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Another wander through timeless eternity with She, Lady of Light. Root races, children of Light, Mighty Ones and giants mating oh oh oh...lots of fun and information here for you...enjoy
Obama's speech outlining his strategy on dealing with ISIS. How it was foreshadowed by the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still
I have never been a great believer in Karma or Providence or Guardian Angels. But I do remember a day when a potentially very awkward situation turned out OK due to a string of fortunate coincidences.
This is the second part of a story of murder, mystery, and an unusual parrot. There is a bit of blood and gore towards the end.
The article speaks about huge contribution of Shabana Azmi in bollywood films. She is a great asset for the parallel film industry.
I read many here on wikinut and it is great that some have expanded their awareness beyond the closed walls of what their religious teachers have told them..this piece is about other lifetimes and how they affect you in this one as has mine...enjoy
When the usual excuses and explanations can not be used.
Obama gave a pretty speech and basically said Islamic State was not Islamic and neither was it a State; that pretty much summed up Obama Strategy for Islamic Terrorism!
When you are ready to take that wee step which actually is the largest one you will ever least whilst in this human form..then transfigured you will be ...a truly heavenly state...enjoy...
When we put inter-connectedness above petty differences and leave no stone upturned to find common ground to coexist, the road and era to peace and prosperity will dawn before our eyes. There are many wise among us and let us free ourselves from using weapons and coercion as the be-al...
Arty images, brilliant performances and an excellent soundtrack but a fairly superficial and boring storyline.
Each of us has to walk through this life , and for some the journey may be more difficult and more hazardous than others we each need to tread carefully , lest we cause another harm ... but , we are not alone ......
this is about my cat. He was a good cat but he is gone now.
The article speaks about the death anniversary of Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal. He was legend and still remains a legend.
The train runs early when you have arrived right on time. Some salesman calls you on the phone, just as you are expecting another important call. When you have a doctor's appointment to go to, a friend will drop into your house for a chat. All of these events can happen to us. This a...
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