A Day When A Game Threatened To Change My Life

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A game is more a fight, a conquest and there are no restrictions on what we do or how we should do it. However incidents on the field can change the course of our lives. Here is one such incident.

Players and game as usual

It was a routine day at the playground and we were swinging our bats with relish and enjoying every moment whether we made contact with the ball or not.

Soon, it was my turn at the crease. And I took guard – it is very essential, it gives you a line on the bowler. Of course, you never get to hit the bowler, but one comes close very often.

Spirit of the game

Game is like a challenge, a new beginning or a continuation of an old one. It freshens up the new day. The player needs to rise up and meet the challenge. This is a never ending thrill which is passed on through the genes, from father to son and sometimes from grandparents and uncles to their younger ones. Keeping the game going was imperative for a player and when the game was all over, we went home with a feeling of accomplishment – another battle had been fought and we players live to see it again the next day. It was vastly different from the free online games that we play today.

Incident that occurred

This day way like all other days, but something happened in the game that day that changed the entire atmosphere. We were a collection of kids from the neighborhood and we brought things we could. One guy brought two stumps, another brought the ball, a third brought gloves and I brought the bat. I had a new one and was proud to present it to the boys.

Changing our equipment

When we players ran out of game equipment, we had to purchase or borrow it from somewhere. That day, when I swung out for the ball, the bat slipped out of my grasp and went flying towards the gate post. It crashed with an almighty bang and…it broke!

It just came apart in pieces. It broke me down. I could not imagine another day on earth without my bat! My friends though were not to concerned. There was a spare bat and play continued. My bat was discarded by the way side and I was left to mope alone.

Solve the enigma

Eventually I went home and began to think of solutions. I tried to count the money I had saved but it was not enough. I thought of ways to raise money to buy a new bat. Again, there were none. I thought of revolutionary methods too.

Like I began praying. Earnest prayers to the sun god, the rain god, the god of earth and the one for the stars…here we have plenty of them and finally I asked my father.

He said, “Of course, you can have a new bat.”

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Feb 2015 (#)

Fathers may have tough exteriors but a soft interior (mothers are just different!) siva

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author avatar snerfu
10th Feb 2015 (#)

True SIva, I still miss playing cricket.

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