8 Tips for Writing Effective E-mails

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E-mail communication is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of communication available today. It is therefore imperative that e-mails are written in a manner that gets your message across and does not confuse the e-mail recipient.

The following tips will help you write more effective e-mails:

1. Clarify your goal:

If you do not have a clear idea of what your goal is when writing an e-mail, your message will be obscure and it will confuse the recipient. Whether you send information, ask questions or request action from the recipient, your e-mail should always be clear and specific.

2. Be brief:

An e-mail should not contain the story of your life, only the important facts. Answer questions briefly and comprehensively, avoid long introductions, compliments and details and stay on the topic. If you require some sort of action or response from the recipient, say so clearly. If not, inform the recipient that he need not reply. Sometimes however very short messages can seem rude, so never sacrifice politeness for the sake of briefness.

3. Define the benefits:

When presenting or offering products, make the benefits of those products known to the e-mail recipient. If you do not mention the benefits, or if these are not properly understood by the e-mail recipient, both of you will have lost valuable time. Before sending your e-mail, read it and ask yourself: “Would I accept this offer?”.

4. Use simple language:

When writing an e-mail, use plain English, avoid pompous and outdated expressions, long sentences and excessive compliments. Even in a business e-mail, language must be simplified for the sake of understanding. However, do keep a professional tone of formality, especially when you first make contact with the e-mail recipient.

5. Personalize your message:

The usual disadvantage of e-mails is that they are impersonal. You can customize your e-mails by adding a comment about the site or product you are trying to sell to the e-mail recipient. Address the e-mail recipient by his name and sign with your name at the end of the e-mail. Also replace the usual e.g. best wishes at the end of the e-mail with e.g. enjoy your weekend. This will make your e-mail much more personal and friendly.

6. Make it easy for the e-mail recipient to find you:

In your e-mail signature you can include your website so that the e-mail recipient will be able to get more information about your business with a simple click.

7. Make your message easy to read:

Reading on a computer screen is much more tiring than reading a printed text. You can make your e-mail easier to read by following these tips:

- The title in the subject line should be highly relevant to the content of your e-mail, without many words.
- Split your e-mail into 3-4 paragraphs and leave a gap between them.
- If you need to list various issues use bullets or numbers.
- Avoid using abbreviations when sending out e-mails to business contacts.
- Each line should not exceed 70-80 characters, depending on the font you chose. Avoid very small fonts.
- Do not use capital letters in the main body of the e-mail. This gives the impression that you are angry or bored. If you want to highlight a word or phrase use the Bold function. However, a text that is all Bold is blinding and irritating.
- Use correct punctuation (period, comma) so that the e-mail recipient will understand your e-mail better.

8. Read your e-mail before sending it:

After writing your e-mail, read it and correct any grammatical or spelling errors there may be.


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12th Sep 2011 (#)

Too bad this is not required reading for anyone with access to email!!

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12th Sep 2011 (#)

Very informative...thanks for sharing....

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12th Sep 2011 (#)

helpful yeah......I think I must have a relook

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13th Sep 2011 (#)

Good post and informative too.

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