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The bullfinch is a garden bird that is not seen as often as formerly in Great Britain, thus giving cause for concern for its future survival.
The Tolpuddle Martyrs were six 19th-century agricultural workers from Dorset, England, who played an important role in the story of Trade Unionism after they were sentenced to be transported to Australia but subsequently reprieved.
The chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) is the commonest finch in the British Isles, and is the second commonest of all breeding birds in the UK.
IP telephony continues as a replacement for the traditional analogue telephone line and ISDN by more and more. Many customers of the Internet and telephone-inclusive packages are already using VoIP, without knowing it. For in what way the router to which the phone is connected, establ...
Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus (known to us as Vespasian) was born on 17th November 9AD in the Sabine country near Rome, into a relatively poor family although his mother was the sister of a Roman senator. She was widowed at a young age, and so had to bring up two boys on her own.
Up early this morning and killed a little spider so I thought I would write about it.
BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner: "Mr Kassig's murder is a sign of frustration that IS militants are unable to hit back at the coalition air strikes that have driven them off key sites like the Mosul and Haditha dams, and prevented them from seizing the town of Kobane."
I'm kind of a dark and private person, but from time to lonely time I do write about love, and my love for the world around me. This is one of those times.
This article tries to explain how we must learn to drop what is holding us back right now. We must let go, to let go. A Zen master will do all that he can to try to help his student to drop the hold on himself that his own mind has on him.
Having received this question about royalties through my inbox, it seemed worthy of investigation, some thought, and even a public answer, especially since I wasn't sure who the user is. Payment always seems like a thorny issue, no matter what site you consider, but it often stems fro...
Well my friends i am going into depths of feelings here but why fortunate to be able to experience and express...perhaps you too do so...anyway just enjoy this...
Part-time jobs are often available when full-time work opportunities are in short supply. You should regularly update your own list of candidates for a “Top 10” list.
This is the story of an evening trek in the Zimbabwe countryside to deliver books to a rural school.
Sharing my thoughts(coming from my heart) on certain changes that could make Wikinut more popular as well as increase the interactivity between the members on this site..
If truth is painful, or hard, or ugly for us, it is always because we are not seeing all of it fully, or properly. We are not seeing the fullness of the true picture of truth, which is always beautiful. Truth is beauty then, or is it? Read on to read about this writer's view of t...
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