10 Do’s and Dont’s to be Followed at the Workplace

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Now that you’ve landed the perfect job, keeping it intact should be your next goal. Work place mannerisms as well as following a certain decorum is mandatory to be recognized as a professional. The ethical code you follow and the manners you display at work may go a long way in making or breaking your career.

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There are some definite though many times, unspoken rules in an organization that ascertains the kind of impression you give your superiors as well as colleagues. If you are new to the professional world and didn’t know or maybe you just never paid attention, here is your chance to correct your mistakes. Here’s our list of 10 Do’s and Dont’s to be followed at the workplace to progress in your career:

Politeness- This should be an unsaid rule that all of us should follow as humans but then, we feel the need to reiterate the importance of being polite at your workplace. Being polite is not only considered important as part of your growth as a professional but also needed for a better work environment.

Gossip- It is considered extremely unprofessional to indulge in any kind of rumor mongering or gossiping regarding one’s colleagues. This also applies when spreading rumors about the company.

Punctuality- Another prerequisite for a successful professional presence is to be punctual and try to be regular at work. This kind of positive behavior speaks volumes about your character.

No Fundraising- Whatever the cause might be, fundraising in the office premises is considered unacceptable. Yes, that means you should not think it appropriate to sell your child’s raffle tickets or sell candy for a local committee.

Cleanliness- This is one of the most basic virtues an employee should possess. Keep your work area clean and ensure that it as clutter-free as possible.

Don’t Blog on the Clock- Make sure unless your job calls for it, there should be a restraint exercised on the amount of social media postings as well as other activities that cannot be clocked.

If you still choose to do it, make sure you stay off the company system.

Respect for Personal Space/ Property- Always ensure you have respect for the personal space of a colleague as well as exercise the basic concept of asking for permission before touching any of their belongings.

No Loud conversation- Another big no no and a vital rule out of the 10 do’s and dont’s to be followed at the workplace is never to have loud conversations over the phone while inside the office. Always take your phone calls outside and certainly never have a loud argument within the building.

Don’t Offend- Either through content spread or conversations, or even strong statements, do not offend anyone. It not only reflects badly on you but also ends up making the work atmosphere bitter.

Never be the one to judge or offend.

Tactful- Regarding your conversations, the way you handle colleagues as well as in how you work, always display tact. Do not be quick to judge or have yourself portrayed aggressively.

Follow these rules and you can ensure Jobs in Delhi , Mumbai, Bangalore and so on for successes as well as a sustained growth professionally.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
30th Sep 2015 (#)

No doubt these are great pointers to follow in the workplace, good post!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Oct 2015 (#)

Many seem blissfully unaware of these basics in the way they strut about. Good tips, thanks - siva

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