#2 of the Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetype -- Effeminate

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The effeminate gay man. A flaming homo or a simple gay man with feelings?

"John stormed away furious at what his husband said."

What kind of man do you picture John to be? More than likely you picture him in a pink shirt, tight jeans, highlighted, long hair, and sashaying away from another gay man. Remember, more than likely. This is the stereotypical image we all have when we hear the word gay. An effeminate man.
Yes. This is an effeminate man. One that likes to wave his hands, talk with a lisp, swings his hips more than a woman and probably dressed in feminine looking clothing. Sadly, this is what we, as a society know as a gay man.
Here is some perspective from an effeminate gay man's point of view.
Imagine a small town somewhere in the world. The men toil the soil, herd the cattle, and hunt for food. The women are home, cleaning dead chickens, gathering fruits and vegetables for meals. Keeping house clean and raising three or four children close in age.
Need more? All the men are masculine and all the women are feminine, just like any normal straight community. However, somewhere in the midst there's a young gay man. Very effeminate, helping his mother with the cooking, cleaning, and the raising of his siblings.
The town rather accepts him. They harass him constantly and make his family lives miserable. They all know he's gay. Now, he's told no one and yet most men know. They shun him and push him aside.
What you may not know is what an active sex life he has. He's been in bed with a widower, a married man, the butcher, the baker's son and with the post service brothers.
In the darkness of night, Hidden in the shadows, He is more than accepted, he's in demand by the majority of the men in this small town.
Does this sound familiar? It happens everywhere. Everyday. The effeminate man is shunned in public and embraced in the darkness.
Try writing an effeminate man without making him a stereotype. It is going to be difficult. The best thing to do is write out a female character with male characteristics and mentality. Make it natural for him to be effeminate and do not make him too much of a female, because then he would be a stereotypical gay man. What needs to be done is present him effeminate without making him a big flaming homo.


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Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.

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author avatar Ric Lotfinia
28th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you for the post I am developing such a man for a story I am writing.

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
22nd Sep 2013 (#)

I am so wanting to read your story. Please keep me posted as to where I can read it.

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