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People have been drinking since time immemorial and will continue in future. It's essential to understand this fabulous pastime.
Global warming deniers are adamant. It's all a hoax. It's a vast left wing conspiracy to increase the size and power of government. Global warming, if it exists at all, is not caused or abetted by human activity. Oh really?
this is again a journey of She and with it i have added a soundcloud recording of some of my cosmic creation now you can listen to my voice reading..ha! and holiday greetings to you all...blessings of light and loving...
Pantomime season is here again, and I travelled to Croydon to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Read on to find out more.
Words gain their real meaning by being attached to the word of God that has been placed within our hearts by him. These words alone, if kept only up in our minds, can never give us real truth, understanding, or wisdom. All of these things only ever come forth from God's love being a...
There are ladies everywhere and some of them are not what we would wish to see or even know...some here are on wikinut but those we delete or give them to the wolf to enjoy this magical piece just as i do...
Roy Spencer and Joseph Bast debunked the climate change myth that 97% of scientists believe in man made global warming. Here, we describe why the claim is false. It was manufactured by John Cook as a deliberate misrepresentation designed to promote the global warming hoax, besmirch t...
A profile of the fastest man with a gun who ever lived, Bob Munden.
Hi I am the writer and publisher of this prose and have tried to emphasize a moral about mans inhumanity to man in this post. Thank you for talking time to read read it. And thanks for the moderation.
We have to backtrack on weapons proliferation to fight for peace and rely on the spark of divinity that is the bedrock of the creative process. If humanity goes against what drives creation we will be consigned to the dustbin of history like others before us. We will self-destruct wit...
I wrote this last night after seeing that I feel short and for what, surely nothing that matters in the scheme of things, a little biography, a true story that hope someone enjoys.
A sports junkies nightmare as Christmas approaches.
A little CO2 won't hurt you. A lot of CO2 won't hurt you. You breathe out 40,000 ppm with every breath, emitting more CO2 than a coal plant. Do you worry about government regulations banning YOU from breathing out?
Noam Chomsky, in an interview, has argued that blacks, who were first brought to America as slaves in 1619, have lived very few of those 400 years as free human beings.
As animals have evolved to secure advantages in the constant battle for species survival, so have other animals and plants evolved to defend themselves and win their own battles. A good example of punch and counterpunch, in evolutionary terms, is that of the giraffe and the acacia.
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