4 (For) The Love of Gay

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4 (For) The Love of Gay articles cover four main different types of gay love that are very interesting in themselves. You

4 (For) The Love of Gay

We have seen many different types of love stories that have many stereotypical characters and some not so typical. Some are uncouth per se. When writing gay characters we should have fun with the types of relationships they have. Reality is the best fiction of them all. The hardest part about writing gay characters is making sure you are not being stereotypical, offensive, and abusive or for that matter insensitive.
4 (For) The Love of Gay articles cover four main different types of gay love that are very interesting in themselves. You might know someone in one of these situations. You might know of a friend of a friend that is in one of these relationships. Then you may also have read an article of famous people that made their fame in any of these love situations.

A Change of Heart

These characters should be written with care, love and above all respect. Here you will find the concept of 4 (For) the Love of Gay. The opportunities that people have to have a change of heart when it comes to love are sometimes so great that we have no control. You never know who you will fall in love with or for that matter what you would do for that person. Regardless of sex or gender, we do some crazy things.

Characters that have had a change of heart

Sex Change - Would you consider having a sex change? Meet Steve and he will tell you what he did For the Love of Gay.
Opposite Sex Relationship - Are you LGBT and have you considered going for the opposite sex? Meet Mikey and Carol.
My Wife's Lover - Maybe as a man you find your wife with another man, but you find him attractive. Meet Richard, his wife Kate, and Kate's lover Javier.
I Changed Religion for Love - You never want to mix religion in a conversation. However, would you change religion for someone you love? Meet Betty a devout Christian and Darlin a devout Mormon.


Write with care, love, and devotion. All these characters want to be loved regardless of what they are. We are all created equal and we should show that to the world. Nothing is male and female. It is all different. Stay away from judgment, which is not what these articles are written for. When you create, your stories with any of these characters write as you would any other character, with love and respect.


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Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Sep 2013 (#)

Very interesting piece Andres, Im not gay but straight. Still I do respect your community achievements throughout the years an your desire to open up in this forum, best regards

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