A Brief Summary on the Facts of Islam

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Generally there prevails a misconception among the people that Islam is also a religion precisely as the rest of the religions are. So, this forgoing alarming misconception is mainly attributable to ignorance of the facts of Islam religion

A Brief Summary on the Facts of Islam

Generally there prevails a misconception among the people that Islam is also a religion precisely as the rest of the religions are. So, this forgoing alarming misconception is mainly attributable to ignorance of the facts of Islam religion. But, if someone honestly and impartially contemplates over the title of the religion, “Islam”, the facts of the religion shall by itself get radiantly exposed to him.

Unlike the other prevalent religions the title of religion, “Islam”, is not given after or referred to any specific personality. The word "Islam" is originally derived from the Arabic noun "Slam" which means 'obedience', 'submission' or 'surrendering'. The obedient to the orders is known as Muslim. This religion has been named 'Islam' only because it expects the obedience to the commandments of God from the people at large. Whoever had been actually obedient to the commandments of God in any era or society they all used to be actually Muslims and their religion was 'Islam'. (Surrendering to Allah)

We do witness that each and every object of the nature being the sun, the moon, the stars, the air, the light, the sea, the vegetations, the birds, the animals etc. is precisely subjected to a definite regulation of its existence and, therefore, this giant factory of this infinite universe has been operating impeccably regularly in order which does make us realize the powerful law and order of the God. Hence, each and every object of the nature is Muslim because of the fact that it is stabilized on Islam as well as exactly obedient to the command of God.

Thus, the significant words of ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ are not restrained within the confined structure and as such it does entail a very vast meaning and substance thereof in order to manifest its nature by itself independently. So, on account of the same foregoing apparent attribute of the religion Islam all the prevalent conceptions relating to the religions are taken over by the Islam religion and it (The Islam) does appear before us in the form of a naturally systematic mechanism of living.

There does exist an irrevocable relation between Islam and the nature and both these phenomenons cannot be grasped with two different ideologies. According to the version of the sacred Qur’an, the religion of Islam and the nature (Human Nature) does have an unbreakable and unshakable relation between each other. In the holy verse of "Raum" of the sacred Qur’an, the God Almighty proclaims, “It is enough that, thee do unflinchingly stabilize yourself on the religion. The same is the nature of God-Almighty on which He has created the mankind.

There can never be any alteration in the creation of God-Almighty. Nothing but this is the barefaced religion” (Chapter Raum:30)
The Prophetof God Almighty Muhammad (Peach be Upon Him) states, “Each child is born on his inherent nature, subsequently it is his parents who make him either 'A Jew' or ‘A Fire-Worshipper’ or ‘A Christian”. (i.e. astray from the nature)

No offshoot of the ideology of religion of Islam bears any sort of special relation with the family or with any and only particular nation at all nor with any particular era or society at all but, in fact, the religion of Islam is a public invitation for the whole of the mankind in the universe which does exhort the mankind to behave justly and impartially with his nature. By and large, there prevails rather widely a kind of misconception among the people that 'the founder of Islam is none but Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) himself; even to the extent that some of the people regard him to be the originator of the Islam religion’.
The former learned in the past even entitled the religion of Islam as “Muhammadanism”. Such terminology about the true religion of Islam gives birth to an illusion that this religion is also no more than “Communism”, “Judaism” etc. Dr. Hamuda Abdul Aati writes... “on the ground of their (Muslims) international view of vision and multinational regulation, the Muslims at large take it sadly and illusive that they are called “Muhammadan” and Islam is called “Muhammadanism”. The Muslims at large don't regard themselves as possessing any sort of monopoly of genealogical population.” (“Islam in Focus Page No. 19”)

In fact, revered Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the ultimate and final Prophetfrom among the hundreds of the prophets (Messengers) of Islam descended prior to him. Today's Muslim complies with his life fashion not out of any prejudice or impartiality but only because of his being the last Prophet of the God of the universe. The maiden message of Islam to edify and guide the mankind got circulated among the human being through revered Prophet Adam (Peach be upon him).Revered Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) is the father of innumerable persons apart from being the first messenger of Islam as well. On the face of the earth Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) very first time spread the message to his offspring to worship and to be a slave to Allah. Numerous Prophets (Apostles)

arrived in various geographical areas in various bygone eras from the God and none but all imparted one and same message of Islam i.e. to worship none but God-Almighty.
The doctrines of the nature are solidly unchangeable; there does exist the potentiality of change in the nature of time. There is, of course, a wide difference between what used to be yesterday and what is today and there shall definitely be remarkable variations in what shall be tomorrow. But Islam itself is the stream of nature; Islam used to be in the same state yesterday, is today in the same state and shall very definitely be in the same state tomorrow as well.

Hence, there can never be any influence of the changes of time or era on the veracities of Islam at all because the doctrines of nature can never be altered due to the changes in time, place or society. Hence, the religion of Islam is not a fourteen hundred years old religion. Almighty Allah proclaims in the holy Chapter of “A'ale Imran” in the sacred Qur’an as: “Beyond doubt, the true religion, to the vision of God, is none but Islam itself.” Allah has accorded the perfect and impeccable form to the religion of Islam through revered Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) and made it obligatory upon each one to follow the life pattern of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) till doom's day (Qiyamat). You will find further discussion upon this issue in the succeeding verses.


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15th Dec 2014 (#)

Allan Wa Sallan and inereting description of the Islam religion as many misunderstand and compare it to terrorism. Something thats condemned in many of the Sunnas in the Holy Qumran. A lot of beautiful phrases that show off a lot of generosity and God respect!

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16th Dec 2014 (#)

thanks sir,

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