7 Practical Tips to Write Better Essays

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Writing an essay can be daunting at times. You can activate the auto-pilot and write a mediocre essay presenting only the essential information without having any ounce of originality. Or, you can spend some time developing your writing skills and make your next essay a special one. These are our seven practical tips to write better essays:

Think Before you Write

You don’t need to write faster than the speed of light, unless if you are in a hurry. If that is not the case, take your time, think about the topic, think about how to form an argument and connect the ideas. Your essay should be like a spider web where every idea is connected and in the center should be the conclusion.

Use Synonyms

This one is common sense. You may be tempted to use the same word on and on again, but it will get boring and tedious after some time. The reader or the listener will be tired of hearing the same word. That’s why it’s best to use synonyms whenever possible.

Try Using Expressions

Presenting facts and data without using expressions or another form of making the information more colorful will make the listener or reader lose interest. Make the whole experience more engaging by replacing some words with expressions. If you are having trouble with this part, just search the internet.

No Distractions

If you aim to perfect your writing, you better start by unplugging the TV, unplugging your internet and by unplugging the computer, if you use pen and paper. Also, throw away your phone. Distractions are a big no! And don’t even think about doing other mundane tasks while you are trying to concentrate.

Analyze Other Styles

There are great classic or modern writers that you can get inspired. Examine their style of writing, compare them and use what you learned in your next essay. You don’t need to replicate word by word, but if you want to get better, you will have to spend some time checking other writers’ work.

Feedback is Essential

Ask a friend, a colleague or a partner if your essay is enjoyable to read and if the information is easy to understand. Don’t worry about receiving a negative feedback that means that you can improve. If you get a positive feedback and it’s a lie, your writing will suffer in the long run.

Intro and Conclusion

Start your essay with an engaging introduction and end it with a strong conclusion. That’s how you will get readers or listeners for more. And that’s how you will make the class cheer for you and impress your professor.


These are seven tips you can apply to your writing. In case you are looking for help with writing a term paper, you can always choose a specialized company to help you with it.


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