10 reasons why I am not a republican

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I lean heavily towards Democrats, but I occasionally vote republican when I think that they have the better candidate. However; Republicans have moved to be an unpalatable party for my tastes. There are some barriers that have kept me from voting republican over the past few years. Below are some of my top barriers.

Lack of civility

This is the number one reason from gravitating to the Republicans. I am fine when republicans have positions that oppose President Obama. But when they start calling him a socialist, communist, imperialist, etc. it really bothers me. Some Republicans are good at being critical without the labeling and name calling (For example, John McCain actually corrected someone at a town hall years ago when they were calling Obama all kinds of names, and I have more respect for him as a result.)

New solutions are needed

As mentioned before, I like it when a Republican creates a solution to a problem that does not cost much money. I have yet to see any new real solutions from republicans lately. They keep going towards the same solutions that they have been using for years. Cut spending in government, and reduce taxes. These are good counter balances to have when spending and taxes are obnoxiously high, but this is not currently the case. Tax cuts and reduced spending don’t fix a crumbling infrastructure. It is also not the solution to every problem. In fact, at times cutting taxes causes more problems than it solves.

Too much focus on social conservatism

I am more closely aligned with Democratic and Libertarian views when it comes to social issues. Republicans in my view are too restrictive when it comes to social issues. Abortion, contraception, gay rights, voting rights, to name a few.

Demonization of the poor

Republicans are eager to use the poor as scapegoats for society’s ills. I was also angry when republicans voted not to extend unemployment benefits at a time when jobs were far more scarce. It was unnecessary and cruel. It is one thing to promote self-sufficiency. It is quite another to blame a poor person for the country’s problems.

Denial of climate change

Denial of climate change: Whether you think that climate change is manmade or natural is really irrelevant. I am interested in the party that will do everything in their power to minimize any impact that we may have, and provide solutions for what is clearly a change in weather patterns around the world. The Republican party is in complete denial on this issue, which is baffling to me. I would think that they would be interested in maintaining the status quo as the weather patterns are changing.


I wonder how much Republicans stand for their positions when they clearly contradict each other at many times. For example, they claim to be pro-life because of the sanctity of life, and then they defend the death penalty. They claim to be against intrusive big government, and then repeatedly get involved with laws regarding what people do privately in their homes.


Many Republicans are eager to go to war, particularly in Arab countries, to be “tough on Islamic extremism” with no mention of reducing involvement in military power across the globe (with the exception of Rand Paul). I have no doubt that if we have a Republican president, we will go to war in Iran and Syria (probably at the same time). This needs to stop.

Voting Rights

Republican legislatures and Governors have been quick to enact restrictions on voting as much as possible for the general public. This has included tactics such as requirement of photo ID, reducing voting machines, reducing or eliminating early voting, and last minute questionable purging of voting rolls. For me, the most blatant offenses have been in the states that ban student ID’s as a valid ID but allow concealed gun licenses as valid ID.

Lack of compromise

President Obama offered compromise in his first term, but was having none of it for his second term. Most of the past 6 years have been filled with partisanship. However; I will say that with the new Senate, there have been at least moderate efforts to work together on issues such as trade. Hopefully these efforts will continue.

Obsession with dead issues

From the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to the Keystone Pipeline, to Benghazi, Republicans love harping on very old issues that have been declared dead by the general public.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

I am not a republican either, but cannot say democrats are perfect. I would rather we had another choice, some group more sensible on most issues and not extreme on any. Overall I do feel that republicans are more self serving and elite and do more harm overall.

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author avatar Escape from Normal
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

Thank you Mark Gordon Brown. I agree that Democrats are not perfect either, and it would be preferable to have a viable third party choice like we had in 1992. I particularly don't like Democrats that think problems can be solved only by money, and not by making actual changes in the process.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

We need leaders who can really lead, solve the issues that have proved intractable for ages.

They should not be beholden to special interest groups and should lead by example. Finally they have to be honest and not manipulative - siva

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