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When our life here on earth is ended we must face the maker of heaven and earth and all the things that are therein. God is the potter and we are the clay
These poems are about three different aspects of nature. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!
My voyage//Life is a journey under supervision of none but own vision
When you meet that one person and they're name alone moves you.
This article presents a list with helpful tips for writers who want to write non-fiction books.
They said all the best things in life are free. A simple and frugal feeling of happiness is the breeze and sound of sea. Nothing else.
A poem of the past, unfinished but complete. A poem looking for the past and finding the present.
The curtain call of supporting cast of the satirical prose about a former far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans this Is the synopsis and unforgettable characters behind the epic fail.
I was thinking that children are not born with shame, so why should we feel it when older? So this is my personal views about that.
This short story is about a man called John, who has searched for God, both high and low, for over fifty years, or so. He never found him, but little did he ever realise, that so many times in his life, God though, had actually found him instead. John was blind to his own seeing of ...
This article speaks about a few building blocks to effective decision making. Life is all about making the right choices. As George Eliot, 19th-century novelist said, “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.
Want to know my terrible condition while studying French for tomorrow's exam? Don't miss, I've learnt a lesson now, it's too hard to capture the things within some hours. I've just 2 hours left to finish my studies before it's too late at night, and tomorrow morning, I've to fail in m...
In some primary education schools, they have decided not to celebrate Christmas as they used to do to not offend to migrants' children.
Thanksgiving Day has arrived and everyone is getting ready for the big day. The turkey's in the oven and the team is arriving one by one to celebrate their first Thanksgiving as a family.
There have been so many outstanding point guards who have played in the NBA that it is extremely difficult to name the ten best, but we'll try regardless.
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