A Bird in a Cage

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A little bird gets caught in the woods. The little bird is put in a cage, she is full of sadness.

A Bird in a Cage

There is a little bird that sings sad songs in her tiny wicker cage,
Her prison is situated against the side of a cold flint napped wall,
My heart and my thoughts understand how miserable and alone she feels,
She dreams of her past times when she was free in a sweet June valley.

Remembering glittering waters, green buds take her back to happy days,
When blossom filled the boughs of pear trees and sweet hawthorn hedges,
Flying, landing among brand new leaves sipping cool dew in the mornings,
Grass full of sweetest flowers bluebells swinging and ringing, all is gone.

The caged bird remembers careless days and hates her captivity and cage,
When living in the woods was fun, so much to do good friends all around,
But she got caught and put in a cage she was not watching a sad mistake,
It swells her heart almost to bursting she lost her freedom one sunny day.

A man sits on a wall listening to the birds sad songs he understands why,
He had been a prisoner for many years in a country miles across the sea,
So he creeps up to the cage and opens the door for the poor little bird,
Flying out she hoovers to the man as she tweets there is a tear in her eye.


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I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

Real feelings here Terry. It really moved me to tears. Imagine we are imprisoned for life without a reason; only we are capable of such depravity, sorry to say. Kudos to the man; may his tribe increase - I mean not those imprisoned! siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

Bird in a cage he is with me,
Together we cried in pain.
For they held us for our voice,
No one ever heard our strain.

He sang for me with all his love,
I opened my love back then.
He found the key to my heart,
Flew in and said never again.

For in the real world he saw true face,
He showed me all of it with love.
Teaching me the artificial world,
And finally took me to his home Above.

Shackled in the cage of life,
We looked for Castle of Gold.
To feel the magic in the heart,
The beauty beyond the mould.

It was the moment we cried so hard,
The Waterfall poured so deep.
Bringing the current and the tide,
Which did into the voice so seep.

She cried and she sang her broken heart,
The pain that flowed so free.
Her eyes were wet and her voice,
And every other one did flee.

Its the moment he finally came by,
That the voice came from the heart.
Pouring into the words of pain,
Its music with emotion in art.

Birds in cage so sweetly sing,
Do they ever so feel their pain.
To be wild and free unshackled in love,
To freely fly the world again.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 4th October 2012

I had written the Wings of Fame on a similar note back in 2009. It was deleted on Triond Last Year by a group of Copywright thieves...

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author avatar Terry Trainor
3rd Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you for a haunting beautiful poem.

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