A Day in the Life

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A short story made up of sentences which i tried to keep as brief as possible.

A Day in the Life

Wake up. Morning. Maybe afternoon. Cold feet. Really cold feet; no socks. Socks on the floor. Legs cold too. And arms. In fact whole body cold. Problem, whole body cold! Blanket not working. Not doing job properly. Will take blanket back to store. Money back. Yeah. Wait. Blanket not on bed, on floor. Breeze, cold breeze. A draught. Window open. Blanket on the floor and window open. Explanation for cold feet. Problem solved.

Sit up. Water beside bed. Thirsty. Drink water, no longer thirsty. Thirsty... Thursday. Thursday! Late. Thursday, shit. Clock: 1PM. Shit, very late. Too late? Shit. No, not too late. Never too late. Hurry. Trousers. Socks. Shoes. Shirt. Wallet. Watch. Coffee. Toast. Door. No, car keys. There, on the table. Good. Door. Slam!

Car ahead, run. Get in, ignition, first gear. Accelerate, second gear. Faster, third gear. Not moving, still parked outside house. Shit, handbrake? Off, still nothing. Shit, wheels! Gone. Bricks, fuck. Bricks don’t help. Late. Getting later. Idea! Bus. Running. Corner. Alley. Bus stop. Empty, no-one there. Shit. Missed the bus. Wait. Ahead, coming nearer. Finally stopping. Pay for ticket. Sit down. Look out window, streets empty. Everyone at work. Slow driver. Overtaken by cyclist. Last stop before mine. Finally!

Jump off bus. Round corner. Run up path. Through car park. Full. Hard tarmac. Behind building. Back door. Already open. My assistant. Scowl. Shaking head. Office. Work clothes on hanger. Change. Just in time.

Door. Side door. Large room. Full. Everyone sitting. Waiting. Familiar faces. Try not to look out of breath. Slowly. Breath slowly. Stage at front. Up steps. Calmly cross stage. Everyone staring. Stop at podium. Book on podium. Notes. Bookmark visible. Open pages. Read where marked. Everyone listening. Some smiles. Fear, do I look unpresentable? Forgotten something? No. Doesn’t matter. Get through it. Finish. Applause. Everyone leaving. Close book. All done. Need a drink. Whisky. Back through side door. Change again. Done for today. Same time tomorrow.. Won’t be late. Said that yesterday. And day before. Hate job! Through back door. Towards car park. Emptier. Person waiting. Approaching. Hand outstretched. What for? Curious. Ah, shake hand. Clammy. Saying something. Didn’t hear. Pardon? Repeating words: “Thank you reverend”.


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I am a professional drum tutor. I like writing random stories and nonsense comes to me quite easily.

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author avatar D in The Darling
15th Dec 2010 (#)

Hahahahaha! Hilarious!
Thanks for sharing. You got yourself a follower!

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Dec 2010 (#)


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author avatar Tranquilpen
21st Jun 2012 (#)

This was simply SUPER

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