“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: History/Setting Up The Center/ Bank The Big Apple! (Mini-Series Twenty-One)

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History repeats itself? Perhaps not always. It completely depends upon the severity of the case in question and who indeed records the history and who wrote it to begin with. Why is the U.S. so “hard” on Japan? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into The Falsification Of America And The History Recorded Therein

To our readers of the aptitude of full understanding and those who would understand, each principle of design in your history has been recorded and lost to the understanding of the population, globally. One might be shocked to learn that the reality of what really happened since the takeover of the new earth, Angorius, by the Hellions who travelled through a rip in the fabric of space, is not reality at all as presented to you in your schools and religious institutions.

As your history unfolded, the victor always recorded and breast-fed to you, each one and all, how they wished it to be remembered in order that agendas
be laid and set for the “next action.” Let us now continue with a short foreword before we descend back into unfolding the very lies of history itself. Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

NEW YORK A Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden was the new world’s “principle” which the tenders named for short the “apple.” NY which was the center of the Big Apple was set up to follow after the golden calf or “gold” for the purpose of instigating currency debt upon the nations and individual corporations, and trade brought about bondage to the banking systems, and the gambling stock-market manipulation sold out the global marketing scam to the highest bidder which the nation with the standing currency as the regulator for all other currencies would always take leaving the gaming market wide open to the rising and falling of the stock exchange. It is called “benning.”

Benning is the act of not ostracizing the gaming product “farmer” right out of their comfortable little holes; gaming holes which like LA contain a contradictory amount of “flourishing” rabbinal control. Different to what one might imagine in the overall pictorial sense.

WHO “Founded” America?

But something else happened before the Europeans invaded the land to settle as they hoped....in freedom. Someone else got there first. Not as invaders, nor conquerors, but visitors, explorers, and friends.

These people came by sea from the west, from the Pacific seas, and landed in what is now Washington State within the United States of America. These good people became friends with the native tribes of which you call the Indian races. But their friendship was short lived. Their friendship was short lived because the invaders from Europe landed on the east coast of what is now called the United States of America, while the Spaniards went directly into what is now known as South America.

Were these new European pioneers restless
to murder the tribes of Indians? Nay, not, in fact, for brutal they were not. They came to the new land because their homelands were in chaos and they wanted peace just as the immigrants in Europe do now. No intention of fighting whatsoever, but the history books tell now a different story. That story surmises or tells of the hatred of the Europeans for the Indian tribes but this could not be further from the reality of what really happened.

There were no corporate nor banking powers during that event in the early days but when the people let the bankers “reforest their wares,” as they called it, in what is now known as the United States of America, the lies and killing and bondage began, and the framing of the European people began. These Europeans who were in strict compliance with universal principles and their karmic reaction were branded as witches and warlocks and took the brunt of the lying words and fury of the Hellions.

Nauseous of the sore treatment of the European pioneers, the tribes of Indians were ready for a fight to the bitter end. The “action makers” the bankers, had once again set the stage, and the Japanese and the Indians and the friendly but skitterish Europeans were postured against one another.

Hate brooded and the Jewry “action makers” who are not a race but those who came through the rip in the fabric of space, undermined covertly all peace and good will and “unity” among the races of which they had no part, and placed the Hebrew visitors in a text and they became their errand boys and girls; unwittingly at first, toward the ransacking of every banking institution by the devious framing of these people whom they had set in secure key positions in their institutions with “prominent instructions.”

The way this worked was this: when the bank made a loan for a mort-gage to go through, the “banker deput” would instruct from Prime Central “their toady word for the United States Senate Miracle Makers,” their Hebrew underlings whom they put in Prime positions in the banking sentate to “undergird” or create “circumstances" whereby the mortgagee would fall short of paying their loan back therefore falling short on their “mort”-gage, which is the death wish of the banker upon the unsuspecting borrower.

The Hebrews were taking the heat which the Hellion “action-makers” placed upon them. These banker Hebrews were the “middlemen” and stood between the people and the Hellion “action-makers” itinerary against the people themselves. This was to incite further public outrage against the Hebrew people. They needed a race to accomplish this and their program was well now under way.

Therein, the Hebrews being framed by the Jewry “action makers” began and the Jewry, the “action makers” continued with the hatred and the framing of not only the Hebrew wise Ones but the races of the global community.

Why was this? Why the hatred by these “Jewry” the “action makers?” Simply because they were not a race in themselves and never could be so they decided to place their seed within the diverse races and in doing so they hoped to claim their heritage and become a race of their own.

The Hebrews were their first target people.

The Jewry hated the friendly Japanese Asean races and chased them out with lies using their media as a catapult in turning the Europeans away from them.
But the Hebrew and Italian people did not follow the ugliness of the Hellion Jewry the “action makers” because they came to the new land not in pretence of friendly relations but rather in direct reference to a land of milk and honey and peace. And the great statesman, Benjamin Franklin knew it.

Benjamin Franklin was the early forerunner to the Great technician and scientist, Nikola Tesla.

It was not the European people nor the African races, nor the Spanish nor Hebrew races which Benjamin Franklin was referring to; it was the people of the monetary “action.” The “action makers.”

The Jesuits, he thought at the time were hand in hand in with the sultry ones of the McMillian crowd of peacekeepers in Europe not hence, but only because Benjamin Franklin, that great Statesman, rapidly understood so well that the Jewry, who are not a race are the ones who brought to this world, the money system along with its cache missionary graplings whom were, by the hand of the Jesuits, to relinquish none of the peoples’ money to any other foreign invading power than the bankers themselves.

Mr. Benjamin was not listened to as he said: “If you allow these Jews (“action makers”) within your borders you will all be their corporate slaves in the next two-hundred years and they will own you all.” (Get the quote right, ye ones).

Keeping The World Free?

When you take away another's freedom you find the day will come upon you where you will surely lose your own.

As events progressed throughout the centuries, the strategy of the Hellions never once changed. Only their faces changed with each new incarnation. But the souls were the same, incarnation after incarnation.

One enlightened teacher once told his students
a truth which we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, all know, and that is this: “The first generation will be the last generation, for incarnations into the future will these same people meet up with one another again. The physical body will eventually collapse but the soul will not.”

The soul would collapse only under certain circumstances. And this is why the Hellions love to drop bombs, because bombs shatter the soul which is as solid as a physical body held down by gravity. The soul is also solid but operates at an unusual molecular frequency of greater vibrations; and because this is the case, the soul is able to walk through less dense molecular activity such as walls.

You may think this is deviating away from the topic of “freedom” but it is actually at the center or “crux” of it all. You see, the Hellions are destroyers of nations and in order to destroy nations they must first destroy the peoples of the nations. And in order to do this the Hellions love to bomb in order that they destroy the very texture of the souls of others.

The Hellions also love to drag other nations into their dirty schemes in order that they, the nations, too, will lose their souls’ status into a paradisaical world and will be made to follow them into perdition, and hellish lifestreams.

And so the Hellions long ago decided to plant their seed
within the womb of the women and children of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, fertilizing the egg and planting their DNA, mixing their DNA in order that the Hellions could actually join already established races of people.

They could then hide silently without being discovered.

But the Albino Jewry “action makers” wanted to cultivate a race all of their own,
known as the Jews. But the Jews were the “action makers” and the Hebrew race wanted nothing more to do with them and their hatred toward them all and the nations. So the Hebrews tried to cast them out, but the silent Albino Jewry refused to leave and tended their Hebrew wives and daughters and filled them full of their seed and the child was born and they named the child “Jmmanuel” and told great lies, for the Archangel Gabriel was told to be the father, but was not, and the child was not Jmmanuel, but John, and John thought he was not worthy to even wash the feet of another, and the woman was not bad, but sacrificed and looked down by the rest and a switch was made and no one knew the father was not of their bloodline, nor any other Hebrew bloodline, and the Jewish race was begat. But half of the seed was Hebrew and the Hebrew line has since tried to separate themselves from the Hell placed upon them by the Albino Jewry, itself.

Therein were the Albino able to hide themselves best within the Hebrew race
and a distinct similarity among them all is quite outstanding. But the Hebrew are the clever ones for they recognized the similarity among the Albinos and scattered themselves throughout the earth in a last ditch attempt to rid their race of the Albino seed by “distilling” the Albino seed through racial intermarriage.

Now, the Albino Jewry in Israel are reattempting on creating the “pure” Jew or “action maker” by finding each DNA strand in others and bringing them back together. Genetic engineering will then continue to be done until all the double to triple-coiled strands are all cauterized and replaced bringing back the strength of the Helliot race to the fore.

The Helliot were and are the Hellions in all formation and have absolutely nothing to do with Greece nor the Camelot people. Good Day and Good Night and Good Evening.

Continued in Part Twenty-Two

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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