“Non-Fiction” The Seeding: There Can Be No Dilution Of Soul (Mini-Series Part Twenty-Five)

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There is much consternation as to whose race is of the pure strain. In this Mini-Series of the “Non-Fiction” The Seeding, this issue and “much more” will be placed before the public – globally. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into The Source Of Your DNA Transfusion

To all readers of your once understood universal history let us proceed in concert and with reason and precious understanding. Salu we greet you all.

One cannot please all people at the same time so one must not try. We are "not" here to condemn but to “correct,” for condemnation without the source of both understanding the root cause of the history of the Seeding will always leave the people in constant error. And where there lies error, contention and hatred will arise and misinformation will take its goal and occupy the front seat of the world podium at HUmanities’ worst hour, and mishaps to global catastrophe in piecemeal will be a constant wherever one goes. However, once the veil is laid open, guided misconceptions by the voice and hand of those who have so lied and deceived the each of ye all will see anger replaced by understanding, and reason will quench the flames of war quicker than a batch of coffee can be made. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


We tell you again, we are here to "assist" each one in becoming the best one can be.

Maturity is an evolutionary state but it is also on the evolutionary scale.

Using people one dislikes for punching bags without first understanding "that soul" and the prerequisites to their hour, only succeeds in further brandishing that hot iron of inflaming wars rather than taking a new approach which has long succeeded upon other worlds in critical mess and bloodshed, horror and tribulation, with much success.

It is not enough to love only those whom it is easy to love or who take one's own "viewpoint" to heart. The real test of a leader or of a champion and "definitely" of an "enlightened holy man, woman, or child" is to love with your soul those who seem at certain points in the hour during their tenure in this world, to be the most unlovable.

This is where true character is formed, not out of "trying" but because one has actually earned that right to love the unlovable by understanding that each of us when at our worst hour, reign among the unlovable to someone somewhere.

Where two souls combine in union a "sacred" joining has occurred. This union is the joining back of two souls into one.

The physical is only temporary in each lifestream and when two souls who had begun as the first "atom/molecular" cell come back together that joining will be permanent throughout eternity should they both desire it. However, when two different cellular atomic/molecular people join together, that joining may be too late in finding incompatibility and therein the experience is not for that hour and steps must therein be taken to reverse that decision in order that the pair unmatched with their initial universal atomic/molecular half be allowed to continue with a new experience.

The reason for life is joy and where there is no joy there is no enthusiasm of life.

No man, woman, nor child should ever dictate that the experience of the joining or union of a man and woman should not be absolved. This is due to man-made dictates of church doctrine or other religious establishment doctrine as set up by those who know no joy only misery and give no freedom only bondage, who knew only hate.

The soul "knows" that no colour, no creed, no religion is able to define his or her existence simply because each soul in its diverse travels through the centuries has experienced many lifestreams where the "soul" learned through these many experiences what it is like to live an incarnation as a black man or woman, as a white man or woman, as a brown man or woman, or as any other "racial colour" and with this understanding one is "expected" to mature.

But what is maturity without “experience” and a love for universal reality if “first” one cannot gauge the fires of war, conflict and hatred, by understanding the reason “why” certain events happen?

And how can “understanding” itself take precedence before the veil is torn aside for a distant viewing of the initial stages of the first seeding and its continued history in light of all world “jewry” which is a verb complex and not a noun, distinctly marking the “event of the takers of freedom and makers of trouble” of a constant nature for the entire HUman race.


The principle of segregating the people from one another has long been a lost cause as when the seeding first began upon this once new earth we starmapped as being “Angorius,” the segregation of the races was not to ever take on a permanent face, but in fact, it was that the “pure” DNA – Helix compound from each race or pronounced peoples were to initially remain intact “until” the event occurred whereby each colony of dispersed peoples had first “learned” the “good” customs of one another and not the bad customs which developed over the hour when tyranny began to erase and replace the “good” with the “very negative” customs of those who traversed through the accidental rip in the fabric of space.

The different parts of the ONE BODY WHICH IS THE HUman race as existing as a WHOLE or a ONE PEOPLE or ONE HUMANITY no matter the diverseness in appearance, needed first to absolve themselves of any tendency toward abhorrence of the other, which of course did not exist in the initial stages of the planting of the various seeds by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds as a whole being not one divisible in labour, in contentment, and each within the solitary realization that they did not exist as being “alone” in their efforts to bring together the gathering in the experimental stages of the intergalactic project being initiated by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, under one protective and well sealed umbrella.

Once they had learned to work together, sharing projects within their own colonies and then with other colonies or races, some of which were coloured races, non-coloured white races, and so on, for the colour itself lies dormant after a space within the incarnational evacuation period at the point of which many erroneously call “death,” which we term as bodily evacuation of the casing provided for that last particular incarnation, the Federation would have moved them forward a notch engaging them in state two in living within each others’ colonies.

When the races were well able to integrate both their Talents in sharing important technology, among other disciplines, and the development of a good governance within their diverse colonies and societies, then the third state would be promoted and that would be the joining of the ethnic races across the globe in what many of you term as “interracial marriages.”

This would have eventually, once they had proven the various seeds were able to accept and integrate fully within each other’s culture which at the hour was of a positive action, be seen that a major intergalactic achievement could be possible, and when possible then be presented first galactically then intergalactically-wide bringing HUmanity in all its colours, races, mindsets, governance, cultures, and so on, ever so much closer to the ONENESS of Mind than ever before.

This would have been our greatest achievement yet had our posterity of the different species not been interfered with on a level which they were unable to handle when the Hellions with their outmoded generics of contemptuous behavior enlisting the species through utter and total deception integrated them instead into a system of monetary bondage and religious “persuasion” needed to keep them all in tow.

So what we are tackling in the twenty-first century AD, are not the people who travelled through the rip in the fabric of space generated by the Federation of Unified and Free Planets themselves due to an accidental maneuvering of our geologist-scientific-technological people, but rather the mind-set as well as actions of an outmoded dual World Banking Religious Order.

This Hellion system is the long spoken-of New World Order which so many of your “bible scholars” are trying to convince the peoples around them, that it is a system yet to transpire when the “anti-christ sets up his kingdom.”

Yet the Order of those who traversed through the rip in the fabric of space had millennia ago set up their outmoded World Banking Religious Order or System entrapping the “HOLY = moral and ethical enlightened or christed ones who are known as the Christos” in some circles.

The ones against the moral and ethical combination of the “Christos” as it came to be called was the “anti-Christos” Order or system.

This “anti-Christos” system
which has lasted for millennia need now be retired and replaced with the Original Talent and Purchase Order System in order to get us all back on track.


With not one left out. Like it or not, you, the people of the first seeding now have “new relatives” and those relatives cannot any longer be distinguished from yourselves, each one, because the Hellions who traversed through the accidental rip in the curtain or fabric of space have already “tainted” or “mixed” their DNA-Helix contours of genealogy with each colony, each nation, save that of the few who have retained their pure strain and believe you me, none of you would wish to proclaim those few are YOU.

The “SOUL,” people, CANNOT BE DILUTED because as each succeeding lifestream occurs a new genealogy is often the new experience.

The “soul” then “adds” to the experience of experiencing life in another incarnation, as one who is birthed, Chinese, or Caucasian, or Filipino of which many peoples’ DNA includes Spanish, Mayan, Japanese, Aztec, and Chinese.

So the Filipino people of whom are the same people of Hawaii, are far ahead of the game as they already are affiliated with many other cultures around them including the Caucasian race and for the most part have “retained” their joy of life even through such diverse calamities and poverty, because they have managed even through so many invasions and occupations, to make “peace” within themselves as a people and as a nation, in accepting other’s DNA-Helix in the heat of past battles, therein cultivating for themselves a multi-hybrid race and loving each part of who they are.

Because the Hellion DNA
is now so well “mixed” among ALL of the immutable races of the world it is vitally “important” to now include each one of those who traversed through the hole in the rip in the fabric of space as they are now just as much a viable part of the entire HUman BODY as those who initially were seeded upon this world by the Holy, meaning once completely moral and ethical in both their mind-set as well as actions parents of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.

And the “jewry” which is a “verb" and not a noun and meaning an “action-taken” outmoded banking and religious-matching system be retired and replaced with the Original Talent and Purchase Order System in order to get us all back on track.

In actuality, we now have a brand-new race of ONE PEOPLE throughout the global community and this hybrid race made up of many racial DNA are ONE TO BE CELEBRATED because once the peoples again embrace the Original system of all paradisaical planetary earth worlds, as many but not all are known throughout the tenure of the building of the universes, we will have orchestrated the finest reproduction of the finest DNA in each HUman species working in cooperating and consignment with one another as true beautiful seeds which finally flourished and grew throughout the overall dynamics of being one creation before the hour passed into pure daylight.


There will never be an exhumation of the entire world scene of travelers from other planetary worlds which were planted long ago by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds because the Hellions who traveled through a rip in the curtain or the fabric of space have “joined” their DNA worldwide, save for a few, and for this reason alone will the global button for complete extinction of the races never occur.

Continued in Part 26

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds

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