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Maybe as a man, you find your wife with another man, but you find him attractive. Meet Richard, his wife Kate, and Kate's lover Javier. A not so unique love affair. At the end, Kate’s all by herself.

Common Affairs

You always hear about the husband who has a threesome with his wife and another woman. They have sex with the other woman more often than not. Then one day, out of the blue, Bam she leaves him because she and the other women are now lovers and do not want a silly penis between them. Are they are now considered Lip Stick Lesbians? Maybe get away with being Bi? What does the man do? Find another woman, which he probably already has on the side?

Standard Affairs

A standard affair normally involves Kate, a woman who is unsatisfied with her husband Richard. He works hard, takes care of everything, and has no energy for sex. His mind focused on taking care of her and her extravagant needs. She takes it upon herself to have an affair with someone who does not have a job, Javier, and has all the time in the universe to fulfill her needs. Pun intended.

Standard Reaction

Richard finds out she is having an affair. What does he do? His pride takes over and he goes to confront Javier. In his mind, he is going to beat the guy into a pulp. Throw his body into the lake, or buries him or he might be more creative (movies make thousands with this scenario). He is going to defend is home, take his wife by hairs and drag her back home.

Non Standard Reaction

Richard meets Javier and suddenly he cannot go through with it. Something has happened to him and he is not sure what. Instead of beating him senseless he talks to him. Maybe reasoning with him would satisfy his needs. As their conversation ends, they meet up again. Drinks, dinners, strip joints, you get the idea they are bonding. They become best friends. By now, neither is sleeping with Kate. She has no clue that they have met. Each gives her excuses to go meet the other. I mean, they have something in common and it is not Kate.

A Love Affair

Somehow or for whatever reason Richard and Javier end up in bed. Maybe they were drunk. I highly doubt it. They are latent and did not know what to do. Are they now Straight Acting and Bi or simply Gay? (Why put labels on people. The whole point of this series is to blur those lines and take away the stigmas.) There love is transandent in the universe. A love so deep that it lasts forever and history will never be the same. What a way to come out of the closet. Needless to say, Kate ends up being the Matron of Honor.

Writing Gay Characters

Always remember that when you write gay characters that you do it with respect. After all, we are all human beings and we all deserve a little love (A lot of Love). Exaggerate your characters emotions to make a point of how they feel. If you have a character hate another one (Kate hates Richard and Javier), make sure that he/she can resolve that issue and hatred and turn it into love if not at least tolerant. We live in a society that is governed by ignorance and fear. Your writing should educate and hope that you make a difference in someone's life.


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Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Oct 2013 (#)

There r a miniscule guys who are gays
and similarly lesbians too ...why in merry hell
so much importance to them give you ...???
I only wonder what has one to do... how one discharges below the belt ...what's it to you..

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