‘Kufr’ & ‘Shirk’ Infidelity and Polytheism: (The Cause of an Eternal Catastrophe)

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There are many a types of 'Kufra' (Denial) like to deny the existence of God Almighty itself, to deny the revered messengers, their imporatnce as well as their teachings to the people and consequently to regard one's own intelligence to be the guide in the life, to deny 'The Post- Death- concept' of presentation of our entire account of life before the God Almighty.

‘Kufr’ & ‘Shirk’ Infidelity and Polytheism: (The Cause of an Eternal Catastrophe)


To introduce with, 'Kufr' means to deny or to negate and 'Shirk' means to associate somebody or something with God Almighty or to divide the individuality of God Almighty into many a segments. Let's study on 'Kufr' (Denial of God) first in this verse.

'Kufra' (Infidelity to the God Almighty) is the most terrible and destructive evil among the people, being the root cause of all types of vices and vitiation in the world. This term is contradictory to the element of 'Iman' (Faith) as the term 'Iman' (Faith), in chief, implies to obey, to believe or to acknowledge while the term 'Kufra' implies to negate, to dismiss or to deny. Now, if one ponders adequately it does appear fairly clearly that nothing but arrogance, vanity, egoism, obstinacy etc. itself leads to the denial of the simplest, straightforward and transparent facts of the true religion. Hence, terminologically those adopting 'Kufra'- practice is 'Kafir' to the eyes of Allah.

Type Of 'Kufr'

There are many a types of 'Kufra' (Denial) like to deny the existence of God Almighty itself, to deny the revered messengers, their importance as well as their teachings to the people and consequently to regard one's own intelligence to be the guide in the life, to deny 'The Post- Death- concept' of presentation of our entire account of life before the God Almighty, To deny the Heavens and Hell, to deny the celestial scriptures and their exceptional status, to deny existence of the especial and super-human creation of Angels, to deny ‘The Day of Resurrection’, to deny and condemn even a single doctrine of the constitution of God Almighty and to deny the commandments of the God Almighty arrogantly. From among all these types of ‘Kufra’ (Denials), even a single denial is ample to render one to be ‘A Kafir’ (Denier) in his/her life.

‘The Kufra’ is an alarming atrocity of the mankind

‘The Kufra’ is an alarming atrocity of the mankind and that too on his own nature! It is because that the inborn nature of the mankind does expect a single creator of whole of this universe being the Lord and Sustainer of all and, therefore, the mankind must be obedient and submissive to Himself. But, on the shocking contrary, a Kafir (Defiant) compels his intelligence as well as all the organs of his body to operate against his intuitive nature in his/her life. Isn't it fit enough to be called 'Atrocity' on himself?

Moreover, ‘The Kufra’ is an extreme ruinous kind of ‘Lord-defiance’ and ‘Challenge to Lord’ as well. It is because are all the vital organs of his body being utilized by him in each moment of his life vis-a vis the heart, eyes, intelligence, hands, legs, nose, ears, tong, and the natural resources like the air, water, sunlight, grains etc.

Generated by himself in his life?

Generated by himself in his life? Never, it is never brought into being by himself, instead all these boons and organs have been bestowed by none but Allah. Hence, if anyone defies the commandments of the same God as has bestowed all these life sustaining boons to him, can’t he be regarded to be the worst level of disobedient (Challenger) to God Almighty? Consequently, whatever degree of dire consequence is meted out to such ones, it is deserved by him because such ones who don't believe even in the God Almighty as well as the Hereafter shall surely perpetrate whatever he wills in the world. Such persons always entertain their own wishes of selfishness, material greed, exploitations of the people as well as wickedness beyond any limit thereof.

Is there any might and means to prevent him from such wickedness in the world? Wickedness is the definite consequence of his committing the Kufra in the life that does eventually lead to irretrievable catastrophe. But naturally, a ‘Kafir’; (Defiant) can never weaken or spoil to any extent the Lordship of the God Almighty at all because that God (The Lord of the Lords) has not come into being by anyone's endeavors; instead he has been there since the time naught and shall be there eternally. To conclude, hence, whether one submits or not, one constructs one's own irreparable and eternal devastation as a result of his ‘Kufra’ in the life.

Let’s have a look on Polytheism.

The term ‘Shirk’ (Polytheism) means to associate someone or somebody with the God Almighty. Polytheism, Fire-worshipping, All-Religions-Uniform etc. are fairly prevalent forms of 'The Shirk' (Polytheism). In fact, there exists only one God Almighty being the creator, governor, sustainer, regulator of the profit and loss, worth worshipping; but, in reality, it is the human deficiency that whatever object's glamour he is influenced by, he inculcates the Godness therein.

The human helplessness compels him in the world to search out such objects that helps him remove his helplessness in the life. Subsequently, whatever thing's magnificence impresses him in his life, he ultimately resorts to worship itself. Hence, gradually the mortal objects like the rivers, the mountains, the oceans etc. began to be worshipped by the people in the world. Over a period of time, his vision switched over to the sky and having got overwhelmed by the celestial objects' impression like the stars, the sun, the moon etc, he resorted to God created objects. Again over a period of time, when these visible objects turned out to be insufficient to worship for the people, they resorted to bowing down to the invisible souls. But since these souls of the personalities are invisible, the mankind carved out the images and idols of these souls according to their own imaginations and, at last, plunged into worshipping them.

The mankind even having distorted the messages and teachings relating to the Angels transmitted by the Apostles of the God, they carved out their strange images and, finally, started worshipping them. Even to the level that, some of the persons started worshipping their own messengers themselves regarding them to be God Himself. People contaminated even the sacred concept of the God Almighty also very strangely. With the elapse of time, the evil of polytheism reached upto the level that the people equated their idols, great personalities, deities etc. to the God Almighty. Hence, these man-made objects of worship were awarded the power and attributes of profit and loss as well as the sovereign and sustainer of the lives of the people in the world.

Thus, the people instilled the especial attributes and qualities befitting to God Almighty into many ones giving them the super-status of God Almighty. Therefore, this brief description on the captioned topic makes it clear that ‘The Fire-worshipping’ as well as worshipping to the personalities is not a religious reality at all; instead it is the self created superstitions and human fallacies generated out of the human selfishness, helplessness and weakness in the life.

In fact, all rights, prerogatives and powers are reserved by none but God Almighty Himself. The sacred Qur’an regards ‘The Polytheism’ to be the worst ever crime of the human being, for it is chiefly responsible for the infinite post-death failure in the hereafter. The holy Qur’an exhorts the mankind at large ultra-emphatically to be remote from the polytheism and idolatry practice in the life, as both these sins have been considered 'acute derailment' from the true path in the world.

What Quran Says

The sacred Qur’an warned the mankind of these catastrophic sins in the lives of the people because life is a once for all and invaluable opportunity granted by the God Almighty in the world. Even the mere imagination of the dire consequences of the polytheism and idolatry practice in the hereafter erects our fur of the body!


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