed by a small splash and then, almost immediately, its upward flight to a perch where the prey is stunned, turned head first and then swallowed. One can watch a kingfisher al...
Yes Bugg is my dog for the most part but, he has so much love to give that there is plenty to go around for the whole family. Though with giving love, at times it is also means getting it taken away.
Fans and viewers often hear the announcers talk of keeping score and using the "lingo" of the score keeper...but what does it all mean?
Two attacks in Canada during the past week have civil libertarians worrying that Canada may go the way of the United States and seek to greatly curtail the freedoms of its citizens.
This article is written up as an actual event in a fictional character's life. Questions are asked about whether the main player in this little drama did the right thing or not in his not following his intuition, or his initial gut feeling's response. This writer thinks that in the...
Nab some good seats for this concert! Katie McMahon's "Celtic Christmas" will be returning to The O'Shaughnessy in St. Paul, Minn. for a lively ode to the holidays. Over seventy-five performers will be joining her in a family-friendly program of traditional Christmas carols, stories...
In which I recount how I took yet another cat to the dentist, and didn't wind up losing skin, my sanity, OR my shirt! Mostly.
I think that hidden somewhere inside the shadows of each of us there is a ghost story waiting to be told, to be spilled across the unborn page, like blood on the floor.
Halloween is Charlie's special night. He loves to yell boo into the night.
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