“My Mother’s Cremation”

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A melancholic poem describing the feelings of a man who just lost his mother, who is going to be cremated in a short while.

“My Mother’s Cremation”

I wish I were eucalyptus wood, dry and flat
Which is burnt in the Hindu rituals, and preferably in the shape of slabs,-
And placed, during cremation, on my mother’s body cold and dry
But seeing her lying dead in my lap would make my soul scream and cry.
Then I would be kindled, and see her fade away along with me,
But I would only reminisce, and regret that her life was so wee.
She had wanted to see places far away in the east, west and south,
And mostly north- where still rigidly stood her old maternal house,
I had time before, which I could have given her when she was alive, and still
Not even a single desire of her I was able to fulfill.
But at least, now, I would smolder myself in the fire along with my mother,
And provide her with a bed, suitably comfortable for a cadaver,
For a journey, I know, she had left me and my sisters all alone,
To meet my father who, some years ago, had already gone.
Or maybe to perform the Gods order- I do not know for sure.
But I would mix myself up with her ash, and along with her I would go,
When, into the flowing rivers our relatives would throw
Both of us, then in the boat of afterlife together we would row.
Undoubtedly, I would accompany her everywhere, on her journey not small,
My ash would finely blend with hers, and flow in the tides that rise and fall
And then she would be my mother again, and I, a baby yet unborn
That lives in the form of ash, once again in his mother’s womb.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Jun 2016 (#)

RIP. Not the way I would do it but she is your mother.

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