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A short poem about romantic thoughts that I have written.
This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
God really does pay attention to the lives of those who love Him. I learned this through different moments in life. Both good and bad. Never think anything escapes the sight of God.
Life is in itself a long romance some fall into it some rise above
If you are a fan of superhero comics, then you will surely know about the competition between the 2 comic book publication giants, DC and Marvel Comics. Everyone will be excited to know both in terms of superiority and power, below are the real difference between DC and Marvel Comics.
In today's world we have got this ever increasing problem of stress.more people are fatigued from stress than from their jobs or from their families. here's how you can lead a better life and kick out your stress...
God is so awesome in creating each person differently. I don’t believe there is a carbon copy of me anywhere on this earth. I am a unique individual with many fastest to my own life. One thing is for sure, I am hard pressed right now.
Well i do belive life itself is unpredictable anything can happen butwith a twist..
I'd like to think this poem is about meeting someone who seems so familiar that you feel as though you knew them in another life.
A look at how some unorthodox love stories broke through in their genre to create some of the most memorable stories and characters of all time.
Can a person be born with evil intentions or are they cultivated in accordance to the environment and people they are exposed to?
The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity, is the last of the Universes of God Quadrilogy. It starts at Jesus' triumphant return, covering the millennium civilization and what will happen there, and continues into the first and second resurrections into eternal life. You are there fo...
3D printing is a process that develops an electronic image into a physical body. Process of 3D printing would print each layer of the object in an isolative fashion.
Rub a magic lamp, a genie will come out and grant you wishes ( Wish if it could have happen )...
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