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The Nuptials The end all and be all of this Earthly sojourn you call journey I life!
Today we ask if whether it is better or not to have experienced life.
There are a number of social sharing sites that are being used on the auspicious occasion of New Year, Christmas and other festivals. The people who are new to the social sites get confused which social medium is best to make happy New Year Wishes 2017.
We are here to provide you some important tips to download SSC CHSL 2016 Application form. Those candidates who are interested to fill this form make attention here !!!
My short personal opinion about the Dyatlov Pass incident and the loss of the 9 skiers during the process of an unidentified attack which resulted the mysterious loss of their lives.
Words are very important for the writer and the reader as well. Words in print or said verbally make you laugh, cry, believe, understand each other, and much more. Communication is words! Writers communicate everyday with their audience by what they write and how they write it.
A poem about life, living, the people we meet along the way and the unavoidable end.
I am just about to have my sixth book published, entitled The Power of Love. Here is a preview of it. Read on to find out more.
The bible tell us to heed instructions. But not just from anybody, you must know how to discern the spirits. Some instructions don't come from Godly vessels though it may seem like it. I consult with the Lord before anything. He will never lead you wrong.
I thought I should just point this out since I have been seeing a lot of stupid comments on here.
False rape allegations are on the rise. What are the causes of this, and how can we put a stop to the hysteria?
A brief look at one self-published author's long and arduous journey in designing her own book cover, and what she learned from it.
This is a true story about a girl who had amazing dreams for her future.Unfortunately she got infected with HIV AIDS and her life drastically changed.She however picked up the pieces and now faces each day with renewed hope.She is a strong woman. I am that girl.
You take the metro and then something unexpected happens
This is a true story of when I died. I know it sounds far-fetched but it actually happened to me and left me scarred for life.
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