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It defies the laws of creation how man deprives the animal's offspring of the universal right and freedom to live by brutally snuffing out their life even before they see the light of day. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Dreams of attaining success for a family is a valid ambition in life, but the way to achieve the goal is fraught with uncertainties. Whatever happens, thanks the Almighty for the outcome. Never waiver in the faith. God knows what is best. Thanks!
I am not a lover of doctors in fact they frighten the living daylights out of me. So when my brother told me of Global Cardio Care I sluffed it off. Then my inner voice told me to Do it and so I went and had the most extraordinary treatment. Not only did I learn about the inner wor...
Have you seen that person who, like Atlas, is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, or is that person you? He stared at me from across the street the other day, until I realised that it was my own reflection - which gave me great concern, was I really like that?
In today's racist America, simply the condition of being black can land you in jail, or worse, get you killed.
A poem honoring Ted Williams, his career, his service in the U.S. Marine Corp, and his dedication to children.
We are on a relentless journey with no one with wisdom or clout to guide us. Robots are taking over in subtle ways and we may cease to be the masters of our destiny. The momentum is gathering speed by the day. Nature should be our best guide and when we align with its basics we shoul...
You have begun to notice intense feelings of the opposite sex. New feelings and emotion surge through your body. But just what is it that you are feeling? Is it love-the kind that lasts forever-or something else? And just what should you do about those feelings? The following article ...
A beautiful romantic beginning that gradually went over into a vague mysterious thriller.
When white suburban police obtain military weaponry, it is inevitable they will use them against communities of color.
At one time Britain used the country of Australia as a way to "dispose" of prisoners. At first they use to just kill them, but that was seen as cruel, so they came up with another idea. It was much cheaper for criminals to be shipped to Australia than to be kept, housed, and fed, in ...
When writers publish articles they think much about the words they use to convey their message, yet it is also important to think hard about publicity aspects of your piece and certainly a little thought here can improve the item's visibility massively, truth is it is always necessary...
A stock-taking of achievements and failures of my country.
Read the story and judge for yourself whether the soldier referred to in the story is guilty or not of the charges levied upon him.
Officer Ketchum's personal experience involving a bribe he was offered.
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