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Now, how could so many diverse species of what you call “animals” be brought to this new world from so many other worlds? How did our forefathers and foremothers do it? OR were they already here? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Continuing the one article that seems so far to be a big hit...Golden Calf is a Mistranslation of Phi Torus, which is a portal generating concept. Book? Book? Book? she clucked...
Indeed, and how did this particular earthen planet become One with the HUman races? Did the HUman races always exist here or were each one brought from other already seeded and established worlds? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
We may never know what kind of man Thomas Edison really was. We have his many contributions to our modern way of life, and we have the representations as told by romanticists, promoters, and image mongers … but only one side of his character has ever been presented.
This is another chapter from the book ‘The New Order of Shama’an’ and a follow-up to the chapter ‘The Recognition and Realization of the Intuitive Consciousness’, both of which are referenced and linked at the end of the page.
I also have heard enough and seen enough renditions about the Titanic disaster, but this story is about the ship that played the Titanic in the Nazi-made movie about the undying legend.
This is part one of the spirit world and tells of what you might expect when going there.
This is part one of my advanced quantum metaphysics for beginners series in which the materialism of mortality is touched upon, and also understanding that the emptiness between things is not so empty after all.
On my first extended session with one who would become a beloved teacher and friend, he starts me off on a journey of self-realization, the essentials of empathy and transcendence – and the basics of acceptance and patience, which I learn from a tree.
Many people have never heard the term "bildungsroman", but most people have read one.
We have been learning about Winchester Forbes and now we finally get introduced to Carissa, the heroine of this story. We are seeing her as a 4 year old and noting her love for her Papa.
What does Christopher Columbus have to do with the culinary spice, paprika? Commonly used in Hungarian and middle European cooking, Paprika has a long and colorful history and is used in many other places. Let me fill you in on some fun facts and history of this tasty spice.
A little bit of 1950s nostalgia for all British boys aged over sixty!
A breif analysis of three non-fiction pieces and the social commentary that they provide.
This is a book review of a book written by Jim Marrs, author of many books which some could label controversial, such as the Kennedy assassination , and 9/11. His books are easy reading and entertaining.
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