5 Top Reasons Why You Should Do Things Alone

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It is commonplace to see men and women indulging in activities like dining out, watching movies or traveling in groups.

Reasons Why You Should Do Things Alone

It is commonplace to see men and women indulging in activities like dining out, watching movies or traveling in groups. These groups may comprise of family members, relatives, close friends and sometimes, colleagues. From the childhood, most people are taught to live and do things in the company of others. It is therefore somewhat uncommon to find grown up people leading a solitary lifestyle and doing things on their own.
However strange it seems to do things alone and perform activities without anyone’s participations, there are benefits to these! Below listed are the advantages you get when you learn to do things on your own-without relying on others. It is applicable for both genders, as it is.
• You can do what you enjoy the most- When you learn how to do things alone, you can do exactly those stuffs that you enjoy the most. For example, when you share an apartment with others and everyone does the cooking in turn, you may have to put up with dishes you will not like! However, when you start making your own meals- there is no hassles like that. You can follow the same method for activities like shopping, listening to the radio, watching movies and eating out as well.
• You can do things at your pace- Some of your friends and colleagues may be fast paced in life while you may be laid back. The opposite can also be true. When you go out in groups or socialize with people with drastically opposite nature, you will find yourself struggling to keep pace with them- whether it involves visiting a zoo or shopping. However, when you are single-you can do things in a relaxed manner.
• You can hone your creative side- Nearly every person has some interest in creative aspects of life. It could be painting, gardening or origami. Indulging in those creative activities becomes easier when you spend spare time on your own. Those who spend weekends and holidays with friends and others hardly find any time for exploring the creative sides. Indulging in creative acts also gives you happiness that cannot be obtained easily.
• You observe things better- When you are alone, you get more time to observe and face less distractions. As a result, your observation power goes up. You find newer nuances in a movie or observe people with a new found curiosity. It gives you better insight into every aspect of life. You also get plenty of time for observing people-which equips you with ideas to deal with various types of people.
• You feel good by accomplishing things alone- When you live with others, be it family or roommates- you need not perform certain task alone. However, when you spend most of the time single- it becomes compulsory to do things and chores. Initially, it may seem tedious or even a tad boring. However, over time, you will become a pro at doing chores and multitasking. It feels good when you accomplish everything while others fumble at managing things in life.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Dec 2015 (#)

I think it depends on our character. When we are fiercely independent it is the better way than burden others with our set ways - siva

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