A Devil has Walking Gone

Terry Trainor By Terry Trainor, 14th Feb 2016 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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When will we despise eternal fate. Urged on by twisted views of religion burned and branded into us. The infernal gate ensures we force ourselves into the passage of the flames. Everything has been told, yet untold.


There are many guises for the man of eternal evil. And he has honed his skills since the start of time. He stood in anger as the universe was created. His heart is black, so are his thoughts. So my friends, beware. Because he is there and in all places at once.

Quod dictum tot milia annorum, sed nemo vult ad vera mutabantur. Quid est veritas et dolore dolorem timet hominem , ita facit

How was he Dressed?

An evil being prowled the darkened street, a devil walking
To stamp on all that is beautiful and char flowers to death
With his pestilent breath and to cloud out the morning sun
Important men asked, 'Tell me, Oh Tell me how was he dressed'?
But a newspaper had a picture of his iron vest and rivets true
With iron scales drawn so close so it moved with the devils skin
And not even a tiny chink for an arrow of a spear to get in.

He Stamped upon the Earth

The devil made its way over the near hill then off into glade
Carrying a huge air-gun so elegant, so polished in every part
A gun that would silently kill miles off, again never a sound
His black mind thought it would be fun to twirl it round and round
He stamped over peoples morals and ruined their good name
And upon this earth he raised his boot so high, a stamp of shame
With that! He had left his print in both.

Backwards and Forewards

Backwards and forwards he wriggled his huge tail
Through rose trimmed gardens and lily strew vales
While marking a coarse, loathsome destructive trial
Like marks of a wet sticky slug on an autumn morn
His neck snapped sideways towards a labourer
The man hard at work was brought down in a second

Devils who Whisper

He saw a group of young children enjoying play
Each one blameless, beautiful scruffy but happy
He cursed that they would never be happy again
There are many devils walking boldly on the earth
Devils great and devils small
Devils with tails and devils without
Devils who whisper.


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author avatar Terry Trainor
I am a Poet.
My passion is to write about nature and the history of nature.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
16th Feb 2016 (#)

Very thought provoking dear Terry .
I am so glad the devil isn't stronger than my Saviour .... or I might be anxious of what lies ahead .
Thankfully that is not the case .
May all be well for you my friend .
God bless you with every good blessing that outweighs all else .
Prayerfully ...Stella ><

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author avatar King Butler
16th Feb 2016 (#)

The blood of Jesus defeated the power of the Devil and everyone who will receive Jesus Christ by faith for their soul salvation will apply the blood of Jesus over their life and overcome the devil by the word of their testimony and the blood of Jesus Christ Lord and Savior.

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author avatar Mariah
16th Feb 2016 (#)

Hey my old pal...this is strong and passionate but these dark writings are so not your style, it's just not you..so keep on setting those pages alight with the true beauty that's in YOUR heart xx

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