4 cups of tea and a glass of wine

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I wanted to write a story or just something to practice my craft and keep writing then this happened writers block but then I started writing bout writing and well thats what you are about to read pleas enjoy feel free to comment. Peace and Love

4 cups of tea and a glass of wine

First cup of tea finished and not a word has appeared on the page. I spent the time putting on family air looms like my granddads watch and ring the ring had to be cut of his finger when he passed away.
Procrastination is not the right word, I did not choose seemingly meaningless tasks instead of writing the words just well they are not jumping on the page as usual.
I guess that’s the point of a true writer he writes despite the lack of inspiration it’s to channel whatever he has inside of him to make a story come to life.
I have realised that writing requires a lot of staring in to well whatever is there to stare in to usually in to the abyss of one’s soul or out a window or at your paper of nothingness.
Back to the air-looms. The watch of my granddad, I believe its battery is dead. It’s weird to use those terms as it’s basically the same what happened to my grand pappy, his heart stop ticking, his time ended and he is dead, some would say that is inappropriate, to compare to watch but it’s the same the watch battery dies and its time is done, the only difference is the watch can get a new battery and my granddad not a new heart.
The ring its gold with his names on same as mine. I do not want to get it fixed because well it feels like it has more of him in then when it’s filled.
That leads me to believe that the gaps people make in our life is what fills us.

Drinking my second cup of tea, and I am still not sure what combination of shuffled letter should I compose in what order to tell a story on this blank page.
The cup is empty yet no new words. A writer must have one of two things or both and having one, might just give birth to the other. A writer needs an imagination as wild as the universe to be able to create worlds and make his own Adams and Eves and let his creation take life. Or he needs to go on adventures or find the stories to interpret that might reawaken imagination an empty cup is not empty if you keep filling it with you.
So this is what I propose dear struggling writer, drink your wine, tea, coffee, water, whiskey breath and write go on adventures keep filling the cup but stay present so you can experience and feel never be afraid to feel. That is one of the sacrifices of a writer you force your feet in the shoes of your character or the person you are writing of you will have to feel each step even if that means you have to walk bare and open. Imagine keep seeing the unseen keep imagining what your mind can see is an extension of a possible truth.

Kettle boiling for cup 3.
Writing about writing feels like shovelling in the dirt to find roots to an unknown tree, following the roots to find the tree to see what fruit you bare.
As a writer you have a responsibility to your audience to keep them fed and not just fed but pleased
Satisfied happy astounded yet keeping them coming for more fresh fruit.
Writers we need to know what we writing for who we writing why we are writing.
That is sometimes easier said than done to find all that we have to go on a journey of self-discovering, and introspection will be hard on the soul.
As writers we have to learn to let go of possessing words and phrases because it all stems from a greater source. Our God our Creator our Composer the One who spoke us to life written our path and all we are doing is writing interpretations to His truth. And what we write fiction poetry must always bring Him glory, even if it does not bear His name doing your best is with the gifts you have been given is the best Glorification to the Giver of all.
We must allow our work to also take a life of its own be careful not to contain it as said before for its not ours so we sometimes start it and let it flow freely, we are sometimes just lights guiding it back home reminding it of its purpose as it grows in to maturity.

Here we are at cup 4 and what was intended to be a story has turned in to my philosophy about writing well not all of it I don’t think I have enough tea bags.
Looking at the bottom of cup four, I relies somewhere I will have to revisit these cups and edit probably one of the harder things to do as a writer is to keep reading what you yourself has written and improve on basics and even on how one can make your point more clear your poem more to its true form much like a man that removes clay to reveal a statue so a writer has to revisit his word over and over and over.
Sitting with a glass of wine to finish of the day, the taste on my tongue is a relief, the hope it inspires an end to my cups of tea or at least an end to the evening now.
My story I tried to tell on these pages, is a story of love, love for writing and no I did not write about beauty. These blank spaces are getting filled with dedications and hard work repetition and habit and focus and sacrifices and some tea bags, and a glass of wine.
Writing is like any true relationship. You have to love and nurture it, in the beginning it is easy everything works out, but then hard work is required to maintain it.
A relationship that needs to be affirmed everyday time needs to be spent, open communication, honestly its hard work to keep loving when you love so intensely and try to swim to its depths so fast. One cannot rush the depth of souls, they need to grow in to each other with the guidance of the Creator of all souls.

A finished glass of wine brings me to the end of whatever this is.
Writers I hope to inspire all this was some thoughts of writing to get me back in to the habit I missed so many cups but I hope if you have a passion for writing this inspires you I hope this reminds you of a lost lover of beauty of dreams and of your power between your fingers and empty pages your can give and take life, with the right combination of words kill demons revive the hopeless and live out your passion writer.
May words never leave you be blessed
Peace and Love
Yours truly empty pages.

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