5 'Right Now' Reasons Black History Month Should Exist

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If you believe Black History Month is a waste of time, think again. There are several 'right now' reasons that this event should exist.


Since its onset, the American public has debated over the need for Black History Month. For a while, I wondered too if something meant to put the spotlight on a minority group was a good idea. Recently, though, I had a change of heart. Over the past year, several events convinced me that Black History Month should still exist and be vigorously promoted throughout the 50 states.

Five Right Now Reasons for Black History Month

The Trayvon Martin Case
For those of you living under a rock, Trayvon Martin was a black youth shot to death while walking home. Many people thought he was a victim of racial profiling. I am one of them. What shocked me more than his untimely death was the not-guilty verdict given to his assailant. This decision made me see the prevailing gap in the U.S. justice system among blacks and whites.

The Re-Emergence of Black Face
Entertainer Julianne House shocked fans by stepping out on Halloween in black face. See pic. She was attempting to mimic a TV character called Crazy Eyes. Why she thought this act was appropriate baffled me. An apology came later, but by then her words came across as insincere.

Cheerios Commercial Controversy
Is love really color-blind? For some individuals, the answer is "yes". For others - folks who do not want to see an interracial couple featured in a TV ad for cereal - the answer is "no". See TV ad. The backlash that ensued after the makers of Cheerios ran a commercial starring an interracial couple showed the ongoing racial insensitivity of the masses.

Richie Incognito's Use of the 'N' Word
The media is portraying the story of NFL player Richie Incognito's threatening texts and voice mails toward a prior Miami Dolphin player as a case of harassment or bullying. Unfortunately, I believe it's also one of prejudice. While berating his ex-teammate, Incognito used the 'N' word liberally. Apparently, he has no shame in regards to this type of offensive language.

The Public's Defense of Paula Deen
After admitting to using the 'N' word in a deposition for a discrimination case, Paula Deen lost several of her sponsors. To me, this move by her financial supporters made sense. After all, in the workplace, discrimination as well as offensive language are grounds for firing. To my surprise, the general public felt differently. Deen's fans and people who barely followed her cried out in her defense. They believed she was being victimized by cowardly company reps afraid of being linked to an alleged racist. Her bad behavior was taken lightly by them.


In conclusion, the above are 5 'right now' reasons that Black History Month should remain in existence. They symbolize the lack of progress in America and why young people need to recognize the value of different races in this country.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Feb 2014 (#)

Native American history month (equally important) passed with out so much as a notice.

I will say though that in my life (I am from Michigan) I have encountered many people, black and white, that really do not know as much history as they think, for example they seem to think that the USA started the slave trade, but sadly it was in existence in Africa long before Americans exploited it. Still a horrific injustice, but not one that many people fully know the true history of.
I do not even know who Richie Incognito is! I have not seen the Cheerios commercial but my son is mixed race and is often harassed because of it.

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