A Call for Unity

Murray Taylor By Murray Taylor, 17th Jul 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A short, brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of power. Still, with underlying hope and a desperate call for unity.

A Call for Unity

Attention to the elocutionist,
Whom chants the phrase of the optimist,
Things will get better, as many say.
But only when we find a united way.

For one can surely force his will,
But we've seen a mob can take Bastille.
Can one person that we elect,
Truly and equally represent?

Royalty easily speak of caste,
Their knowledge and wisdom is unsurpassed.
But of what comfort is blood,
When you crawl through the mud?

And of those who speak of liberty,
Which comes solely from commercial activity.
Oh of what value is wall street,
When you sleep on cold concrete?

One claims to be the countries father,
Promises to make the homeland stronger.
People may need your industry,
Shame it's solely for the military.

Happiness from religious unity,
Surely can bring a strong community.
You think those whom disagree,
Will find joy living in debris?

A countries knowledge must be shared.
Liberty universal, must be declared.
Our strength, must help the despaired.
Genuine unity, must be prepared.
Only then, can this broken world be repaired.


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author avatar Murray Taylor
Lower class guy from Queensland, Australia.

Mostly will focus on some poetry though unsure as to the extent of what I'll be posting.

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author avatar Antilles Whitehoof
17th Aug 2014 (#)

i like it,Points out the glaring problems with the majority of Organisations,and the fact that realistically,putting power in the hands of a single or small group of people is almost inherently doomed to failure because of human nature.

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