“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: Back To The Pyramids (Mini-Series Part Sixteen)

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The Original “Sin” has always been a bit of a mystery to those who simply have had no opportunity to examine their Original history from the inception of the seeding upon this once new world, Angorius. Among other facts will we now present the Original “Sin” as you, the reader have never seen it before. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into The Greater Purpose

To our readers and those who think you might just have heard it all, we are but laying a foundation before you but one which serves a greater purpose than you might think.

As we continue unravelling the twists and turns which the Hellions have written into the fabric of history, each one of you are sure to be no less than...astounded!

We are not here to amuse any one of you. Neither are we here to elicit a following of any kind nor to gain payment for this, our work, on The Seeding, for this has a much higher purpose.

What perhaps seems no surprise with information from time to time known, is going to turn and hit you, the readers, right in the face; for the history throughout the ages of events is never what one might expect.Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


Was the “snake” a reptilian human? And why did the Hellions want to “demonize” the reptilian creature, the snake in their story of the Original sin?

It had all to do with Kundalini which is the uncoiled energy likened to a snake uncoiling itself to “strike!” The Initiates used this energy so efficiently in their work to open the black hole vortexes and other vortexes also known as portholes and stargates, that the Hellion races wanted to imprint the “sin” of the Initiates (in not allowing the Hellions into their Paradisaical Federated Worlds) by twisting what really happened and brainwashing all the world population against the Initiates.

Of course, the world population mainly consisted of Federation Seeds of the Unified and Free Worlds.

came the beginning of bible bigotry and lies as well as further bondage of the Seeds from Paradisaical worlds. The Initiates would be mocked for generations to come. The foundation was laid for their persecutions.

Because the other Seeds of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets had, after quite a period of events had passed, reincarnated to the same new earth, Angorius, and their brainwashed minds had become the new veil they were born with, they too, began to willingly embrace the Doctrine of Hell (ions) and began persecuting their own remaining enlightened Ones who only survived to help them to remember and free themselves from the Hellion reprogramming of their minds.

At this point in events, the generations lived hundreds of years, but not thousands; the body was not made to last that long.

The people were by this time and by the word of the Hellion-created GOD infused with such fear of (the) Hell (ions) and in such a state of confusion that they were as a people who had been beaten down with clubs and were no longer free men and women and children.

The Hellions had brought the Federated Seed people finally to their knees in worship of their own created GOD in place of themselves as a whole, and a whole new world of slaves were created.

Now, the agenda of HELL-ions was finally solidifying… in place.

The American Dollar Bill And Feng Shui

But something else happened before the Europeans invaded the land to settle as they hoped....in freedom. But when you take away anothers freedom you find the day will come upon you where you will surely lose your own. But first, let us continue.

The six-pointed star was later taken from the seeded ones and the alchemical positive use of the yin yang of the dual pyramid symbols. One facing up and one facing down was severely misrepresented by the Hellion races and given new meanings. From then on any who used the hexagon star to open up the knowledge of the home worlds, and to encourage the starcraft who once brought them to the new earth, to return was then branded as a witch, a user of Wicca and damned as a sorcerer.

The Asean Feng Shui has a grounding but when one uses an image such as a person or animal upside down or clothes inside out when hanging to dry, that is not Feng Shui Alchemy, instead that symbolization will turn the lives of people into the negative. There is a great difference here between the alchemy of transition of the material to material from the principles of the universe in working alchemy and that of the Hellion negative alchemical workings.

For instance, you will never see the skull and bones or pyramid of the Masons on the American dollar bill yin yang. So be careful, people, because much of the original was lost and new laws set… EXCEPT you CANNOT ALTER THE LAWS OR PRINCIPLES OF THE UNIVERSE.

The sad thing was, that without the pyramidal power the vortexes could not be opened but the later generations of seeds remembered so little save that of a few, that they became confused as to the workings of the symbols and forgot that the technology of the pyramids had to also be implemented.

These seeded ones from the Federation of Free Planets then met with ungodly fates perpetrated by the Hellions for their efforts and remembrance of the mysteries of healing. But of these things and of the “energies of the soul structure itself” will we explain of the later hour.

Misrepresentation Of The Capstone And The First Landed Parents Of The Federation Of Unified And Free Planets Or Worlds

The EYE on top of the pyramid was considered all-seeing, as the capstone was able to activate the porthole to the data banks on other worlds.

When the Hellions deliberately misrepresented the pyramid and its original use
, the people of what is now known as Egypt on the banks of the underground river Nile, came to believe the all-seeing capstone was of evil origin and mistakenly believed our parents of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets were bad gods and bad goddesses and so superstition set in as already planned as part and parcel of the Hellion agenda of “willing brainwashing.”

The Hellions grafted and changed the symbols into meaning something other than the symbols formerly had meant.
They called it the "Benediction of theTwelfth Hour.” This was to belong to their second religion (to subserviate the female) with the same ONE MALE GOD presiding.

They changed the tenor, texture, and meaning so dramatically that the good became the bad and through both the money system and their set-up religions for every creed, race and culture, the Hellions taught the HUmanities who had forgotten their origins, save that of a few, a brand new philosophy and that philosophy was anything but wise of conscience, good, and ethical.

It was the philosophy of the ones who came through the rip in the fabric of space and made the new earth and those similar to it, into one of the most miserable and undesirable places in the universes to live.

Continued in Part Seventeen

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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And thank you for the star, Mark!

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