6,205th Sun

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It has been a while, but I am back. Now, this original piece will remain to be my most personal among all, inspired by the death of my Father, comes the 6,205th Sun.
Sorrowful but nevertheless, may you enjoy!

6,205th Sun

6,205th sun

6,205 is the number of the days I have not seen you,
You had a red heart for me, But you gave a black one towards my own.
From dusk till dawn,I longed for you; a frown,
But you were no where to be seen.

My red heart, in your presence, had grew brighter than any star,
But in your absence, my heart slowly became dark among the cluster.
Days had become nights and nights had become days.
I was waiting for you, where were you?

By sunrise, my eyes captured the beige prairie horizon, I anticipated your approach.
As the morning breeze combed the infinite grass to the west,
I thought I saw you; and I was hoping for the best.
But no it was not you that I saw, my spirit was a broach.

6,205 suns have passed of not seeing your approach,
Now I hear the village shout and cry in great pain
'The engineer is dead, oh no!' they complain.

Your life has halted into an abrupt stop,
My heart has sunk into the deepest and most rocky Abyss
And my sense longing has followed my heart on top.

I will no longer see you nor rouse with the rhythmical birds
Will no longer feel the cool moist golden breeze of East sun in my eyes.
All I am left with is the dry orange breeze and a debris of an imagination
The West sun and the copious sorrowful goodbyes.

Goodbye! Father, goodbye Forever, until we meet again.

by Alex W.Githiora


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