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About how I missed my friends here since could not log in to site due to some busy schedule at my workplace.
Do you know who discovered coffee? Or did you know that divorce could be a reason for divorce? Find out more about your favorite drink.
I've been away from Wikinut for a little while So I've come back home with a song and a smile They say absence makes the heart grow fonder Well I can vouch that's true It's good to be back at wikinut.. So a big hello to all again..just from me to you
If, in the modern-day world, you believe in Jesus, you must understand there is a cross to bear; and you might be committing yourself to a similar fate as His. There are many out there who would still persecute you just for believing.
The process of writing as I grew up, from childhood to adulthood
This does not follow my usual type of story telling. It relates the recent experience of getting disconnected and being out of touch.
The statements in this post may not be agreed with. In fact, they may irritate some because so often we are taught just the opposite, either religiously or politically. I think both parties are wrong to some extent and will state why.
An old poem and and original art piece about the tourist around us.
Writing online is a unique experience for all of us. We can choose where and when we want to write. We can write about a topic of our choice. Writers can bond with other writers and make lifelong friendships. Writers tend to be honest and straight forward in their opinions. In thi...
This article was written by the established writer and author Carol Roach. She shares some personal history and focuses on how to create writing content for a specific audience or for the Internet at large. She highlights the errors that some novice writers make and emphasizes clari...
Personal views and opinions on monogamy and whether or not it still exists in today's society.
Are other species conscious? Scientists have wondered about this for decades and now the proof is in. Other species are indeed conscious even a spider has its own consciousness but it may be unique to them.
Trees have it hard too. They stand there, and look pretty -- a beautiful creation of nature. but they have many hardships. Hardships such as storms, and the yearly passing of seasons. Grow and grow. Trees will grow until they reach the sky. Growing and growing until they reach their ...
My personal philosophy of education most closely relates to the philosophy of progressivism and pragmatism. The textbook definition of progressivism is “a student-centered philosophy of education that focuses on a curriculum that is of interest to students.” I believe that student...
Dear human race Why do you act like you do? We were once of the same playground, we shared everything, good and bad, but then you evolved and you forgot all about us. Growing up, I was in awe in of the human species, I could not believe that you were once like us, an animal aiming fo...
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