A Day In The Life of a College Student named F1Marius10493

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This article shows the normal day of an 19 year old College Student named Marius Celerian a.k.a F1Marius10493

A Day in My life :)

Beautiful morning, Cool air breeze, delicious breakfast and a happy family, This are the simple things that I've encountered every morning of my life. It started with a wake up call at 4am in the morning and getting my clothes ready for school and a very delicious breakfast made by my mother and father. It was very quiet yet awesome morning because as I woke up, all I think about is the day that I'm about to encounter again.

As the sun starts to shine, I went to school 7am every Monday and Friday and 8:30am every Tuesday and Thursday. College life was hard but fun to experience because everyday you always think about school projects and other stuffs but It's fun because you have your cool and awesome friends who will never let you down and never leave you in times of despair and sorrow. Every 12:00 to 13:00, i always went home for my lunch break, My father and Mother always cooks lunch before I went home. At this point, I feel very blessed because I still have them and they still have me too, Some College Students don't live with their parents despite of being matured enough to live on their own but for me I love living with my parents because they only live once on earth but they will live forever in your heart. So every time I'm with my family, I spent every single moment with them because I love my family no matter what happens.

After School, I went home at 16:00 every Monday and Friday and 19:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. I went straight home because I'm a type of person who don't drink after school, I love parties so much but only when I have a friend who's celebrating a birthday or something but every night going to the pub/club? I'm not that guy :). when I come home, I always organize my things from top to bottom because I want my things to be clean especially when I'm not around. I always check my email for any messages from the school and from my racing school. After I checked on my messages, I sleep at around 21:30 every night because I don't want staying up late night and tomorrow feeling sick because I don't have enough energy to go to school.

So this is my step by step activities every single day of my life. I know I'm not the other kind of teenager who does crazy things and ending up in Juvie. My parents raised me as a better guy I am today, they are very strict to me but they love me and I love them too.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

Nice article and thanks.

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author avatar F1Marius10493
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks Mr. Karim

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