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Would you go for the opposite sex if you're gay or lesbian?
Tracey and Joey did and they are very happy together.

Are you LGBT and have you considered going for the opposite sex?

Within our community, there is a strong opposition and a great deal of identity issues. We are either gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender and many more or some of us prefer not to label ourselves in one of these categories. Each of should be respected in our definition of who we are as a human being. Some of us struggle in hiding; while others are so out there that, they can be seen from the moon. You know, like a Drama Queen. What matters the most is when you write beautiful characters that are unique and caring with respect and understanding. We are not the norm per se, writing gay characters is not as easy as people make it seem, we are straight, straight acting gay, effeminate, lesbian, lipstick lesbian, etc. you get the picture.

Strictly effeminate gay or lesbian

However, for those of us that are strictly gay or lesbian we would never consider going for the opposite sex. That is just unthought-of. However, consider this. Falling in love with the person and their personality and not necessarily for their natural gender is a wonderful thing. We fall in love with their persona.
Think about that. Are you an effeminate gay or a transsexual and fall in love with a butch lesbian or transsexual lesbian? This can happen, it has happen, and it will happen. The gender identity is strong, yet it is the opposite of what you think.

Meet Joey and Tracey

Joey a wonderful person, a transsexual. He is very comfortable dressing and acting as a woman. It is natural for him to be a woman and demands to treatment as one. Sometimes he unwillingly gets in trouble with straight men who do not know that he is a she. We have all dealt with that in one way or another. Works at the front desk at a doctor's office and is going to school to be a nurse.
Tracey a very strong and assertive butch lesbian who also is very sensitive and caring to the world. She dresses like a man and plays the part at work. A mechanic by trade and an artist by design. Women fall in love with him and are comfortable with him being a woman. Women are more comfortable about their own sexuality. Everyone takes a second look at her when they hear her name. The majority of the time everyone thinks she's a boy, treat her as such and accept her as such. In her home, she is the man of the house. Her sister's boyfriends are afraid of her.

Chance Meetings

Tracey needed to take her sister to the doctor's office and that is how he met Joey. They hit it off right away and started to hang out all the time. Within the year, they were inseparable; neither could hold a relationship without causing the other to be jealous. One dark and stormy night as they held each other in the dark goofing around, one thing led to the other and a beautiful relationship emerged.
As a couple walking down the street, nobody takes a second look or judge. Ultimately, they are two human beings that found each other and are very happy. They legally married and had kids. Mind you, I am saying ‘legally married’ because we still have the stigma that gays cannot marry and many states. Think about it. A man and a woman.

Gay or Straight?

Interesting question, the truth of the matter is that it does not matter at this point. Each one is in love with the opposite sex that resembles the same sex. Wrap your head around this one and create confusion with your writing. This is one of those stories that make you wonder if it really is important to classify ourselves as gay or straight or does that matter.


Remember LGBT characters are not just “beautiful creatures,” or “I have a friend who is gay” type of persons,” or “I don’t mind the Gays’. We write to bring in tolerance to an intolerable country. I hate being treated as the third sex and people treat us as if we are aliens from the depths of the earth (interesting concept). Write the characters with respect and as equals.


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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Your sexuality is a choice that you make and in the human race determined by the people you normally hang out with. I always tell this to people your as gay or lesbian as you want to be but the true secret of who and what you are lies within you and will come out to the surface to be defined in reality by the way you want to be.
Well, it did prove that neither Tracey nor Joey were gay but just decided to experience rather experiment on being gay.

The orientation of a person doesn't necessarily constitute a penetration but just a presumptuous judgement based on the look of a person.

I know I was tainted as being a lesbian although I was perfectly normal and my best friend was a normal guy whom many thought was gay only to find they lost him to death with many of them crying they want him back.

Goes to show you can be as normal as you want to be too as what determines gayness and lesbianism is the company you keep.

Now I have two cats both male and they love to cuddle and sleep on each other with paws and arms around each other, are they gay or just normal. I would say normal as they are brothers from the same little but have the protective bonding for each other.

Its all in your outlook and thinking. As they say to err is human to prove it is divine only then you get forgiveness and reprieve.

Gayism is not the use of the rectal passage for consummation but destruction of your body true and whole as that is an excretory device with no provision of elasticity to allow a penis within. While lesbianism is still funnier as everything is just shut and they have a resemblance of a penis to pretend procreate so are they really gay or lesbian??? Well not really.

Would love to see a male have a baby with a male without a female uterus using the rectum, never to happen as its not normal or biological but a whim of natures of two consenting men who end up in diapers and then in hospital to tighten their rectal passage.

As for the women, they cannot produce babies either and still need a male to make one. A dildo won't produce kids but will give a male pleasuring as it is essentially a penis.

Good luck in your orientation, whichever it is I have always been straight but am now asexual because I disliked the husband cheating on me and choose neither male or female and prefer being alone and just working with people and getting my job done with my personal life within privacy at all times.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Sep 2013 (#)

You are as Gay or Lesbian as you want to be.

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you Lady Aiyanna for your input in this matter. The great part of being human is to have an opinion. I appreciate yours and your point of view.

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