A Beast From Within

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This Poem is about Poverty. It is said that Poverty is a mind-set and manifests after polluting the mind. Poverty is beyond just physical lack or non-possession of material things, because it affects even those in possession of such things.


In Africa especially, why do individuals, especially those privileged to be in the government, embezzle and accumulate, even after stealing more than enough to feed their next 50 generations? The simple answer is: Poverty! They just don't believe their children will make it and fend for themselves in the future, hence the need to accumulate and never stop accumulating. So, this poem encourages us to develop our minds (not minding our age or where we come from, as credit is given to Mark Zukerberg) This is really sad and unless we overcome it from our minds, we will forever suffer from it. Enjoy the poem.

Enjoy this piece!

Burns like a dragon with multiple Limbs
consumes like a voracious vampire
which is dangerous even at sunlight.
This is a familiar Beast well known.

It functions from the inside to the outside
manifests with a paralytic effect
and kills like the venom of the Black mamba

It's hooks spare not the captured
not even those who seem redeemed.
It alters its victim's representation
like a new book turn old and dusty
and turns a bright head to a Crook.

This Demon prospers in its prey's lack,
a bad Master which enslaves with gross limitations
front and back.
Acting like a dark force
as it dominates and reign supreme
makes the situation so wack.

It lines the predicaments of the suppressed
in a rack,
as the monster destroys with each evil smack
rendering their remains, unworthy of a pack
and totally condemning their lives to the sack.

Becoming free!
Is not too far from the right track,
just consider a role model in Mark
and finally the nightmare will let go
when the mind is put to a self-hack.


Bad Master, Darkness, Demon, Dictator, Disaster, Dragon, Evil, Frustration, Mankind, Monster, Nightmare, Poem, Poetry, Poverty, Resistance, Vampire

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