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The media is telling us that African Americans are overwhelmingly favoring Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic Party's nomination, but her "firewall" is starting to cave in.
I was reading something about Satan recently. Apparently, he used to be God's favourite right hand man, though not his only son. This was Jesus. Satan became jealous of Jesus. He started a rebellion in Heaven. He lost the fight against God, and was kicked out of Heaven, together wit...
FOOTLOOSE the Musical, which has been adapted from the idea of the 1984 film which starred Kevin Bacon, is now touring the country. Read on to find out what I thought of it.
My poem today is about two builders , one who is wise and the other who is foolish ...One built on solid ground and the other built on sand .... Only one house stood ... Which kind of builder are you my friend ? ...
Owning a car is a huge responsibility – in every way. Cars are large, heavy, hulking, complex, dangerous, and wondrous – and they can last you anything from a year to twenty years, depending on what kind of an owner you are.
With this essay, I attempt to explain the relationship of the spirit helpers to the shaman, to include plants, crystals, and animals; and I can only speak from my own experience and about my own helpers.
Wikinut encourages writers to add links into their articles, but certain types of links are not permitted, including those that advertise or allow the writer to earn money from other sites. These are specifically excluded by Wikinut's terms and conditions. Writers should learn good pr...
To you Terry...A phenomenal writer and wonderful friend.
This is the unlikely tale of a master glass-blower, and his student. The student wanted to learn how to become a glass blower too. The teacher knew he was ready to learn, but still, his patience had to be tested first, in the fires of love. The story is about how our heart, our min...
Hillary Clinton maintains a huge lead in her nomination race over Bernie Sanders with African-Americans and Latinos. As the primary race enters the South, this is seen as Hillary's "firewall." But should that be the case?
Trying new and natural cleaning solutions is something very popular nowadays. Many people ditch the chemical cleaning products sold by the stores and start preparing their own. Here are 4 natural oven cleaners and recipes, which are worth trying.
Let's talk about beverages that can help you detox your body and keep you healthy.
On line bullying is growing simply because these people can operate from behind a computer screen. Here are some words of comfort if you have been affected
This disclosure is part of the book ‘The New Order of Shama’an’ and is presented with some foreboding; it is not intended to inspire experimentation without guidance.
Some of us, with the very best of intentions, get caught up into a spiritual cult. Our first aim in joining such an organisation was probably like Dave's one here was. Dave was tired of the old religions. Dave was trapped in his cult's web for a very long time. It was love that e...
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