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Getting a job isn't as simple as one would think, and a career is even harder to pursue in 2014... It takes more than motivation to be successful in todays world. You also need CONFIDENCE and SMARTS. This article has some rant in it, but, it's all positive (read further than the words written, and you will see the message).

Pride Before The Fall...

It was November 12th, and the last blowout I found myself in: another member of the staff pressed all the right buttons. Sure enough it was him who got the royal slap on the wrist, and me, well, here I am at unemployment lane. Eight years and two months of great work experience, sponsored union training (free), and all the benefits one needs to stay healthy was pissed away. Pissed away by making the decision to use pride, rather than take a walk. The experience didn't only shatter that word that kept me from taking a walk, it also shattered my confidence, and all around joy--and no one is ever fully happy without joy.

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I moved to Chicago in '04: I wanted to be in 'Second City' and pursue a career in sketch comedy and improv. THAT!--didn't happen. Instead I found myself having to work rather than spend Two-hundred-plus dollars on fifteen some-odd classes... I shuffled around different jobs, until I found the one that lead me to stop playing my hand--put down my cards, and collect my winnings. Winnings because it wasn't a dead end job and I'd be able to go back to my theatrical/silver screen dreams eventually (NOPE!).

I DID acquire an education: a proper certificate and license to practice as a Massage Therapist--and I DID start writing during my ten year stretch in the ‘Windy City’...

My brother got married in ‘08, and asked me to officiate his wedding, on Martha’s Vineyard. I loved the experience so much that I titled it, “A Bubble of Serenity”. This is because of the people I met, and how laid back and accepting they were of me. They didn’t care about what I did for work and/or how successful I was. I was in good company, with real conversations, laughs, and good times: and with all the nature that Martha’s Vineyard brought. The ocean, and its soothing sound, that went on for miles, the beach--the greens, yellows, and the reds--the grass, flowers, and trees brought--along with the exclusivity of the small island we were on (Chappaquiddick): it was like negativity was blocked out by something, or, I was separated from it. It felt that I was encased in a bubble that only serenity could enter (I was comfortable--in the zone). I want to feel like that again.

Also, in ‘08 I felt it was time to sign up and start to write in a blog. My struggle in finding a solution to my financial struggles, personality clashes in a hostile staff environment, and my mental state, encouraged me to find solace using social blogging platforms. Not just creative and real-to-life writing, but, for the opportunity to build relationships with people that share a common denominator with me. I found myself connecting with people who were there for the same reasons I was, at the time. And these said experiences led up to me adding a couple more accolades, using the talents I learned, by practicing my new found love: and wrote two books... Paycheck To Paycheck -- It's Personal and My poetry Has A Face (for more information please contact me at ctaretz@gmail.com).

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A Realistic Rant...

But with all that aside, it’s August 31st, 2014, and on the cusp of fall once again--and I am still without a job. Have I lost hope? Absolutely not, but, what I am finding out about searching for a job, is, that I am out of practice. That’s the first thing that hit me. I wasn’t jobless in over a decade and with the same employer for over eight of those ten years. So when I lost it, I realized that I really didn’t know how to approach applying for the the jobs that are available. And this is discounting the available jobs that were, and, still are undesirable. There was one thing when I started my research however, and that was that I needed to be cautious of what type of job, and/or boss, I applied to and/or choose to work for. I had to pay attention, I had to be motivated of course, but, what was even more important was to be CONFIDENT AND SMART. Many people may disagree with being choosy when it comes to finding employment. But, as a forty-year-old man, who has been around the block more than his fair share, I know that being somewhat choosy is of much importance. This job market isn’t what you make of it folks. It. IS. UTTER CRAP. And even though I am motivated to send, pay to send, and get my resume analyzed professionally to better it, everybody is trying to find a job. Every employer is trying to cut cost, and every Tom, DIck, Hairy, Susie, Lacey, and Jill, have a home base business, or marketing system that.... BEATS ALL. I have a home base business (or two, lol), and I couldn’t understand why people private message me, right after I promoted my business, so they can promote theirs! This is the time we live in. Now EVERYTHING is a rat race. Even the business opportunities. The survival of the fittest is a real thing. Why have so many people struggled to find a job in no less than two years? Or even worse, how many people have found themselves having to settle for a job outside their own career, and a career they had worked in for years, previous to their large pay cut? Well, ask them! Ask them why it is so tough to look into a possible employers eyes, and convince him/her that he/she is better than the other 50-100 applicants on file.

In my opinion nothing has changed: it is still the best looking, best written resume with all the right accolades (or worse for that matter, which is sad--worse=less money in some industries), best spoken, and the right age bracket are the ones that land the jobs. I WILL make it, regardless of all the negatives I have listed, however, I wanted to get this off of my chest, because some know-it-all’s think that, someone who hasn’t been hired yet, hasn’t been looking. And there’s too many self-righteous people out there presenting themselves as guru’s, with all this information and opportunities, but, their solutions cost money (JOB RACKET > JOB MARKET).

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The Attitude I HAVE to Keep (Survival)...

Now that my verbal rampage has come to a close, I will start to finish by saying that if I have those two things I mentioned before--CONFIDENCE AND SMART(S), I will weed through all the crap, and find a job that is actually geared towards what my passions are: writing, the only two home base businesses I believe in (the ones I’m currently an Independent Business Owner in), marketing, promotions, branding--I am all over the net, look me up. No one did that for me, I did that--and when I was blogging on Xanga religiously, my username, ‘ctaretz’, had over 1.2 million hits on Google before the two year mark. Now, ‘Carsten Aretz’ is growing rapidly, and in a good way, because of the social/business platforms I’ve chosen to utilize: to brand myself and grow my network. I have over ten years of experience in a profession that has zero dead ends, and with business development, as well as managerial skills to go along with it. There are tons of things I have to offer any company that hires me. Companies that have job descriptions looking for staff that list what I just described. there’s nothing I can’t do. And I am not going to get discouraged by employers that overlook me because I don’t fit their bill, of how they want their staff to look in person or on paper. And I don’t respect employers who choose to use an age bracket in their list of unsaid requirements, for choosing candidates to employ in their company.

I will do it not because of motivation alone, I will do it because I am confident and smart. I will do it because I KNOW I CAN. And I will do it working for someone who believes in me, but, if no one believes in me, I will do it on my own--PERIOD.

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