#6 of The Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetypes - Drag Queen

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Many famous drag queens have filled stage and scene. Ru Paul made this character famous. The original Super Model.

The Drag Queen.

The Drag Queen. Many famous drag queens have filled stage and scene. Ru Paul made this character famous. The original Super Model. He made Drag Queen's famous and more acceptable in this world. The fad never went away; there are shows to see who makes the better Drag Queen.
When you write out a Drag Queen take a little bit of all the other Queens. He's a Drag Queen because he's in a dress, but he is a Queen in all the other senses. He's dramatic and pragmatic all in one. The beauty of the world is in how you see it. The shoes have to match the mascara and the underwear has to match his eyes. His movements are extremely exaggerated; his makeup and clothes are hyperactive exaggerated to excess. All in order to make his femininity stronger and more pronounced.

There is a difference though.

When you see a Drag Queen on stage, they are exaggerating everything for the show. They spend hundreds of dollars on hair, make-up, clothes, shoes, and accessories and when they present themselves in shows, they maybe make ten dollars. It’s not about the money it’s about the show.

Off Stage

One of two things happens with a Drag Queen when they are off stage. They keep dressing in drag, however, not as exaggerated. They will wear soft clothes, a nice wig, and fashionable clothing. The only way you would know they are men is by looking at the Adam’s apple (most times).
On the other hand, they will go back to dressing as man. An effeminate man more than likely. They leave the Drag Queen persona back in the closet and move on their lives as a regular gay man. Many Drag Queens you see up on stage you would never picture them as regular man. Without the makeup and costumes, they look very different. Of course, this is vice versa. You see a regular guy at the bar, very good looking, and shy. Half an hour later their on stage being Drag Queens and you would never know it was the same guy.
If you want to write about Drag Queens, go see a Drag Show, meet some of these fine men and get a feel for their world. It's not all fun and games nor is it all drama and despair. It's a lifestyle choice and it’s a calling.


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Great guide for writers in terms of knowing who the drag queen is and how to write that character well.

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