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This is one of my emotional writing towards LOVE. How everything I've dreamed of had been a total nightmare. What I've thought about LOVE became the total opposite of it. Why I became who I am today. We have a lot of different views when it comes to LOVE and this is what mine is. I am...
The Blue Zones Project hasn't discovered anything new on the fact that some people are living a healthy lifestyle to live a long life, because this existed long ago.
This poem relates about the beauty of nature.Nature gives back humans what humans do to her.This poem also relates peace if there is total peace and love.
There are times when we truly desire someone and this person knows our feelings but is slow to respond. This is a poem about that experience.
Well i think this once again an expressing, baring of a person so few dare to do...I can and will and do...so enjoy will some...others no...and they can piss off...
Many people has turn to become vegetarian only a couple months to a year later has come back over to the good ole meat chewing. Vegetarians may be weaker than meat eaters. Do you think so?
As a child my interest in the tragic life and death of Lady Jane Grey is sparked by a remark made by my father. Thirty years later my interest is renewed.
In Greek Mythology we have Mars the god of War. Mars is probably the only god that did not have a gay lover. Most men want to be like Mars, strong, virile, and with much stamina. They try, but few succeed.
Taking some time for yourself occasionally to completely clear your mind, can be one the best things someone can do for themselves.
Blessed I am being one of your creation, God your worthy to be praised. All adjectives is not enaugh to describes you. All I know your my Creator, Saviour and my Everything.
From behind the window..A poor girl young one who doesn't want to marry peeks from behind window curtains
Rafael asks Blazer to help him improve his swimming to compete with the team.
Essay about how we are doomed to repeat history no matter what actions we take.
The industrial town of Bradford in England had its famous school master in the person of Mr. Jonathan Priestley, whose son John Boynton Priestley later became one of the most famous literary figures in the world, remembered for his scholarly essays, novels, plays, travel books and spe...
On of those mornings, Erika found herself on a different place, and yet, she managed to found the peace her heart was yearning for
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