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The "Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters" in Ottawa raised questions recently about access to justice and how this is becoming an increasing problem in Canada, especially for low and middle-income families.
This review of American Idol is a general commentary and is not focusing on any particular season in its long history.
The long-tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus) is one of the smallest birds to be found in Europe, although it has one of the longest tails in proportion to the body of any bird to be seen in this part of the world.
Our bodies are amazing and can last for a long time, but just like a car it might need some spare parts now and again, after that the body could keep on going for ages.
I’m tiring of writing on matters requiring research and analysis. I’m tiring of eliciting responses from few besides Nancy Czerwinski, who loves my informative articles, and John Welford, who doesn’t. I’ll shed the fact-packed pieces in favor of fantasy for my readers. For ...
This article reviews the book, "Married without Masks". Oneness flows between marriage partners from a shared loving authentically real relationship with God. The author writes from a spiritual perspective, but to love in such a real way, unconditionally so, perhaps will always have...
Studies are showing that walking for women is a good exercise to ward off a stroke
This particular piece was written for a very special course I took called 42 days of writing. I loved the course so much I took it three times.
This is a 5 minute break down introduction to stocks and shares. I have encountered many people who express an interest in this concept, but are easily overwhelmed by the plethora of factors that can put you off before you even get started, I hope this guide will help open the door fo...
Here is another story of growing up featured in my book, "Picking up the Pieces; A Woman's Journey."
We all have to traverse many areas of life-ing in this current lifetime. So as we wander through it let us learn from what we have done so we can do even greater..more lovingly..enjoy!
The popularity of the block buster movie “50 shades of Grey” and the book is a dangerous rude awakening of the desperate need for truth, love and acceptance in our Godless society! If you want to know the greatest love story ever told, then read on!
This is the story of my grandmother and how I came to live with her. The story is also published in my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey"
First there was fat-free, then gluten-free, lactose-free, calorie-free, and bad-actor-free products replete on our grocery shelves. While sugar was one of the earliest bad actors, Domino Sugar says its sugar is now carbon-free. This is impossible, because sugar is not sugar witho...
The adage - idle mind is the devil’s workshop - pin us down to a destructive lifestyle devoid of substance and meaning. It is more led by deceit, negativity of thinking and action. It is time for us to find a higher purpose to our lives to bind us as one and elevate our thinking and...
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