“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: Separating The Wheat From The Chaff (Mini-Series Part 23)

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Is the separation of the wheat from the chaff all that religion claims or is the claim referring entirely to another “event?” – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction To The Most Severely Misunderstood “Chasm” Of Them All – Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

To our wise and unduped ones do we not refer but rather to all those unsuspecting ones whose main feat has been to uncover the reality of their own existence, do we speak. The philosophy of just how the wheat is divided from the chaff is extreme and in its “extremities” do the philosophies of the Christian religions in all of its many forms fail to yet uncover the reality of what that phrase actually does refers of itself to.

Here in this Mini-Series: The Seeding Part 23, do we “begin” to unlock the understanding of this event and how we actually will see our way, hopefully with no one left out, into a reclaiming of the paradise which this world was once for all.Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff (Part A)

Separating the Hellions from the nations is not at all as it seems. Nor as simplified nor dynamic as your religious institutions dramatize in their overtly rhetoric concerning hell and damnation and heaven and paradise. They are speaking of their own fears of which we can alleviate as well and of this will we show each one…how.

No one shall be left out but the decision will be yours to make, Albino Jews, and the Jewry heads of the League of Nations.

In order for the dynamics of war to be completely ceased
and in as short an event as possible, we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds first opt to offer up a solution. Once that solution has been thrown out in its full significance of itinerary by those who wish war upon war to continue by the variance toward their own greed and selfish pocketbooks, they will be quickly escorted to the other side of the carpet.

Let us begin now to explain to the world at large just why the process of separating the wheat from the chaff is just not as easy as one might imagine.

Separating the Wheat From The Chaff (Part B)

In separating the wheat from the chaff we are speaking of the good and positive, moral and upright DNA vs the DNA Hellion genes which serve only as detriment to the soul of each infected individual.

You can’t have darkness mixed with light in the soul structurethey claim.

We of the Federated body of the most high in ethics and countenance within each Federated Body as once performed at the first seeding, tell each one of you, you most certainly can.

And in fact, that is most certainly what has happened.

The darkness comes directly from the other side of the rip in the fabric of space. Where the seeds of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary worlds were contented, happy, joyous and adventurous, the anger, hatemongering, greed, selfishness and contemptuous attitude came directly from helix-in-genes of the Hellions who travelled through the rip in the fabric of space in search of new lands to vacillate whatever and whomever they could find to be their willing or unwilling conquered.

Because the Hellions have inter-breeded long yet not so long ago with the men and women of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, the seed and ovum of the good people have taken strange twists. Many deformities have also ensued along with the laboratory concocted serums of virus after virus mixed in with the healing serum of the disease of the day, year and month.

This is why Humankind at this level in their evolution find themselves often at war within themselves. It is because of the “twix” positive and negative DNA of two opposing forces.

So separating the positive DNA from the negative DNA is not just as simple as one might think.

There is not one disease or “optimum” as they call it in the high circles which do not have a serum available BEFORE the disease is put out to the peoples in formats of some of the most deadly plagues and diseases ever witnessed by the HUman population of this earth. This, the powers-that-be, the Hellions or Jewry who are not a race, call “quantum posture of the masses.” In other words, it was an early name for “population disinformation and quality control.”

And within these deadly serums to vacillate the disease even further were the disinformation-active cellular structures which broke the memory vacillates so thoroughly that the people long ago began losing whatever little was left of their remembrance of their early history.

Generations ago in fact the Hellions began this latest little “trick,” and many of you, because you simply cannot remember any of your early history before your latest incarnations, have little to no recollection as to why so many of you face deficiencies in bodily attire or of the soul. Please remember that the soul itself is as solid as your physical body or casing except it operates at a higher and quicker vibrational frequency.

If you think all this is new we can tell you that it is not.

The Article Of Faith Series Of Five Books Plus One

In fact, this began as an “Article of (their) Faith” to the One Eyed GO-D being their “gold machine,” and when the first five books came out under that name, they shuddered and ran straight for us in a most unpleasant way.

We have known for millennia
that the day would surely come upon the Federation of Unified and Free Worlds that the act of posturing before false gods would be their undoing. The false gods spoken of in your institutes of religious theology are gold, silver, iron, and lead. But these are simply tokens of academics which are used for the working of steel mills, electrical devices and good quality pensils. (Spelling of pensils is not an error. Thank you. - Uthrania)

In order to set a foundation back in its rightful place one must always remember
that while we are not in the least gravitating toward wars and their continuous war fronts, the mass of population must know that which is their world now in order to walk the first road forward, then all will be laid out for a good ending to a good beginning under the rightful conduct of the first seeding plan of the ONE FEDERATION OF UNIFIED AND FREE PLANETARY WORLDS.

Ye ones have been severely lied to and many of the ones whom have lied to you since the ages past have now because of their own “tainted” which means “adjusted” DNA-Helix complex, have reincarnated just as the seeds of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds have without complete remembrance of their past existence since the onset or their first seeding upon this planet we have long ago and yet not so long ago star mapped as “Angorius.”

This was how the Hellions became ensnared into their own web of deceit upon the HUman races of this once new earth.

Continued in Part Twenty-Four

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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Rania, Jamie & Reni, excellent writing as always. I loved the way you presented this non-fiction article. You are all amazing and wonderful to share your knowledge with the people of Angorius. I find your words most enlightening. I like to read your articles early in the morning when the house is quiet. This is such a learning experience for me. I wish each of you peace, love and security. Smiles to you today and always.

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Well, you are more than welcome from us all, Nancy Czerwinski, our "very good friend."

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