A Day in Her Life

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Joni feels overwhelmed by the needs around her and simply longs to be taken care of herself.

Joni's day

Joni lay in bed, listening to her teenagers fight as they got ready for school. She willed herself to go back to sleep, but guilt weighed on her heart. Since Rick’s illness, she knew she had neglected her kids. After working a late-night shift at the diner, she no longer got up with them in the mornings, and when she was not working, she was tending to Rick’s needs.

She finally got out of bed, careful not to disturb the gaunt man beside her, who had once been her handsome, virile husband. She sorted his medicine for the day. Rick took seventeen pills, some of them once a day; some twice and some three or even four times. Joni had purchased a container that was meant to hold a week’s worth of medication; this was used to store Rick’s doses for one day. Sunday held medicine that he took upon arising; Monday was pills for after breakfast and so on. She noticed that his Lanoxin was getting low, so she called in a refill.

When Rick woke up, she made his breakfast, then helped him bathe and dress. She made a batch of spaghetti for the kids to warm up for supper, and wrote instructions for feeding and caring for their dad. After she showered and dressed, it was Rick’s lunchtime. He mentioned that his head was hurting, so she gently massaged his neck and shoulders.

At two thirty, Joni left for work. Her back ached and her own head throbbed as she served coffee and meat loaf or bacon and eggs to people who complained a lot and tipped little. To make matters worse, it felt like she was getting an ingrown toenail. Her toe hurt worse and worse as the night went on. The first thing she did when she got home was to take her shoe off. When Rick saw the angry red and possibly oozing toe, he would pamper and comfort her, despite his own issues.

When Joni saw her toe, she wept. There was no redness, no oozing. If one looked closely, a slight pinkish color could be seen, but nothing else would indicate any source of pain. It was certainly nothing to generate any sympathy. It was just another of the aches and pains borne by her body and heart that no one else would ever know about.


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Former journalist turned freelancer. I'm a mom and grandma and love to write about family or Christian topics.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
29th Dec 2014 (#)

Too short to be a good story.

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