#1 of the Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetype - Straight Acting or Butch

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Tips on writing a strong masculine, straight acting gay man, without making him a stereotypical effeminate man.

Men by definition are masculine.

The word masculine brings us images of a male human with square shoulders, a V torso, strong arms and legs and a very square jaw. A man. The Alpha Male. When we write male characters this is the image that is automatically imagined by readers. We then write about the color of hair, eyes, how handsome they look in a loincloth in a romance novel. How virile and strong they are in an action novel. There is no difficulty writing about a Straight Man.
When you write a story and the second you write the word "gay," that masculine image is gone. No more Alpha Male. No more virility and strong masculine features. The gay character is no longer kissing a delicate woman, who's wearing a see through teddy, hair cascading down her shoulders, and breathing heavy.
You’re now imagining a limp wristed, feminine gay man with pink lipstick, highlights, and a high pitch voice kissing his fag hag. They're no longer in a romance novel or in an action book. You picture them in a pink bedroom with framed watercolors of daisies, unicorns, and rainbows hung on the walls with gold trim.
When you write your lead character who is very manly and virile who just happens to be gay, make sure you focus on him as a person, his virtues, his weaknesses and his goals. Do not focus on him being gay. Don't make homosexuality a focal point, or the lead character of the story. He's gay because he likes men as much as much as he likes sitting in his underwear in his living room couch, watching the football game, drinking a beer and rooting for the winning team. He is a straight acting gay man.
How boring is a story about a man who is losing his house and the author focuses on how much he likes sushi and sake. The only way he can be whole is to eat sushi and sake. He made a list of the best sushi restaurants and knows all the sushi chefs in the city. Is sushi the focus of the story or is it his struggles to save his house?
Write about the character for who he is. Enforce the image of his masculinity and his idiosyncrasies and you will have a strong character in a strong book. By the way, his lover is not necessarily an effeminate man or a tranny. He could also be dating another Straight Acting, masculine man.
You see Straight acting man all the time. The only time you know that these


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