5 Ways To Annoy An Employee At a Grocery Store

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Think you really know that employee you see every week at the grocery store? Chances are you really don't! Here is what you might be doing to aggravate them!

5 Ways To Annoy An Employee At a Grocery Store

As a produce employee, I find that there are many things customers do to annoy me that they don't seem to notice. Here are some of the greatest annoyances a customer could possibly do.

1. Buying something as we are putting it up- If we’re putting something up for display, it is rude for someone to just come in and try to get something over you. It shows that you don’t respect us as a person and think you are better than us. There are many other tables you could be at until we finish like apples, salads, or peaches? And when you stand behind us as if to wait for us to finish, go ahead and get what you want, but you probably wont get a greeting from us. I think it is common courtesy to let a employee finish what they are doing, the world doesn’t just revolve around you.

2. Complaints- People who walk up to us and say, “There are some fruit flies on the peaches,” can only bring one word to mind, care? We don’t need a smartalack coming in to tell us how to do our job, unless you’re a expert it is only pissing the employee off. That is like us going to your job and nitpicking for one little small detail that you could have overlooked. We will probably say, “Alright I’ll check on it,” just because we have to, but in reality, we probably wont check on it until a few hours later. Chances are if it is very noticeable, we are having a busy day and have more important things to care to.

3. Children- There is nothing wrong with them, but kids without any manners who trash our displays just makes us cringe inside. They aren’t all like this, but there’s always one bad apple in a batch, or one bad child in a day. Many kids will run around the store, asking there mommy’s for everything that they see and the parents will do nothing to calm the child down. We won’t say anything about it, unless they are throwing stuff around, but there is nothing we hate more than a untrained child.

4. Choosy Buyers- These are people who check price dates for the latest one, many often elderly people who will spend 10 minutes looking for the “freshest”, when actuality they are all the same. Many people believe that we will put anything out on the shelves if they will buy it, but that is not the case. Grocery stores have to take down items if they exceed their due date, it’s apart of the policy. If something looks bad, we will take it down, we don’t intentionally try to sell you crap items.

I have seen co-workers intentionally place the freshest salad bags in the front of the display, and people will still reach for the ones in the back because they think those are fresher. Then once they are gone, they would place them towards the back, so honestly what’s the difference if you cant even see it?

5. Pickers- They get this name because they like to eat the food before they buy it, this can consist of grapes, cherries, strawberries, and anything else that is edible to eat at that given time. I personally don’t have a problem with it, unlike some of my other co-workers, but when people spit the cherry seeds on the floor, we are the ones who have to pick that up. I have even seen customers pick up a banana and eat it right there, leaving the peel for us to clean up.

I wouldn’t eat them though, you don’t know where that food could have been, and I mean that. Sometimes we will pick up grapes that roll onto the floor, where hundreds of people walk on everyday, and put them back into the bag. Many of those little fruits actually find themselves on the floor, and they are more likely to be put on display than be thrown away. So the next time you want to pick some, think about the dirt and germs you are putting into your mouth.

I am not saying worship a produce worker, I just think a little courtesy to the people who are putting the food out for you to eat would be nice. Sometimes days can be long, especially on holidays when we get over 1000 customers, and if you are nice to us, we will sometimes bring you food from the backroom!


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author avatar Zum
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

Very well written, should be a mandatory manual for the daily shopper ;)

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author avatar smoothoperator
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

I appreciate every detail of what is written. I respect your sentiments. The next time around I will bear in mind all these points and behave well with a Grocery Store Employee.

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author avatar Quakekid
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

Thanks for the comments and thats all we ask for smoothoperator.

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author avatar Chris
8th May 2011 (#)

I don't know if you have rewards cards you scan at the check out line, but, it's rude for people to hold thier card at the cashier the entire time of the order if they don't take it at the beginning. This is very well written. As a grocery store employee, I understand everything.

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author avatar Quakekid
11th Oct 2011 (#)

I agree with you 100% Chris; we do have reward cards, or when they stand there with the cash while you're still scanning items. As a child my dream was to work in a grocery store; it does not live up to it's expectations.

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author avatar Denise O
1st Nov 2012 (#)

Oh I bet these are very annoying. I will remember this the next time I stop by the grocery store. Thank you for sharing.:)

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