15th of August is Indian Independence Day? Really?

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Is India really independent. Why do we celebrate independence day. When we know the answer that it really isn't..

Independence day or simply a misinterpretation..

Today 15th August of 2012 we celebrate our 66th Independence Day. During this one day all or at least the majority of the Indian population become overly-patriotic. But even then with the patriotism in our heart for some of us, it’s just another holiday where you can maybe get your lazy ass off the bed and get on with the pending assignments, laundry (which due to prolonged abandonment have become more dirty than it was at the time of segregation) and chores that have been procrastinated for long. Now again, in that faction we have many sub-factions with their own reasons for not giving a hoot about the Independence Day.

The notion behind my ignorance towards such a great national event is solid, or so I think. I think the premise on which we celebrate this day in August is really preposterous and passé too. My observation is that we are still hungover from the time of our colonization. We need to move on there are things of greater importance that we are supposed to be worrying about.

Firstly, are we really independent? The answer for this question is very clear. We are in reality not independent. We are still under the subjugation of powerful and the rich. From the philosophical standpoint, how can we say that we are independent when our every move is influenced by societal laws or cultural norms or some conventions? And we say we are free?

Independence day.. A mirage..

When those selfless, inherently altruistic and not-at-all-publicity-hungry folks, gave their life to see India free of oppression, they did not have this type of deceptive and restricted freedom in mind. Or maybe they didn’t think it through? Even in the time of colonialism the rich and the powerful were unflustered as they enjoyed every luxury, it was the middle class and the dirt-poor who suffered. And in the risk of sounding redundant, I ask how is that any different from now? The country where poverty, hunger, diseases and bane of corruption is rife at every level. The country where the rich and the powerful continue to thrive as they pile up on their cornucopia of tinted wealth. At least the British tyrants had the courtesy to not pigeonhole anyone while enslaving, but the pigeonholing that exists in the neo-slavery. So, the struggle for independence has been ineffective to abolish slavery. Not because of the freedom fighters but because of the lack of such similar icons to follow-through. We proudly serenade the anthem, we update our status in Facebook saying “Happy Independence Day”. But what is it that makes us happy? The inflating economy, communal hatred, large scale corruption?? Forget that large-scale freedom. Most of us are still dependent on others. We can’t even think for ourselves. We are trapped by conventions. We restrict ourselves to try out new things. We need to venture out, protest, speak up and say, we are independent, we are free!!


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author avatar A K Rao
15th Aug 2012 (#)

Yes,we have corrupt people in the country andthe system also needs some changes! Things are not very good but then comparing many countries of the World we are much better in spite of all these factors! Now sine youth has realised theproblem and started raising their voice, we may look at better India tomorrow! Things will not change over night ! Be positive and have patience dear friend! Happy Independence Day! Thanks!

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author avatar John Kolyav
15th Aug 2012 (#)

It is true. India is yet to achieve independence. Superstitions, slavery, poverty, curruption and many other things bind us. A long, long way is ahead for freedom.Thanks for the timely article.

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author avatar Nitul anand
15th Aug 2012 (#)

nice presentation of emotions about the day ...
Thanks a lot for it...
please share emotions about my pages...CU

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