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This is not your average boy meets girl and they fall in love, tips on being a sucker.
When we are young, death is seldom thought about unless someone close to us dies or we are suddenly faced with a horrific illness. As we grow older, we realize that one day we will die and perhaps wonder what our last days will be like.
If an accident leads to a good end, that means you have great luck, if a plan is beneath what will happen is a problem that no one can solve than your own self.
The recent essay by Nigerian poet-cum writer which was also published in the Guardian in London,was a captivating and finely written essay. But just to echo some different opinion on the subject again,is this article here.
This is a poem about the truth we all seek. This is its latest revision. Warning: a mild profanity is in the text. Parents are cautioned.
There is more to life that is known when we enlarge our ability to see and broaden our horizon beyond what we see, know and believe only then can the darkened part be unveil in part
I almost always rise before my wife and this morning as I was looking out our bedroom window, my wife, in a very sleepy voice, said happy birthday and I just knew I was about to get a present. At the time I was watching as the last stars of night were fading away, and of course I thou...
Somebody wanted to get revenge, and not even death would be able to stop that never-ending thirst for blood.
Reading on a variety of formats, interacting and listening to people around us should provide us with ideas for writing an article or fictional story.
You open your eyes, you forget the depth of the abyss, you forget the depth of oblivion and thickness of indifference... Arcane and fractal nightmare...
We see dreams for our future.Some of them becomes our passion.And our heart breaks when the dream does not overcome.
What is the robots.txt and what will it to do? Ever imagined in your mind to knowing to the robots.txt? This text file is usually underestimated, however its operate is extremely exceptional. Why incredible? Okay, now check up on this text as a result of notional describe a bit regard...
This is the first episode of the third chapter of a story written by me about 13 years ago, but only recently rediscovered. Chippin and Muirie have spent their first night at Trotter Hall, and a new day is about to start.
While depending upon others, you miss many opportunities to discover your self, to establish the confidence in your personality. Depending on family and friends for happiness is not a question here as it also makes our personality. What I am talking here is about depending on others, ...
Most universities ask students to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for admission to their graduate courses. The SOP must briefly discuss the objectives of pursuing the course, research area, interest, experience and future of the author. A well written essay can improve the candida...
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