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Molly had walked to the boardwalk by herself. She was going to go to the beach house where the victim had been staying. The plan was to find a way into the house and look around for anything that seemed suspicious.
My mother stayed with me recently soon after the death of her beloved husband, who she was married to for sixty or so years. The wonderful feelings I experienced in her presence have tried to be captured by me in some poetry here. I finish the article with some philosophical musing...
It seems that the World Wide Web has become like a pain in the arse for some folks.
A coherent, interpretative and gripping narrative of my brush with paranormal manifestations way back in 1994. My original plan was to finish off this narrative in 2 parts. But as I started writing Part-2, I went on and on and the story lengthened beyond my expectation. And then, I de...
It is a story of a single day in the life of a child labour Abdul and what he and his friend goes through that day.
Even while in prison, Joseph remains faithful to God and continues to prosper.
Writing is a tricky business exhaustion and burnout can creep up on you before you know it.
Observational Poetry that leaps from Spirituality to wacky nonsense all wrapped up in a beatnik box with a banana bow
This is about the monster under the bed that follows you from dark room to dark corners of your mind...
When we look at the blank spaces, we seem to recall good memories of the past and at times we just look at the window and enjoy what we can view and hear from there. This is just one random poetry I made during those witching hours.
We are always buzy in this world but wait...listen what this poem is saying !!
After dispatching world no. 1-ranked Germany, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final. But before the comparisons to the 1999 team can begin, the team must still actually capture the World Cup.
I lean heavily towards Democrats, but I occasionally vote republican when I think that they have the better candidate. However; Republicans have moved to be an unpalatable party for my tastes. There are some barriers that have kept me from voting republican over the past few years...
A Saudi prince has announced his fortune of US$ 32 Billion for charities. This is a welcome move and I decided to show my gratitude as a human being, towards the benevolent action of the Saudi Royal Prince. This also teaches the rich nations to come forward to even out the distributio...
A poem, a story, and a poem that reflect on the intricacies of the soul … whence it has appeared and whence it is … and where it goes from here is beyond speculation or description.
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