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This article was written by the established writer and author Carol Roach. She shares some personal history and focuses on how to create writing content for a specific audience or for the Internet at large. She highlights the errors that some novice writers make and emphasizes clari...
Personal views and opinions on monogamy and whether or not it still exists in today's society.
Are other species conscious? Scientists have wondered about this for decades and now the proof is in. Other species are indeed conscious even a spider has its own consciousness but it may be unique to them.
Trees have it hard too. They stand there, and look pretty -- a beautiful creation of nature. but they have many hardships. Hardships such as storms, and the yearly passing of seasons. Grow and grow. Trees will grow until they reach the sky. Growing and growing until they reach their ...
My personal philosophy of education most closely relates to the philosophy of progressivism and pragmatism. The textbook definition of progressivism is “a student-centered philosophy of education that focuses on a curriculum that is of interest to students.” I believe that student...
Dear human race Why do you act like you do? We were once of the same playground, we shared everything, good and bad, but then you evolved and you forgot all about us. Growing up, I was in awe in of the human species, I could not believe that you were once like us, an animal aiming fo...
I want to suggest a simple way to share water amongst states.
Daily and scheduled activity is the best medicine to keep upbeat during the dark and unsettled days of winter.
An informative article on a celestial wonder. A wonder that captures my attention and intrigue. Sources and Further Reading: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsar_planet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsar www.imdb.com/title/tt1051155/ (Season 3 Episode 10 'Strangest Things')
Good luck is all around us if we only pay attention. This piece is about the many ways that luck plays a role in our lives.
Sea Level rise's among the Estuarine habitat around Australia is staying longer over the mud flat areas not allowing for the time of drying between large tides like king tides compared to some ten years ago. This in return has caused collapsing of banks due to the extra weight
Learning styles emphasize the way individuals perceive, process, and retain information. Theory involved in this field of study indicates that how much an individual learns has more to do with the educational experience and how it is arranged to meet the needs of the students than ho...
I wrote this article shortly after I learned about Professor Hawking’s book that is referred to here, because I felt as if none of the believers of the world had anything to say. Now that he’s been on the news again, it seems like a good time to share my opinions again.
Princess is our faithful pet.She is caring and lovable that she has become a faithful member in our house hold.She demands love and affection from every member of the household. similarly she gives love and affection in return..She is very much careful about her duties in the eve...
The Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi is October 4. I have a particular adoration for this remarkable man, and this treatise is my tribute to him and to his legacy.
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