5 Reasons Why I am a Wikinut Writer

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Find out the 5 reasons why I decided to be a Wikinut Write besides the availability of the different other alternatives sites on the internet.

My 5 reasons for my decision

Despite the different reviews about Wikinut, I made up a decision to start writing on the site after having spent almost a full year as a dormant member on the site but with a good number of referrals. It took me decades to decide on writing for Wikinut despite the availability of the different content writing sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, Infobarrel and others in adition to the different positive and negative reviews about how the site works.

When we talk of making money online, many people think that online is a get rich quick scheme and which is not the case as I see things. To earn online, one needs to be patient and more committed since that is the only way one can get to know the exact and besides, one mans meat is another mans poison you know.

For those who are wondering my reasons, below are they.

Reason One

Wikinut is use and Operating system friendly. When I joined here, I never thought that my computer - an old Compaq would do the work for me. That is why I waited for that time to get a new machine and which never came. But when I decided to write, I found things doing good. The site is simple and doesn't make a PC hang and nor lag.

Reason Two

There is no more waiting time. When you write on sites like Hubpages, it takes a bit long time to have the post approved and which isn't the case here. Once you post a post here, you are guaranteed of having it live shortly and even on weekends.

Reason Three

Earnings are good. While I haven't earned some good money, at least I have hope basing on the number of views I got on my post and how much I made on that post. I have to wait to see my next day stats and earnings an I will share more.

Reason Four

You write at your own convenient. This is true. You can log in to the site at any time, write that post and have it published. You need no tension on what will happen when you don't write.

Reason Five

Automated Payments - When reading the how it works on the site, I never saw anything like redeem or request payment just like it is for other sites. Earnings are automatically sent once you reach the minimum threshold but at a net basis basing on the net days.

What Else?

All I can say is that I love the site and will try as much as I can to be active and earn more. However, I need to know who ever received a payment here. If there is, please share in a comment and how it went.


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