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After all the found footage nonsense and paranormal rubbish, I enjoyed a really old-fashioned creepy horror with a touch of humor. From the hand of Sam Raimi. No wonder it's such a great movie.
Again a police thriller with the standard routine and nothing earth-shattering.
It was all there : the idea of organizing a game between life and death, the choices and dilemmas, the candidates and their fucked up past, the sadistic element. Just didn't work out.
It started in an amazing way with that huge sniper gun ... but gradually progressed in a bland film ...
A visually stunning movie. As SF fan they can dish up some more movies like this annually.
The subtle humor, the flashy action as well as the dramatic portions of the film provide a beautiful and coherent whole. And that was greatly appreciated by me. Strong ! Prime Choice ! Intriguing ! Compelling !
No sublime humor and not really a crime film, but the proper dosage makes it an ideal mix for you to enjoy.
Don't let the movie poster mislead you, cause it turns out to be something completely different.A movie that is worth a look. And that because of the beautiful scenery (and I'm not talking about Alexia Fast) and the haunting music.
An impressive, breathtaking, haunting and frightening movie that I surely won't forget.
Could be it was too hot that day, but I actually liked this teenage SF for chicks ...
Hey it's like a Bud Spencer movie ... but Bud looks more sexy in this movie ...
A solid and entertaining SF. A mixture of Twelve Monkees, Terminator and Firestarter.
Lets keep it short : plain crap movie ! Shame on you Malcolm McDowell !
An arty crime movie with lot of plottwists. A work of art without a soul.
This was just a cocktail of vulgar poop and pee humor, laced with sexual trivia. From Halle Berry's bloated hooters to the testicles on Hugh Jackman's throat, the iBabe with Richard Gere and the prose about the pubic hair of Kristen Bell. The fart and flying shit scene in "Dumb and Du...
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