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Can you imagine how difficult communication would be without words and sentences created by an alphabet? Writing is one of the most important forms of communication that we have. It is one of the simplest ways to communicate messages and information to people without having to go and ...
Now the city moves salient. Day things alter into moon shadows and within each echoed movement comes the spinning dance of city lights beckoning all to the hallowed halls.
It has been a rough day, it's been a long day. working with computers, struggling with data traveling on the network.
A word of encouragement to strengthen and comfort you as you walk with the Lord
A guide to becoming a police officer and what to expect on and from the job.
In 1977 I was a young librarian, only one year into my professional career. It was therefore a surprise, to say the least, to find myself working for a short period in Moscow, at the heart of Brezhnev’s Soviet Empire. This piece sets the scene and describes the first stage of the tr...
What does death & taxes have to do with a couple of families, a funeral and a wedding? Join me as I share my bizarre story
Outside happiness is more or less dependent on the inner world. When the person is joyful from within, he can best express himself to the outside world, but if there is something lacking inside, it shows up in the outer expression.
This poem tells about a lovely tree so useful when young and healthy .It also reveals the cruelty of time and human beings subject for a tree to stumble down....and so us humans...
Distraction causes your life to be a mess. It is like a salve placed onto an open wound, but which in effect just covers the wound over hiding it, but never healing it. What is this wound, and how can it be healed? For most of us, it's a type of fear of both ourselves, and of ot...
Yes sometimes a place is dear to the heart but circumstances can cause that change
How many of you have found these same problems in the novels you've read?
This is a piece about teacher's being able to discipline students.
Hard to describe this one for it is deep and multi-leveled...Nothing is going on and yet worlds are being torn asunder all the time both metaphorically and physically...just look around! ....enjoy
I go into Beatle Elementary School every Monday. Here is my experience.
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