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Early in child years through my youth to my adult years I have discovered the I have had learn life lessons the hard way. Story shares a brief experiences of what I have had learned through the years of my life. Sad times as well as my ups and down, hardship and grief moments of my li...
A collection of romantic poems written by POET WILLIAMSJI MAVELI in collaboration with POETESS SARASWATI POSWAL
My poem today is about two builders , one who is wise and the other who is foolish ...One built on solid ground and the other built on sand .... Only one house stood ... Which kind of builder are you my friend ? ...
Shifting gears from being transactional to conversational
Having followed ISIS in the media, I had very pessimistic views on Muslims, but then I met someone who changed my whole perspective. Not just a Muslim, but my friend.
Valentine rehearsals at seven again today All are welcome but kindly please be slightly decent
A poem about noticing the little things and not letting the bigger things get to you.
I joined wikinut almost 5 years back. Its been a roller coaster ride and touching 2 million views and over GBP 110, does give satisfaction. Perhaps it's time to move on as there is no peak to be climbed further
Today’s article is about a constant within our subconscious whenever we see and/or meet people who are attractive. It is a constant thought in a teenagers mind. Everyone and their mother partakes in this deed (it is why you as a reader are on this planet in the first place). Today ...
With this essay, I attempt to explain the relationship of the spirit helpers to the shaman, to include plants, crystals, and animals; and I can only speak from my own experience and about my own helpers.
50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem 50 words about my poem
Here's an abstract poem of truth, light and clarity.
There is a healing in a hidden place where one may yearn for peace and pardon. Find the gate, then walk on forever and you will be met by the Creator.
Wikinut encourages writers to add links into their articles, but certain types of links are not permitted, including those that advertise or allow the writer to earn money from other sites. These are specifically excluded by Wikinut's terms and conditions. Writers should learn good pr...
To you Terry...A phenomenal writer and wonderful friend.
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