A Caribbean tale.

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Angelo is an English man who is on a Caribbean island on business. One day as he and his guide await a taxi a conversation is alighted between himself and a Rastafarian man.

Taking a chance.

" What does that imply? " asked Angelo
" It means that the white man has everything at his fingertips... Look around you na man rasta nuh have nuttin, no big fancy vehicles, no buildings ...no money. In this country raster is discriminated against so much, even if we have to work inna bank we have to cut we dread locks." He explained in strong local dialect.
" Why is that? " Angelo's curiosity gave way.
"Ha,ha,ha." he laughed. "Why don't you come back ah yard with me and I will enlighten you."
The young guide looked at Angelo and hesitantly told him what the raster man implied.
" It is an invitation to visit his home but I must warn you not to sir." The young man warns. He pulls him aside. " These people can be dreadful, maybe rob and even kill you." He warned in a very frank tone.
The raster man overhears the conversation and blurts out; "Man is war lies you tellin the man? Me is rasta and me neva killa man in meh life. Me jus want the man to see the poverty rasta man does have to live in" , the raster man said.
So it was decided the Rastafarian introduced himself as Kyllon and took the English man and his guide down a narrow dirt track , through some bushes. All the time they talked the tour guide looked terribly uneasy. Finally they reached a wooden shack, where two naked children played in the dust.
" Dem ah meh two pikney dem." The raster man said. Angelo turned to his guide questioningly.
" Those are his kids sir." The guide said proudly reading Angelo's expression.
" O. k . Hello little pikneys." He said in his strong English tone. Kyllon found this to be hilarious and laughed a hearty laugh. Angelo laughed in return, not sure as to what the joke really was.

Getting high.

Kyllon offered them a seat on a bench outside the hut. He then went inside and later emerged wrapping something tightly in a piece of paper. Angelo immediately recognized this as marijuana. He smiled as the raster man approached bare back now. Kyllon continued as if he never left. " So you see Mr. Angelo... this is where I live and isa real struggle to bring up meh pickney them."
A lighter suddenly appeared in his hand and Kyllon put the marijuana cigarette in his mouth and flicked the lighter but it only sparked. The tour guide quickly stood up. " Na na man nuh do that..." he said defensively. Angelo and Kyllon looked at him quizzically.
" Man sit yuh ass down nuh man!!" Killon said. " Yuh feel the man eh know what is weed
ah wha?" He laughed and shook his head as he bought the lighter close to his mouth. The lighter expelled it's flame and the end of the weed cigarette suddenly blazed up.
Immediately the atmosphere stank of the scent of marijuana. The raster man inhaled deeply and coughed two or three times. Angelo motioned for the tour guide to sit down as he stood up in shock. The raster man took another pull and passed it to Angelo. The guide looked astonished as Angelo took it and dragged deeply. He coughed instantaneously and passed it to the guide.
" That is some good shit." He forced between coughs , his face suddenly turning red. Both Kyllon and the young guide were laughing hysterically now.

A Caribbean Tale ~ Chapter 2.


Discrimination, Dread, English, Local, Proud, Rasta, Rastafarian

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author avatar Pink&Blue
I am from a small island called Trinidad and Tobago. I love writing and i take it seriously.Most of my work is straight from the heart whilst others require some soul searching.

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19th Jun 2011 (#)

Interesting read...

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
19th Jun 2011 (#)

Very nice tale. Thank you, Crystal.

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author avatar Prasul Surendran
20th Jun 2011 (#)

Good tale :)

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