5 reasons why being poor is better

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These are the personal conclusions that I have drawn between the differences between being poor and rich in todays' world.

5 reasons why being poor is better

1. Time flies. The rich buy expensive rolexes to keep track of it and the poor just enjoy it to the fullest moment. A second of joy in the face of adversity is more precious to the poor than a minute ticked off buy a platinum time keeper.

2. Clothes make the man. An expensive outfit hand tailored by an immigrant who does not even speak english yet is for a single day hemmed by a person whose blood sweat and tears drench their simplified attire. Which happen to be the same qualitites that America was built upon.

3. One for the road. A car driven by someone who paid more for it than what most minimum wage workers earn in a year will be the same one serviced by a mechanic who will go home at night driving a car that he names "betsy". "Betsy" will have more oil changes and flat tires fixed by hands that will love and caress her than what most people get growing up.

4. 5 Star Restaurants. The person about to set down and eat a dish full of ingredients that the average person cannot even pronounce will be satisfied after ordering from the menu. The chef who made the dinner will go home in the evening and share a real home cooked meal with their family.

5. Education pays. The professional that spends an 8 hour shift merging companies and sending out pink slips will be repeating the mantra "profit before people" during that time. The person who receives the layoff notice will go stand in the unemployment line and often let someone more down on their luck step ahead of them and when they receive a thank you for that they will be whispering in their mind "values and morals support the people and lift them up"


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Feb 2013 (#)

Some people die rich after having lived a poor life. It all amounts to attitude - we should be happy and contented but still do our best - siva

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author avatar preylude
28th Feb 2013 (#)

I had no idea I had to approve the comments-thankyou again siva!

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