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Does a man with a date with destiny duck out of the chance to fulfill it? Of course not. Jesus knew what he had to do, and even though it cost him his life, he did it anyway, gladly.
An introduction to small business marketing and getting your brand out there, including some top tips for building your own brand awareness campaign
I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
If Jesus’ destiny was to be “a man born to be king” then his death must surely show that Jesus was a physical symbol, a re-enactment of the Osiris legend, where the king is killed, in order to be reborn, thereby redeeming his people.
Without the light of this mythic knowledge, we cannot see the truth, because we cannot know the end until we remember the beginning.
The Creation Myth has managed over the centuries to be changed many times into many different disguises but the one constant throughout time is that we originated somewhere else.
Hidden within the soul of every person is the Truth, veiled as a mystery. Only the mystic, with the fire of love, can approach this Truth. Neptune, the god/dess of the deep, can help reach the ‘fountainhead’.
Many of you will know me by my writer's name johnny dod, but for fifty years I have worked under my stage name Johnny Day
If Jupiter and Saturn (combined) symbolize the union of Church and State, Jesus message is clear: the roles of King and Priest are complete in him. The universal conflict is resolved.
This a small piece of familial and archeological comparison and evidence manifested in my relationship with my spouse be it on politics, poetry and other mundane things.
Jesus came into this world in order to rewrite the Old Covenant. His appearance in Israel in the 1st Century symbolized the fact that the old ways needed to be changed. He was, is, and always will be, the model on which we need to base our lives.
Are you ready to be transformed? Most people say they are, but when 'push comes to shove', they opt for the easy route, meaning doing nothing at all. This choice will not change anything, but it will succeed in making your life more difficult.
The concept of God allowing evil in the world is one which causes concern for most people. But why is this a surprise? The very nature of life on earth is composed of opposites.
Dubai always existed in the world map, but we got acquainted to the city only a few years back. Dubai without boasting and shouting became the eye candy of the world in less than 20 years.
In the Court of Heaven, Satan plays an important role: the Prosecuting Attorney. His job is to root out our negative tendencies and bring them to the light of consciousness.
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