74 year nun raped in West bengal

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Repeated rapes as an adventurous crime, as a punishment to the unyielding poor, to satiate their sexual hunger have caused a blot on India. The country is angry, as I am, on the raping of a 74 year old nun in a town in West Bengal, India. Political circus taking centerstage, the criminals are yet to be apprehended, even after 48 hours have elapsed.

The continuing shame!

A septuagenarian nun was added to the gruesome list of rape victims, gang raped allegedly by dacoits at Ranaghat in West Bengal two days ago.

Sexual assault on women had increased in the recent years, the victims ranging from toddlers, little girls, students, office-goers, housewives and now the elderly women too.

The demographic map of India stands altered with sex ratio at 951 in 1951 and in 2015 at 943. The female infanticides and cognizant foeticides have taken its toll over the decades. The current population comprises of 628.8 million males and 591.4 million females. States like Haryana have a notoriously low sex ratio of 877, with Kerala alone qualifying for a higher female ratio at 1084. It may not be uncommon to see one wife for many men in the family, which could include her husband, his many brothers and her father-in-law too. This is India too!

The adverse sex ratio could be one of the main reasons for marriage-deprived men.

Fifty percent of villages still have no facility for sanitation, where girls and women walk to distant bushes every day, becoming easy prey.

The states have come to rely heavily on excise collections from the sale of alcohol, resulting in more shops and easy accessibility of liquor. This could be another reason for increase in the incidence of rapes. Flow of narcotic drugs also could be another reason.

Migrant workers living in cities and away from their families could become likely law-breakers, hungry for sex. The visual media and the cinemas are also perspicuous, while showing explicit adult contents. Unrestricted porn can be accessed on the Internet.

Though, womenfolk would jump at me, it is not in the least meant to be a chauvinistic comment, but revealing dresses could induce wrong notions in the unprimed minds. In rural India, still caste considerations result in sexual assault on women. 1 in 3 rape cases are perpetrated on minors.

Inordinate delay in justice delivery, corrupt police, a patriarchal society and stigma associated with a rape victim discourages reporting.

However it is, raping children, foreign tourists, who visit our country, thinking that this is the greatest one in the planet, hapless girls in the name of caste, creed or religion would nullify any and every stride that the country takes.

I see a lot of posts on the social networks, trying to quote rape figures in US, UK etc. and justifying that our figures fare better. No, my friends, it does not! If we as a country do not ensure safety for each and every woman, our statics are bad!

The rape of the 74-year nun is despicable, condemnable and shameful, not just as a gruesome incident, but a shame and blot on our country and our ethos.


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author avatar BiristerSharma
18th Mar 2015 (#)

It's a very shocking incident that happened. heinous crime against women. Today's man becomes more than a devil, even a devil pays respect towards his elders.

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author avatar SS Kumar
18th Mar 2015 (#)

Birister, true, the nation's face has been blotted yet again. Thanks for your comments

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