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Never before have see the likes of world events that are taking place today. Here some history that sheds a little light on some of them today!
this page gives an overview of the small Christian communities in the region of east Africa, there is a lot of honour in having some meetings among the Christians as a family.
The O Level (Ordinary Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education. The O Level qualification is still awarded by Cambridge International Examinations in select locations, instead of or alongside the International General Certificat...
Somebody asked me what my favourite flower was and I wrote this poem instead of a reply.
Max went out to help the flood victims and ended up hurt and missing. He was found by some volunteers that transported him to the Red Cross tent. He was then transferred to the hospital. He is in a coma. As soon as Danielle got word of where he was she had Jake the farm hand take her...
How the Man has fooled us all again in Baltimore, Maryland
The number one links us to God, and to all of his oneness. There is another secondary driver number though that depicts the karmic pattern or rhythm that pushes into you its energy vibration. it does this because you need to re-address certain issues that you have ignored in your ...
I was never lucky at winning big amounts but I was lucky with small things. My grandmother was the same way
The police chief manages to appease the angry citizens by relaying to them the mayor’s assurance. Peace and calm is finally restored only to give way to topsy turvydom as the news about Dean and one of the twins starts making the rounds.
The author reflects on a childhood growing up playing Barbie every day. There is the standard way to play Barbie...and then there is the wacky creative way. Read on to see Barbie like you've never seen her before.
After the sun comes the moon and stars to shine the night gentle and meek they shine giving room for a play..... A night play
In the Series of Funny World, I writer of another funny experience of mine that promises to crack your ribs.
Woman bosom is delicate and sensual. Tension and anticipation are some of the biggest turn-ons for her. She loves to be waiting on the edge of her seat; she loves to wonder about what’s coming next.
A poem about the many healing properties of writing. Writing can help people heal from many different types of wounds.
A poem i wrote with my awesome friend Gareth about the beauty of friendship as a means of connection, and the beauty of shared experience
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