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A remarkable incident happened on my way to work. Let's find out what it was.

Start of the day

"June 7, 2012" is a day that I cannot forget, a day that made me like Japan more.
This day, I was assigned to interpret at the Takefu Court and Fukui District Court. Both are located in Hokuriku district. Takefu is 65 miles or 105 kilometers from Nagoya City (place where I reside) and Fukui is 72 miles or 116 kilometers away. The means of transportation to get there are by train or by highway bus. For the purpose of working with pleasure, I decided to take the highway bus in going there. Pleasure in the sense that the route taken by the highway bus is panoramic. The bus pass through mountain ranges so that passengers are able to enjoy the scenery and forget the boredom of traveling on a long distance for a couple of hours. Other than that, bus fare is cheaper than the train fare.

The Highway Bus

I woke up early in the morning to be able to take the first trip leaving at 7:00 for Fukui Bus Terminal. I did not have time to eat my breakfast at home so I bought something to eat on my way to the bus terminal. The trip from Nagoya to Fukui is about 2 hours and 54 minutes with stop at Shizugatake service area.

Inside the Bus

I brought with me some food to enjoy my trip while I'm viewing the beautiful scenery along the way,

Facilities inside the bus

There is an outlet at the side of each seat to plug in charger of cellphone, camera and etc. You can also avail this if you have paper works to type on your computer.
There is a foot rest to relax your feet on the long distance trip.
There is a magazine guide to see, showing beautiful places you might want to see on your trip. The blue plastic bag can be used for your waste.
At the back of the bus, there is also a rest room where you can make use when necessary while the bus is moving.

Shizugatake Service Area

The bus stopped in this rest area to take a 20 minute rest. There are stores and restaurant inside where you can eat, buy food, souvenirs and etc.


The bus arrived Fukui at 9:56 am. The bus stop is located at the east side of Fukui train station. As soon as the bus stopped, I hurriedly got down the bus to catch the train for Takefu leaving at 10:10 am. I purchased my train ticket and headed to the platform for Takefu.

At the platform

When I got to the platform, I had extra 10 minutes before my train arrived. Incidentally, an express train bound for Toyama stopped at the other side of the platform and I thought of taking the picture.
This train is called Thunderbird. Its route is from Osaka to Toyama. It stops at Fukui Station to pick up passengers.

Arrival of the train for Takefu

In a few minutes my train arrived. I'm glad I was able to take its picture. This is an ordinary train bound for Tsuruga with stops at all stations till it arrives its final destination.
The crew of this train had played an important role in my business trip and left a good memory in me to make me love Japan more.

Echizen Hanando Station

This train has stops at 5 stations before arriving Takefu Station. One of the stop stations is Echizen Hanando Station. When the train stopped in this station, it stopped for a long time. I thought that maybe the train driver is waiting for the express train to pass before it gets moving. All of a sudden there was an announcement stating that we have to wait for a little while because there's an emergency. I did not hear what the next announcement was because I was busy reviewing my documents for my work. Time passed and it's still not moving. I started to get worried because my work was scheduled to start at 11:00 am and when I looked at my watch, it's already 10:25 am. I don't want to get late for work. When I looked at the window, at the other side of the platform, a train crew was carrying an old man on his back and he was on his way to climb the stairs. The old man seemed to be ill or maybe unconscious because the train crew can't hardly carry him. In a few seconds, when the train crew carrying the old man on his back was about to take him inside the train, one of the passengers suggested that it's better to call an ambulance to pick the man. In that way, the man will be safer. The train crew brought the old man on the bench near the platform and lay him down and immediately dialed an ambulance on the phone to ask for help. One of the train crews, a young lady attended on easing down the old man on the bench while the other crew was talking to the ambulance staff on the phone. When the train crew finished talking to the ambulance staff, he made an announcement stating that he is very sorry for the delay and asked for a little more patience to wait until the ambulance arrive. Although I was worried about my work schedule, I can't keep myself from admiring the generosity of the Japanese when it comes to humanity. If that incident happened in other countries, I wonder what they will do to save someone in need like the old man who suddenly became ill while waiting for the train. Will the train crew sacrifice to do the same if it were in other countries? It was my first time to experience such situation in my life and that incident really left a good memory in my mind.
When the ambulance arrived, the train crew announced to get ready and soon we will be moving. All the passengers looked relieved and everybody is happy because everyone had contributed something to help the old man in need.

Takefu Station

In a short while, the train arrived Takefu Station. The train was delayed 13 minutes but I was lucky because I still had time to get to work on time. I took a taxi to the courthouse. I arrived at 10:53 am. I still had 7 minutes before the work started.

Takefu Court

11:00 am came but still I was not called to get ready. My work started at 11:20 am because the trial before my work prolonged. The case that I have to interpret was about Traffic Law violation for driving without license. Since it's only a minor case, the court procedure was done in summary trial. The trial ended at 12:10 pm. The judgement was scheduled on that day at 13:15 , so we had about an hour break and soon the judgement was given. The judgement only took 15 minutes and my work was over. I appreciate the kindness of the court clerk for reserving a taxi for me beforehand. As soon as I finished, the taxi was waiting for me to take me to the station for Fukui.

Fukui Distict Court

My next job was in Fukui District Court. The case was theft. My work was scheduled to start at 15:00. The train for Fukui left at 14.08 and I got to Fukui at 14:28. I went straight to the court to have time to review the case before the trial starts. The trial took 1 hour and 30 minutes because its a repeated crime so there were many evidentiary materials presented for examination at the court. The trial ended and the judgement was scheduled on the 13th of June at 11:00 am. My work for that day ended. The bus for home was scheduled to leave at 18:00 and I have about 2 hours to wait for the departure. I decided to walk from the courthouse to the Bus Terminal. On my way to the Bus Terminal, I saw some good views to take as souvenirs from my business trip.

Photos I took as souvenirs

As I was walking along the sidewalk from the courthouse to the station, I found these beautiful flowers decorated along the way.

Another beautiful flowers

I can't keep myself from taking pictures of these beautiful flowers along the road. Aside from these flowers, there are but I'll just share them next time on my next article.

Moat near Fukui Castle

Unfortunately, I had no more energy to go to Fukui Castle but I took this picture to serve as my souvenir.


When I arrived at the station, I became very hungry. I entered a restaurant inside the station and the first thing I saw in the menu was this delicious seafood pasta. I immediately ordered it and it was really very delicious. The shrimps tasted sweet.
When the departure of the bus for Nagoya came, I went to the bus terminal. I got in the bus and as soon as got on my seat, with full stomach, I became sleepy. As I remember, I sleep soon as the bus moved. I slept all the way and when it arrived Nagoya, the driver woke me up.
That's how I spent my busy day.

Images Credits:

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Thank you. mistyleaf


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author avatar mistyleaf
10th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you for the moderation, Johnny.

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author avatar Val Mills
10th Jun 2012 (#)

You made good use of your trip by taking all these lovely photos. I can't imaginre having to travel so long to get to my work place though!

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author avatar mistyleaf
10th Jun 2012 (#)

Yes, Val. It has become my hobby to take pictures when I work out of town. Thank you for your comment.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
10th Jun 2012 (#)

You made a trip some would think long and boring a lot of fun. Great photos. I really enjoyed going along for the ride.

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author avatar mistyleaf
11th Jun 2012 (#)

Hi Steve. I enjoy working in far places although it's boring sometimes especially when it is in remote areas where there are no convenient facilities but I see to it that I make the trip fruitful. Well, in this way, I'm given a chance to see places without spending from my own pocket. Thank you for your comment.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
11th Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting description of your travel experience. The pictures are great. Thank you.

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author avatar mistyleaf
11th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you Pradeep for your comment. I'm glad you like the pictures.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Jun 2012 (#)

Wow this was fun and quite wonderful...thanks Mistyleaf...:0)

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Jun 2012 (#)

Wow this was fun and quite wonderful...thanks Mistyleaf...:0)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jun 2012 (#)

Lovely details, thanks mistyleaf. I was with you right through your work day mingled with relaxing time. Also the human side so well revealed when an elderly man fell sick with all chipping in and rising to the occasion - siva

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