“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: The Vaticans And Their Offspring (Mini-Series Part 20)

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A deep short look into the Vatican and Who ARE The Vaticans? And Jewels found in the most “unlikely” of places. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into The Vaults Of The Vaticans And Their “Strange” Jewelry

To our readers and busy ones of the Vatican, today the history put before you all is one most of you already know. However, Pope Francis heavily recognizes the atrocities of the Vatican Vaults and Vatican Banking power over the Papacy as well as the people the Papacy is elected to serve.

Among this history is my scribing of a quote I had picked up out of the thin blue air,
as they say, and this quote is from a gentleman of less than average intelligence, or attention, you might agree, but just wait until you hear what he has to say before you all determine your own level of astuteness to be that of the greater…A Wise man once spoke– Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

We Begin With The First Banking Entry: Into The Vaults Of The Vaticans Do “They” Go

The Vaticans run a billion dollar industry with vaults extending well beneath the crypt of the towers of Rome and stretching nationwise, country wide and globally. Their financial district is so far and wide that the Vaticans run their own bank separately from the IMF and World Financier Center. That way the "tie-in" is not evident nor traceable.

The banking vaults of the Vaticans were established first
and therefore Vatican City is the first participant in the banking center conglomerate. The City of London banking establishment which also is a city within a city is run and operated by Jewry. The Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. is run by Jewry. Now, there is a fourth but…

The Vatican is so wealthy because they bank the peoples’ own gold, jewelry, and alms.

The Federal Internal Revenue of the United States as named by the Federal Reserve, also reserves the right to impound the HUmans’ gold
and impound them if they try as they did being the 99 percent in New York, in withdrawing their money from one of the largest banking conglomerates.

In earlier days the peoples were given "bonds" for their priceless gold. Bond-age. "Give us your gold, and you are in bond-age to us!" the bankers, the Hellions yell!

One day the gold will be thrown in the streets along with jewels
and the gold will be melted by the people

and their homes will be adorned, but never again will the golden calf stand and grow into a cow with a thousand teats to drain the milk of the land which is the peoples revenue from planting crops and other displays of their talents.

The cow became many cows and they furnished every street corner
and became a conglomerate

and the day passed
and when it did the people rose up and shouted down the bankers

and in the vaults of no return
did the doors pop open to shelter no longer the bones of the dead

and the rubies and diamonds were but a speck any longer in the staff of the money system.

Blood Sacrifice Pays BIG!

Along with this money system came another tool of Hellion bondage: The Hellions also handed the people a “time schedule” which they, the Hellions, would also control.

This “time” schedule was simply a further manipulation of the people in order to waste their events or “time” by further dragging them away from the principle of the Federated Great Project of why they were seeded upon the once new earth, Angorius, in the first place.

There is a season for all things, a day’s planning toward the corporate powers and big banking conglomerates. There is a season for war, for gains toward the establishment of earthly money monopoly, and their terms of payment IS DEATH!

But there would be no “season” or “time” rather for themselves for the lacing upon the dwarfed nations would eventually come apart and the “time” otherwise known as the “event or season” was written to confuse the people even further.

And to make them think that portion of text in the bible was wonderful and holy, the manifestors of the Hellion doctrine rewrote and left out “Leviticus” and the ten wonderful virgin ladies which also became corrupted so that the ones today who call themselves Muslim would be laughed at and mocked by the rest of the world.

Lamps of fuel were the oil and gas and had no reference otherwise to anything else. Mother nature would supply the energy for the world to freely share with one another as each contributor upon this planet would share of their talents of caretaking the earthen natural resources, excluding animals, with one another as helpmeets and not helpmeats.

The seed people in all of this were to have no option left to themselves but to serve the obstinate and unpredictable table of the Hellions and their twin children, money and religion.


The author of the story of Moses and the golden calf, his grounding down the gold, mixing it with water, apparently was not aware that even in its ground state mixed with water, gold will not float but rather sink to the bottom of the glass. So unless the people were to get themselves each a spoon with a flat bottom, they would not be drinking the gold liquid before it solidified leaving them bunged up and with indigestion.

I Overheard A Man: On The Sacrifice of Communion Upon The Hellions’ Table

7:57 am Saturday, 2015 Mountain Standard Time

“…well we got nutin’ over on the pigmies, Joe. Nancy, Beth, and I, got to takin’ drinkin’ with the dead. Just another “cult” that is all. Drinking the symbolism of blood I thought wasn’t so bad but when you think about it, with blood sausage and all’ well it sorta gets you when you realize that you are doin’ the same darn thing that Mary Stuart Queen of the England Scots did in her festering for catholic war and the prodistants, them too, just wantin’ the blood to flow over the feast of warin’ their own kin, and the flesh and blood… blood soaked the soldiers, man and woman alike in the twentieth century too with all that forced catholic jewish and prodistant garbage waring and to me, Sam, everythin’, every war is based on some kind of a hoax and is just run by a bunch of thugs because, Joe and Sam, my good buddies, I, Clark, just don’t know, rightly, if the sacrificial stance on that blood soaked field is not to the devil and his angels after all.

Whether it be killin of the muslim arab people, the jewish Hebrews people, or some other religious bigotty…I don’t know. Templers, they had it too in for the blood and flesh ritual, Sam, but all in all in the end, the devil will win ‘cause it is only, in my mind, the devil who loves the blood and flesh sacrifice on his altar…(pause) of man, of every man, woman and child he can get his hands on ‘cause, Sam, Joe, those be the very ones instrumental in overseeing their own death in the eyes of their very own families and other friends. Good night Joe, Sam (he nods his head) I gots to go now. In the morning then.” (As Joe nods and sucks on his partly lit pipe and Sam takes his fourth drag of his partially lit cigarette giving a partial nod to Clark, Clark looks at the ground and scruffs his feet leaving his dusty old shoe with gallops of dust all over the top, the side and the toe as he saunters off)
. – Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez 10:10 am 10/17/2015

Note: Scribed as heard. No spelling errors. As I record the words telepathically as spoken in accurate detail. In these type of scribings, I also take from the sub-conscious of the speaker or speakers and “see” what they are thinking and inwardly looking at in the formation of “words” and whether some or all are capitalized or not and how they see their own words spelled. This then I simultaneously write down. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Continued in Part Twenty-One

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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