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I dedicate this to my friend, Devris Capa and his pictures of beautiful babies as you can see if you read this page. And I also wrote about the knowing and knowledge of these young ones...enjoy
A funny list of common used sayings ad why they are useless
The crush I had on that younger high school girl (I mentioned previously) spilled into some very awful thoughts when one of my classmates started boasting about getting way past 'first base' with her. I can't remember another time when I was so angry aboput something.
There are many people who influenced my life in addition to my loving parents. While there are several that come to mind, it is the older women who stand out most. .
This poem speaks about the feelings of girls and boys towards each other.
Colleen had the looks and talent to win the Fair Queen contest. Her plans were changed.
In a world turned upside down are we brave enough to speak out, while being loving enough to listen? Can we not all be Americans without the hyphens that divide us? Must we hate each other?
Look me in the eyes, look carefully Look at me and I assure you can see it
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are actually real.
Cannibalism has been around for millions of years. People have divulged into the eating of other people all over the world. Are you one?
A narrative written in verses about a peculiar boy
Do you still believe witches can kill with the spells they cast? Then why are people able to kill those witches?
Immigration was meant to improve anyone's living conditions, but I doubt it's an improvement for them if they have to beg in the streets, to deal with drugs or prostitution.
I was diagnosed with colon cancer on June 27, 2013, a little over a year ago. Now it is time for it to be removed surgically.
God for me is the supreme soul, full of light and the higher vibrations, holding the stars, planets, and different galaxies, with its vibrations. There is another world of souls, resides, below the supreme souls, in the form of light, and the similar kind of vibrations, but in a less...
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