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Punjabi fashion is characterized with shimmer, vibrancy and bling. Modern cuts and contemporary motifs are being used to design contemporary clothing. Some fashion wear is also influenced by Mughal Art.
This month begins the celebration of Chaturthi; in my studies of Hinduism, I developed a strong fondness for Ganesha, and I celebrate in my own way. Through Ganesha, I discovered the spirit of the elephant, and the three of us became closely related. In this narrative, I try to relate...
I am a shamanic priest, a nomadic priest of the Order of Shama'an. This is the first part of a book about my education as a shaman and the philosophical knowledge attained from it.
This is Part 2 of the book The New Order of Shama'an. Here, we look at some of the expectations placed on the beginning students and a little more of the philosophy of the order.
This personal essay explores how to respond to angry or argumentative people with love and compassion. Managing one's own anger by getting to the root of it (it usually stems from hurt) is a key element to developing love and patience for the anger of others.
Of the vines the morning glory stands out with its exclusive indigo blue which colour is not freely found on flowers. A stroll in the garden early morning will set you in wonder at this magnificent vine. - read more
Proposing the theory "Sticky Notes" in all colors of the spectrum may make an impact on our psyches and change our attitude.
Cannibalism has been around for millions of years. People have divulged into the eating of other people all over the world. Are you one?
Personal insights and revelations of spiritual journey. Heart provoking thoughts from the field of unlimited possibilities.
There's the heart and mind, and its a perfect battlefield. Read on to know what I've known
This is it my stories. New Targets in the New Year. Yeaaayyyy! :D
Sleep is one of life's treasures. Yet, we never see its true value. Sleep cures many ills and is one of the most peaceful thing on earth.
Mornings will not be mornings without the mad rush. However, things get complicated when there is a mystery confronting you. Do you solve it? Do you leave the unsolved mystery behind? Come on, there are things to do this morning.
Mornings bring out different emotions and invoke a range of feelings in different people. So, how does your morning break, with a crack and thud, or trrinkle-tee-tup-tuping gently to lights shining through window shades? Have a good day.
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