A Blind and A Guide Dog - Bible Story

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Touching story. You guys got to read this. Two souls can be spiritually combined. Believe?

After an accident you guys bored to see.

One day, a car lost its control and accidentally crashed the blind and the guide dog walking on the road. The master and the dog came to the Outest Gate of Paradise, the angel said: ” I am so sorry, there’s only one more soul can enter to the paradise, one of you must enter the hell.”

Just after the master heard it, he seemed happy and said: ” My dog doesn’t know what is paradise and what is hell, can I help him to choose?”

The angel gave him a despising look and tried to make things difficult: ” I am sorry, Sir, every souls is the same in the paradise, you two must participate in a contest to judge whether who will enter to the paradise!”

The master seemed disappointed, asked: ” Oh I see… … What is the contest?”

Angel: ” Oh, that’s easy – racing. I’ll open this gate for you, you two will race from here to the inner gate, and the won soul will get what it wants. But be warned! The speed of your souls is totally different from the speed of your bodies, and the ‘kindness’ determines your speed.”

The master thought about it for a while, agreed. After the two participants were ready, the angel sounded her whistle, signifying the begin of the contest.

The angel thought that after the whistle sounded, the master would rush to the end, but he didn’t – he walked as slow as he could, and the dog was just following him.

“What a bad attitude! The master knew that the dog would following wherever he goes! He must be the winner! “The angel started to be angry.

“You two are dead! And you are no more his dog, his pet! Just rush to the end!”

The dog seemed hadn’t listened what the angel said – it was still following its master.

Came to the gate, the master turned his head and said to the angel: “Take care of him.” and rushed to the hell!

The dog dropped its tears and followed him! No angels can chase it, as it has the purest heart, that means the fastest moving speed.

After all, they both entered the hell, but lived happily with the torture of the bodies.

"I did wrong from the beginning… They are one soul, not two…” The angel cried.

Lesson 1: The third person just can’t get the passion between two individuals.

Lesson 2: If you are sure that what you do is correct, then you’re wrong.

Lesson 3: Our passions are just too complicated, don’t be a judge for it.


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