3 levels of complex life...

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There are 3 kinds of people... we bump into each kinds everyday ... some pretend and some don't ... life is ironical at times!

3 levels of complex life...

For those who have dumped others-Dare not try such stunts. It’s no more a cool thing. More than that stop patronizing yourself by pampering your ego and seeing your partner pine for you because by the time your partner finishes whining and crying and longing and craving there will be someone else by his/her side to wipe the tears. In today’s era the only way to handle infidelity is to counter attack it. So don’t cross the line until you are sure that you won’t be choked to death by seeing your darling with someone else. To worsen the fact, please do not dump all the blame on your sweetheart. Accept it. It was you who found someone better or slept with someone else or lacked courage to carry this relation forward. If you really want to play safe and shoo your partner away then get annoyingly over-possessive. Question him/her. Keep a track of his/her whereabouts. Restrict his/her contacts. Stop understanding and see the table turn around.
For those who got dumped-It was anyways not worth it. See the positive side, at least you have someone to blame and point fingers at. At least you can make someone feel guilty and suffocate him/her in the same guilt. Stop being in the denial mode and accept the nasty reality that either you’re ugly, not-his/her-kind or incapable of outreaching your partner’s expectations. The best way to make anyone repent is either silence or getting someone better and its not that difficult! For you can find many broken hearts everywhere. If you still want to get back at him/her then have a spine to stand for something you believe in. Stop punishing yourself because you are the one who’s right. If you had a warm, understanding and a beautiful relationship with your parents when you were a kid, get in touch with them and try to feel the way you used you feel when it was much safer and easier. Start socializing with single friends and dare not begin dating immediately until you’ve gotten past the sorrow. Start doing things that he/she forbade you to do once upon a time. Above all, believe. Believe that there’s a life beyond insecurities and regrets and see the world changing around you. Out with the old, in with the new.
For those who fit into both the above tabs-You are the kind who smirks sitting in one corner while your friends are letting their emotions out and give I’ve-been-through-all kind of vibes. You guys stand your ground and hate to be interrupted. You’ve got enough tact to resolve a viable conflict. It’s like you’ve dived into deep waters, touched the bottom and surface yourself just to breathe in fresh air. Going to the extremes, feeling the prick of guilt and running back to reality for re-assurance that I’m oblivious to heartaches and dejections. Stop persuading and encouraging yourself and be grounded. You’ve failed people and people have let you down so there is nothing to be proud of or lament about. You are living for those dreams that cannot be dwelled upon and those people who cannot be forgotten. You’re among the smarter lot since you’ve laughed and been laughed at. You’ve learnt a lesson and taught one too.
I believe Life is endowing and charitable at all levels. As we grow into the world of dreams we fail to diagnose the smaller joys. Re-adjust your lenses and look into the wider spectrum of emotions, creativity and the worth within you and if you still can’t try chaging the world you live in!


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author avatar Denise O
10th Dec 2010 (#)

well done!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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