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An essay about what America has stolen from the British and a thank you.
Children have unique ways of praising the Lord. Read what this contributor learned by observing their act of worship at church.
Corruption abounds in the administration as evidenced by the politically motivated aims and inept operations of its agencies. Servicing the agenda set by the highest -- and purportedly the worst -- leadership in U.S. history, the following agencies set out to deliver change in ways t...
This article is written somewhat as a wake-up call for people involved with the big businesses of today. This writer is saying that we need to again follow the rather simple commandments once given to us by a very great man indeed, Jesus Christ. This was to love one another, as he ...
Tendons and ligaments form part of our body that is involved in physical activity. Supplying proper nutrition along with a tight exercise regimen is essential for the well being of tendons, ligament and musculoskeletal system. Specified quantities of vitamins, minerals and basic food ...
Formerly indigenous to Scotland, the wolf and the European lynx long departed the Scottish Highlands. But at a symposium in Edinburgh last week, a leading writer and an acclaimed conservationist made a forceful case for their return.
My Brother, Buddy, moved to Vegas years ago, spent is adult life there. Now he is gone which leaves just three to carry on...Be back when I can.
The article speaks about the birth anniversary of legendary composer Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi. He had remained immortal.
The world is full of very bad poets, so the crown of the “best” (or should that be the “worst”?) has to be bestowed with care. However, there must be few people who, having been introduced to his poetry, would deny that honour to William McGonagall.
The article speaks about the great performance of Apurbo Roy who was a star of Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.
This short story contains an even shorter story within itself. This is the well-known Zen koan about a flag blowing in the wind. What is it that moves the flag? The answers are philosophically discussed here.
Somewhere in the northern hemisphere marriageable naked daughters of farmers customarily plow ricefield to help parents raise rice. They resort to this odd method during the driest months from December to March reportedly to embarrass the gods to send much needed rain for rice product...
A Estate and Project Owned by the Osborne- Osborne with a tradition that dates in this family, since the 18th century. With this one of a kind Tempranillo Viñedos Iberian show off the art of fine wine-making in this Tempranillo.
This article indirectly talks about something called the God force equation. This equation simply states that whenever you love, a great force then connects into you from the source of that love, God, and so the equation simply put is that the infinite live within the one. Astrology...
Learn some ideas that could make your retirement happen early. In addition, valuable tips on how to create a better life in retirement are given.
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