8- Carrier of Holy History

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The mind continued in searching and asked about the meaning of the reactions which didn't have actions from the story of Jesus Christ. In here you see reactions from the period of prophet Moses which made me conclude that my spirit was alive in his time. It appeared clearly that I played the role of Yahweh before the role of Jesus. This surprising fact pushed me to go deeper in thinking.

8-Carrier of Holy History

In the previous articles I showed you a small part from the reactions to the period of Jesus. As a Muslim not knowing the details written in the gospel I didn't notice the relation between actions and reactions. Later after reading the Bible I noticed that relation. And I thought of the reactions which I didn't find in the gospel. Later when I read the Old Testament I was astonished to find many actions that had reactions in my recent live. The matter appeared as if I had lived in the ancient ages. Come now to see how the actions of the period of Moses were performed in my reactions in recent live.
I was about ten years old and I got out of my house to play with others in the adjacent wide area. I saw the boys playing by the ball at the far end of the area and I ran to join them. But one of them on seeing me approaching raised his arm toward me and shouted, go away. I insisted to play and joined them. He came to me angry and tried to push me out of the playground with his hands. I became angry too. I caught his neck. Then I didn't know what happened. He was in the middle of the little canal beside us trying to stand up. The canal was empty of water but it was filled with black mud. When I saw the boy covered from head to feet by black I felt worried and I ran quickly to my house. I sat down on the couch silently afraid of the results.
The mother accompanied her boy and came to our house. At the front door she shouted for my father to get out for her. My father went to the front door, "What?" She angrily said, "Are you pleased with this" and showed him the view of the boy. After he knew what happened he comforted the child and his mother and she left satisfied with his reply. He came to me and said, "That's why I saw you sitting with yellow face. Don't be afraid. Tell me what happened. Why did you throw him in the canal?" I replied, "He directed bad insult against me and we quarreled." My father said, "Well, you did right. Yes, do not let any boy overcome you." Then he walked away smiling saying, "This cub is from that Lion" Many times later he was proud of it.
In the same period I was fond of getting a can full of water and trying to let the Razor float on the water. I liked to do that many times to see the iron floating against the usual rule. To understand the meaning in this reaction you should know that the razor in Arabic is called Moses. There is a verse in the Bible about that action.
I was in the primary school sitting in the classroom among others and the teacher of drawing entered. He said," I opened my drawing room for all in the period of the long break. If you love drawing you can come and practice your hobby; don't be afraid; you are not to pay any money; you will be given the papers and colors freely. Who of you (hobby) drawing?" I raised my hand. The teacher said, "Okay; come in the break. That I did. I joined there a few students. Later the days proved that I and another were the best so that the teacher took some of our works and hanged them on the wall of the school.
Sure it is difficult to see what I meant in this reaction as it is written in English. In Arabic we know that the word hobby is a verb and is pronounced exactly like the name Yahweh. So when the teacher asked (Who?) the matter appeared as if he asked (Who is Yahweh?)
In the same school; one day the teacher spoke in the loudspeaker, "We are going to make a trip to a village named Khurhid near Alexandria. Who want to go should register his name now. The trip will be on the coming Friday and we will gather in front of the school to take the private bus at 9 o'clock. Don't come late." On Friday we traveled to the village. While I was standing beside the teacher I saw him raising his stick toward the sky and at once it shot a bullet with big noise. The stick which he used to walk by for years converted to a gun in a moment. In the story of Moses the stick converted to a Snake. But here it converted to a Gun.
When I was a youth of 26 years I met that teacher by chance. I introduced myself to him and he welcomed me showing his proud of me to see me a successful man as an officer in the Navy. He accompanied me to his house. There was no usual furniture in his flat. It was filled with chairs on the ground and many paintings on the walls. I wondered and asked, "Where is the wife and children?" He said, "We separated. We didn't get children. I am happy that she took all the furniture but left me my books. I don't need except them."
Later we met together several times and I knew that he married twice and he was unlucky. One day he said, "When I was of your age I attended a show for a magician. He said to the audience, 'I can convert the potatoes to apple' and caught one potatoes in his hand, then looked at us as searching for some one. At last he pointed with his hand and addressed me to come to the stage. I went and sat down on a chair. He looked into my eyes and said, 'Look at me. This is an apple. Catch it and eat. Tell us about its sweetness' I took it and gnawed it by my ironic teeth. But I didn't find it sweet. And I said loudly, no, it is not sweet; it is still potatoes. All the audience laughed and made great noise. The magician felt great embarrassment." He told me this story with self proud and added, "My teacher how could the potatoes become an apple? No; the potatoes is potatoes and can't be anything else." He laughed and I laughed. He used to call me by his teacher and I didn't object. Sure you can see the reaction here to an old event in the time of Moses. This man replaced the reincarnation of Moses. Later I found out he was the reincarnation of the pharaoh.


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