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‘Stop! You’ll all jump and fall to your deaths. Please stop. Stop!!’
I was wondering what would happen if people woke up and how they would react against the system that keeps them asleep and this is what I came up with.
This is an essay on the aims and methods of philosophy.
Throughout the history of sports-entertainment, there have been memorable heels. They are the “bad guys” that broke the rules, conduct themselves in an immoral manner, and that the crowd love to hate. The heels are the antagonists, and their job is to develop the babyface (crowd f...
this is about cartoons and how they charged. how much it needs to to go back for the children.
A lot at a subgroup of the Episcopal church in the United States that I find interesting.
Adam is delighted when the newly wed teacher announces that she plans to continue teaching but not everyone agrees.
I am an old Marine and that runs deep. I will always stand up and protect my country, my home, the land I love, the nation that has given so much in blood and life for others and only asked for that small piece of ground on which holds the bodies of our fallen heroes. And these are th...
This is the seventh episode of the sixth chapter of a story written by me about 13 years ago, but only recently rediscovered. Chippin has prevented Snoot from inadvertently giving Murie an electric shock, but now she needs to be rescued from the moles.
Nirbhaya, meaning the unafraid, was given to safeguard the identity of a woman, who valiantly fought a gang of rapists and died a brutal death a few days thereafter. The matter has again hit the headlines due to a documentary made on the incident by BBC and Indian Government banning i...
Here is another of my dog stories that was published in my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey.
Alcoholism has been one of the major impediments to self-actualization. At some point, alcohol ruins countless lives and continue to wreck the lives of many
The difference between loves that expires, and real love.
False promises:We should avoid false promises. At any cast, we should try to keep our words. Sin:The notion mentioned in the tag is baseless. We should be punished immediately for our sins. Otherwise we won’t avoid sinning
A poem based on the life and suffering of people who sell their soul for fame, money, power.
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