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I get more questions about HOW or IF Wikinut works and whether is is worthwhile to pursue for aspiring writers. So the articles on that subject will continue. Decide for yourself.

Day 82, Give or Take

On Wikinut, I have found an outlet for all kinds of writing. I have posted prose, poetry, reviews and how-tos, I haven't yet made my first dollar -- since that's what most of my commenters and fans seem interested in -- I think I'm just over 70 cents (American).

Aside from stats, where the numbers relate directly links to earnings, nutpoints are another way of "keeping score" on Wikinut. Nutpoints track several things, but the most important, In my opinion, are the comments from other Wikinuts on articles I write.

1500 Nutpoints -- Where Did They All Come From?

As fellow Wikinuts know, nutpoints are most often earned from publishing articles, gaining followers, and having people comment on articles.

In my first 20 days, I reached 1000 nutpoints. I was writing an average of an article a day, and as a new kid on the block, I was getting tons of comments. (OK, not literally tons, but enough for 1000 nutpoints).

Everyone I brought to Wikinut (friends you invite gain you a whopping 50 nutpoints each, and then you get 10% of their earnings) joined in that first month, which added to my total. But still, less than 100 of my nutpoints came from referrals.

I have been conducting a little experiment of late. Since the same two points are gained whether I write paragraphs of comments or a single word -- and my time is valuable, but so are my fellow Wikinut authors -- I have settled for very short comments unless I'm really motivated to respond more to what has been written.

The result of the experiment, which is unscientific at best, has been more followers but less comments. (I'm also writing less articles than when I started, which means less total points but more points per article. And given other constraints on my time, it seemed like the best option.)

Day 40

By day 40, I had written 40 articles and had earned 40 cents. Each published article earns 10 points, so a quick calculation means 400 of my nutpoints came simply from writing new material for this website.
If you want more details about this, go here.


More of my articles have earned stars than not. Starred articles appear to earn more views and more comments than non-starred.

However, it also appears that some days have either less new material or more viewers, which may make views an independent factor from stars. If anyone is interested in helping generate data on this, I would be interested in looking into it further. One set of statistics (mine) is hardly a representative sample,

(If you are interested in seeing some of my star pages, click on my name above. You will be taken to a list of all my articles. The "Starred" articles will all have the symbol used as this section's image in the corner of the thumbnail image.)

Adding It Up

So today, I have 50 followers*. Each follower is worth 5 nutpoints. 250 Nutpoints.
I have written many (this will be my 45th) articles. Each article is worth 10 points. 450 Nutpoints.
Eight of my friends joined. Each is worth 50 points. 400 Nutpoints.
So that's 400+450+250 = 1100 Nutpoints.

I knew I got a lot of points in the beginning, but I had to find another article to remind me of the initial Nutpoints I'd earned, since unlike stats, nutpoint explanations and details don't remain with your account.

• register with Wikinut - 25 nutpoints
• verify email address - 10 nutpoints
• upload author image - 10 nutpoints
• complete self-description - 10 nutpoints
• login (limit 1 per day) - 1 nutpoint
• pages published - 10 nutpoints
• "friend" joins Wikinut & confirms email - 50 nutpoints
• comment made - 2 nutpoints
• paid royalties - 10 nutpoints (haven't gotten this)
• 100 page views - 25 nutpoints (didn't see if I got this)
• 1,000 page views - 10 nutpoints (see above)
• Daily award for most viewed page - 10 nutpoints (pretty sure I haven't gotten this)
• moderate a page (moderator accounts only) - 2 nutpoints (I'm not a moderator)

So I got 55 Nutpoints when I joined and did the basic stuff. That make 1155. And I have logged in almost everyday, but I can't go back and see exactly. If I guessed low at 45, that makes 1200. 1500-1200=300.

*Author note -- I gained a follower while writing this piece, but 50 is a nicer, rounder number. Still, I am grateful for the extra person following me -- THANK YOU!

Please Don't Be A Troll -- You Know Who You Are!!

If 2 nutpoints are earned from each comment, and I have 300 comment-related nutpoints, quick math says 150 comments. If comments are only 150, but page views are over 10,000, then I hypothesize that there are a lot of cyber-stalkers in Wikiworld. Added to the knowledge that some fellow Wikinuts will actually engage in conversation on your page and write multiple comments, the number of non-commenting trollers goes up. A lot.

Please don't be a troll.

If a title makes you click, leave a comment. Even if it is just one word. Even if it is just one letter. Don't you want the nutpoints returned? Don't you want to gain more followers? If people do not know you are clicking on their posts, they won't know to follow you back or to comment on your articles. And if you don't like what was written, the author has no way to know how to improve.

If you are reading this, YOU are the audience. Clap -- or don't clap. Laugh -- or don't laugh. But none can see your reaction unless you comment. So please do!!

(troll image: http://mrg.bz/dcVkbq)


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Points do not earn you extra money they are just a way to show how active a person is compared to others.
One benefit of making comments is that it can attract other Wikinut users to your articles, but really you will get the most views by sharing your articles on Facebook or Twitter.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks, Mark Gordon Brown, for the quick publish and the STAR!!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Great guide Phyl for a newbie - why, an oldie too! I am happy if I get 100 nut points per post. I get joy when commenting on others' posts but to write my own requires real effort despite not giving video link.

I do not know whether anyone can make a living through online writing but other perks make up for it. I am sharing my views and happy to elicit response. Online writing is addictive and one should be realistic that we cannot make much. I got GBP 2.52 when I crossed 6000 nut points and it took a year! Since it is of my own volition I do not complain. I was active at Yahoo Voices but being non US resident I was not paid though the payment was almost $2.00 per 1000 page views and I had nearly 50,000 over a year. But life goes on and I get a spring in my walk when I log in here everyday few times - siva

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Phyl it took me a while to get paid for the first time (somewhere near two years actually) but in the last year I have received several payments so I would have to say that keeping with it is vitally important - I find now that more than 75% of my pages are read one or more times a day and that has a long lasing affect to build income.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks, gentlemen all! It's good to see and know, for all the newbies who ask -- most of whom are asking on my FB page when I share articles. It's nice that they don't just have my word for it.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Aug 2013 (#)

interesting again Phyl...thank you

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
18th Aug 2013 (#)

No, thank you Carolina! You are my chief commented!

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author avatar Connie McKinney
18th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks, Phyl, for shedding more light on the nut point process. I agree with you on the commenting but I myself am sometimes guilty of reading without commenting. So I will remedy that problem, comment away and try to help my fellow Wikinutters any way I can. Keep up the great work, Phyl. I always enjoy your articles.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
18th Aug 2013 (#)

Very good info, thanks Phyl...

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
19th Aug 2013 (#)

Connie and Delicia -- thanks! You are two more that almost always comment. I will even admit that some newbies are creating as many as 10 articles in a day, and unless the title interests me, I will not click on the page. I know it's OK to recycle articles from Bubblews and other sites, but the same people posting so many articles in a day just clogs my inbox. I (selfishly) don't want to reward them for it...

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author avatar Retired
20th Aug 2013 (#)

i'm a newbie and thanks to your article,i bookmarked it when i get tired because there are no income, i will read your article again an again.

sorry if my English is bad .__.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
20th Aug 2013 (#)

Hi Sishirendan,
Your English is fine -- I understood you. Thank you for bookmarking my article. I am glad you find it helpful. Good luck here on Wikinut!

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author avatar simplyoj
25th Aug 2013 (#)

Hi Phyl, congrats for your star pages. I've been here in Wikinut for quite sometime now and I still enjoy the community here aside from being paid for the articles.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Hi Simplyoj,
Sorry I did not reply to your comment before. I'm glad you are enjoying the community -- it does make writing for this site worthwhile. Thanks for your interaction!

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