5 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Love Tonight

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its as good as sex is done with the same sincerity that same feel its benefits

5 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Love Tonight

couples who are still working, too tired or bored tend to be the main reason for the reluctant sex. In fact, this activity has myriad benefits of healthy.
The following 5 reasons why you should invite the couple make love tonight:

1. Enhance immune : Try having sex regularly at least twice a week. Researchers at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, found that having sex once or twice a week can boost the immune system.

2. Crop risk of stroke : According to research from Queens University in Belfast, for the regular guy to fuck at least three times a week can reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. In addition, routine shag also lower the risk of prostate cancer in men.

3. reduce pain : Fuck to climax can help increase the production of endorphins into the system itself has a function tubuh.hormon one to relieve pain, including joint pain.Research also shows lovemaking routine can also reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps and helps regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.Endorphins are also related to other functions that help to improve the mood of gloom.

4. ageless : have intercourse several times a week, or at least on a regular basis can make a person look 4-7 years younger.Sex can help remove toxins through sweat through the pores of the skin. During lovemaking muscles throughout the body, including the face, will move with constant and ultimately can help prevent it from wrinkles.Sweating is one of the results of the increase in circulation in the body. Than through intercourse, there is only one other thing that also releases the hormone oxytocin is anti-aging, ie childbirth.

5. cure acne : Those who regularly have intercourse shown to have good quality sleep, which in turn will also be related to skin health."Acne occurs more frequently when someone stress or lack of sleep. When you increase the molecules of anti-inflammatory to have intercourse on a regular basis, it would also help treat acne".sexologist, says that by knowing some of these benefits does not mean then you only have intercourse just simply make your skin look younger. Still needed a sense of sincerity that each individual can feel the benefits in total. Nothing should be done every day, but enough to have sex more or less as much as two to three times a week.


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